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The MAGIC MINDSET - How To Find Your Happy Place By Preeti Shenoy - Book Review


Author of the book: Preeti Shenoy

Genre: Self Help / Non-Fiction


While positivity is about looking at the bright side of things, the magic mindset embraces and accept that it is not always possible to do so. Sometimes things get so bleak that our mind refuses to accept that there can be a silver lining. In this book, Preeti Shenoy gives you a set of principles for every area of life, designed to help us shift our perspective from hopelessness to hope, from despondency to joy, from cynicism to belief- a belief that change is coming and things are not as bad as it seem. Perfect reading for the difficult times that we are living in. The Magic mindset is full of tips, suggestions, fun exercises and practical advice on career, family, health, relationships, finances, social media, and more. It also includes inspiring stories and anecdotes from Preeti's own life. A cornerstone for all those who want to change their outlook. The Magic Mindset helps us build a purposeful and joyful life.


Preeti Shenoy, among the highest selling authors in India, is on the Forbes longlist of the most influential celebrities in India. Her books include When Love Came Calling, Wake Up Life is Calling,  Life Is What You Make it, The Rule Breaker, A Hundred Little Flames, It's All in the Planets, Why We Love The Way We Do, The Secret Wish List, The One You Cannot Have and many others. Her work has been translated into many Indian languages. Preeti is also a motivational speaker, and has given talks at many premier educational institutions and corporate organizations like KPMG, ISRO, Infosys and Accenture, among others. An avid fitness enthusiast, she is also an artist specializing in portraiture and illustrated journaling.


As the name suggest "The Magic Mindset" is all about believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen. The book " The Magic Mindset" is about practical examples, tips, suggestions, beautiful quotes and inspirational stories. Like Graham Miles's story inspires and reinforces how the magic mindset can overcome what appear to be insurmountable obstacles. Billionaire business tycoon John Paul Dejoria's advice to everyone is that, it is possible to get through the most difficult of times as long as we are willing to work hard and put in the effort. Don't sit back, doing nothing, look for opportunities and grab them.

My favorite part in the book is "The Magic Mindset for Situation Beyond Our Control". I am sure most of us have gone through situations where we felt completely helpless as we simply have no control over. Author has introduced something which toughed my heart, it is called as a practice of ACDC: Acknowledge, Change, Detach and Create. It is not necessary to go through all the four steps, it depends on person's level of sadness and their state of mind. So adapt the practice to suit your needs.

The book is divided into four parts, Understanding the Magic Mindset, Practicing the Magic Mindset and Sustaining the Magic Mindset and the last part is about 14-Day activity Magic Mindset challenge for the readers who wants to inculcate all the learnings from the book in their life and nudge them towards the magic mindset journey. Author has shared each day activity in detail which is like a step-by-step guide leads to discovery of magic within you. Remember the true magic happens when we learn to let go of the things we cannot control and be deeply grateful for the things we have already been blessed with. We all can lead more fulfilling, happier and peaceful lives when we accept this magic, focusing on the abundance and joy we have and creating happy memories with the people we value.

When we talk about mindset the first thing that comes to our mind is having positive mindset. This book gives a different perspective and express the real meaning of positive mindset. It means viewing things in a way that is most advantageous to us at the current stage of our life.

Author has shared her own experiences and learning which makes this book even more authentic and credible. She has used anecdotes which is very inspiring. 

Every chapter ends with an exercise, if done by the reader, gives a better clarity and reader knows where he or she stands in that area of their life. The book does not have to be read in any particular order which makes the reading more convenient and easier.


All the suggestions and exercises mentioned by the author are very practical and doable. But remember do not read this book as a novel and do not rush through. It requires utmost concentration and participations from the readers to make the best of it. An author has mentioned it very categorically that one can keep returning to the exercises whenever readers feel like as your answers might be different based on their changing circumstances and mindset at that point of time. 

The best quote from the book which helped me to understand myself better

"When something bad happens, you have three choices - let it define you, destroy you or strengthen you".


Format: Paperback / Kindle edition

Price: 140 INR / 133 INR

Pages: 252

Availability: Amazon

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Zero Day by S. Hussain Zaidi (India's No.1 Crime Writer) - Book Review

Cybercrime is a relatively new concern for law enforcement officials and for us as a layman. As the number of computer owners connected to the internet increases, so too does the opportunity for cyber crime. This book has fast moving narrative that reveals how being interconnected we all are through the internet can be a boon and a bane at the same time. 

Name of the book: Zero Day

Author of the book: S. Hussain Zaidi

Genre: Crime Thriller Fiction


Mumbai is in a state of chaos, and all traffic signals across the entire city have stopped working.

Shahnaz Ali Mirza, head of the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad, receives an anonymous email claiming it to be a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. He quickly puts together a crack team that includes his protege, IG Cybercrime Vikrant Singh, and gets to work trawling the dark web for more information on this mystery attack. However, a move to bring forward the hacker backfires, leading to a second, deadlier attack on Mumbai’s lifeline, the railway system.

It is their first brush with cyberterrorism: a zero-day vulnerability in the Indian government’s system that could bring the country to its knees. Racing against time and investigating a case unlike any other, Mirza and Vikrant face the most dangerous mission of their lives in Zero Day.


S. Hussain Zaidi allows his book "Zero Day" to unfold naturally, with his strong writing, rich characters, vivid detail and excellent pacing all leading to a powerful conclusion that will make you think twice before opening your computer or surfing the Internet. It is certainly is a treat to a read  a good powerful suspense novel, and a very impressive story line. All the characters are strong, stubborn and concerned at the same time. The book talks about politics, corruption and rivalry which is part of every system and how the evil forces are not isolated but are born from the system itself . You will keep turning pages to see just how story unfolds. There are plenty of unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader's interest piqued right up to the last page. This book is intelligently written with a realistic theme.


Zero day is an addictive read that will stay with you for the long time to come. If you are not a computer geek some of the lingo and explanations are going to pass by you but their is enough information and ever developing and terrifying plot developments to keep you riveted to every page. The entertaining story line is linear yet exhilarating and frightening especially since author S. Hussain Zaidi's mastery over terrorism related research is reflected in Black Friday, Mumbai Avengers and other books written on terrorism by him. I think if you are a fan of espionage style books, you will like this one and I have no problem recommending it to people.


A journalist for over 20 years, S. Hussain Zaidi is a writer, publisher, producer, scriptwriter and mentor to new talents. His first book Black Friday, was made into critically acclaimed film by director Arurag Kashyap.  His documentation of the Mumbai mafia in books such as Dongri to Dubai, Mafia Queens of Mumbai, My Name Is Abu Salem are considered some of the finest pieces of investigative journalism. Two of his books has been made into web series, one of which is streaming on Netflix (Class of' 83) and other one is soon to be released on Amazon Prime Video.


Pages: 224

Format: Paperback / Kindle Edition

Price: 268.75 INR / 167.30 INR

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Availability: Amazon 

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5 Non-Fiction Books That You Should Not Miss In 2022 - Book Review

 " A non-fiction writer is a story teller who has taken an oath to tell the truth" - Russel Freedman

There was a time when I used to read only fiction as it used to take me to the imaginative world where I could just get lost and forget about all the stress I have in my real life. But after becoming a trainer and a coach I feel reading non- fiction books enlightens me with the specific idea of subjectivity. It also provides me with the knowledge in specific subjects which are my niche and helps me in learning new things with the supported facts. 

Today I am sharing five Non-Fiction books that have inspired me and helped me to be a better person but most importantly a better trainer.

Spy Stories : Inside the Secret World of the R.A.W and the I.S.I. by Cathy Scott-Clark Adrain Levy

Indo-Pak relationship is well known to all of us. Despite sharing linguistic, cultural, geographic and economic link we have a complex relationships due to number of historical and political events. But how many of us know the role of RAW and ISI. Spy stories has brought the focus back on the horrifying espionage between India and Pakistan. After reading this book you will know the working of bitter rivals Raw and ISI and the history behind them since 1960 to the present day.

Unfinished: A Memoir by Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Time and again Priyanka Chopra has proved to be a global icon. Unfinished is memoir by actress Priyanaka Chopra. If you are curious to know about her life and consider her as your role model then this book is for you. She has shared everything from her childhood in India, her formative teenage years in United States, her journey of becoming Miss India and then Miss World and how after winning so many national and international beauty competitions she has launched herself as a global star. She has shared some intimate stories of her personal life which gives a personal touch to the book. Basically this is a story about her journey from a bold silly town to becoming this diva that she is now.

Think Again: The power of knowing What You Don't Know" by Adam Grant


Adam grant is a organizational psychologist. He has seen how people lack motivation and meaning in their lives. He has studied human mind very closely and encouraged people to "think again". People after experiencing failures, do loose hope and don't want to travel that path again. Grant motivated people through his book. According to him people should not just learn from their mistakes but explore how it makes them feel. He examines why people feel uncomfortable thinking again. What stops them to introspect and how can we encourage people to think again in a way that is often more productive than getting everything right at the first time. I have personally applied this learning in my training and coaching and seen positive results.

Rememberings by Sinead O'Connor

This is one book which is very close to my heart. People complain about so many things in life, but I can assure you that after reading this book you will find your misery as tiny as a dot. At least I felt it. Do I need to tell you who Sinead O'Connor is? Well Sinéad O'Connor's voice and trademark shaved head made her famous by the age of twenty-one. Her recording of Prince's Nothing Compares 2 U made her a global icon. She outraged millions when she tore up a photograph of Pope John Paul II on American television. In this book Sinead recounts her brutal childhood, rise to fame and her experience of motherhood and mental health struggles. Highly recommended.

The Art Of Creative Thinking by Jhon Adair

How to think out of the box? How can one be innovative and develop great ideas? This book talks about all of these. In order to get competitive advantage over your competitors one needs to come up with new ideas. Therefore importance of creative thinking needs no emphasis. The Art of Creative Thinking provides clear, practical guidelines for developing your power as a creative thinker. Jhon Adair has illustrated examples of entrepreneurs, authors, scientists and artistes to explain the key aspect of creativity.

I hope you will like my recommendations. Please do share one of your favorite non-fiction book. 

If you all are looking for 5 top fiction books in the year 2022 you can checkout here

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HARSHA: The fearless warrior of Thanesar by Rajat Pillai - Book Review

NAME OF THE BOOK: HARSHA: The fearless warrior of Thanesar


GENRE: Historical period fiction


Rajat Pillai is a Mumbai based software technology architect whose first book Chandragupta was a national bestseller. It was translated into regional languages and the movie rights were acquired by a global production house. He has ventured into different genres with novels like Dead Woman Writing and Yoddha, which have garnered critical acclaims from national media.


The book "Harsha " is about the ruler who was benevolent, energetic, just and active in the administration and prosperity of his empire. After the death of King Prabhakarvardhan and Queen Yasomati of Thanesar, Harsha and his brother had to face unpredictable challenges and animosity. There were series of tragic incidents happened after the death of their parents that had shaped Harsha's personality forever. And the most tragic was Rajvashri, his sister's abduction. At a tender age of 17, Harshvardhan was crowned as the king, who went on to become one of the greatest kings of India with an empire covering most of north India. The biggest challenge faced by him was, to rescue his sister from unfriendly lands and found himself stranded amidst political turmoil, unknown enemies, uncharted regions and altering ego. But despite less experience, his intelligence and self motivation made him the most popular King, whose reign was called as the golden period in Indian history. Harsha's reign was a period of prosperity, benevolence to all the regions, promotion of arts and welfare for the common man. 

This book talks about his popularity not just within India but also around the world, especially among chinese travelers who were in awe of the prosperity and welfare enjoyed by the common man during his reign. Amidst of all these turmoil, Harsha was broken from within. But his mission to make Bharatvarsh a welfare state distracted him from the excruciating memories. 

He chose to live the kind of life that his brother Rajyavardhan believed in, a life defined not by what one received from the world but by what one gave to the world. Somewhere towards the middle of his reign, Harsha took up Buddhism. 

As someone rightly said Fiction is just a fiction for all those readers who cannot relate the story to their reality. The book Harsha is not just a story about the biggest King in Indian history but his story teaches us to survive in today's world. In this elusive world, where things are so erratic with full of drama, suspense and unclear intentions, Harsha shows us the path of how one needs to be focused with an end goal in mind. Only then one can achieve his mission.


Historical fiction connects past and present with extraordinary imagination. I personally feel every book should have some take away which can add value in our present life. And this book has done this effortlessly with praiseworthy imagination by author. The narration is extremely gripping and the credit goes to the author for keeping their readers hooked till the end. As each chapter is short and crisp, it is a quick read and motivates readers to move to the next and probably that helps  in finishing this book in no time. My only advise to the readers is, if you are really interested in period drama, only than opt for such books.


PAGES: 276

FORMAT: Paperback/Kindle Edition

PRICE: 328/310.65 INR

PUBLISHER: Jaico Publishing House


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An Insightful Session by Meghna Pant, Kiran Manral & Kanchana Banerjee on Relatability in Fiction #BlogchatterWritFest

A sign of good book is when characters make you feel intense emotions and the reason you are turning pages is because you are feeling things. 

The best tips come from people who have been there and done that. Blogchatter Writfest brings us some immensely successful and talented authors who have published number of books and are inspiring budding writers and authors. Today I am sharing an insightful session conducted by Blogchatter WritFest with Meghana Pant, Kiran Manral & Kanchana Banerjee which was moderated by our own Harshita Nanda.

When asked how does an author make a strong social issue the focus of the book, without making it moralistic or preachy?

All the author unanimously agreed that whether the character is a noble-hearted man or a thieving anti-hero , if you want your readers to invest in their journeys, you have to make your character look relatable. And what makes a character relatable, their humanity, the reader should be able to empathize with your characters. Some times you might have to add some humor, romance or thriller in the story to make it light and interesting. Meghna Pant added saying that women centric books that are focusing on any social cause still needs more acceptability and requires correct portrayal of their personality by giving narratives that takes feminism forward. 

" Women are neither Becharies, nor Krantikaries they are just normal Naaries" very well articulated by (in Hindi) - Meghna Pant.

Do author gets self indulgent in terms of plot twisting or language and how to avoid that and be more relatable?

According to Kanchana Banerjee, clarity while writing is the key. Writers do soak in all they see around. It is difficult to keep yourself aloof from the society and it does reflect in your writing but sometime you need to be little cautious and restrain yourself from being too self indulgent. Know your vision for your story and adhere to it with discipline. It is fine to play around for a while but don't get sidetracked from what's best for your story. Keep your writing crisp and powerful as possible.

How much trends influence writing?

According to Meghna Pant, write a story which you think cannot be written better by anybody else. Write what you like or what you are comfortable and comes naturally to you. Art is to elevate and not to suppress the creativity. Never follow trends. Both Kiran and Kanchana resonated with her thoughts and added saying that, don't write for money, write something that you cannot only be proud of but also enjoy the process of writing. Write from your heart and what gets you excited to sit in front of your computer everyday. Do not fear failure instead go with your instinct and trust your voice. A successful career in writing typically takes too long to achieve, can be too exhausting so better write what you are passionate about and believe in yourself. It is important to enjoy the journey and be authentic. Kanchana Baneerjee rightly said that, as a writer you are your first reader, if your are not liking what you are writing and not enjoying reading it, then, the end result can never be good and story won't live up to its potential. 

Is it important to have a writing ritual?

We all are individuals and we all have different needs and very different points of inspiration. What might work for some might not for others. So follow your own ritual which suits you the best and inspires you to write. Anything that gives 0% distraction and 100% focus. It could be a closed room, a café or an outstation.

Is there a difference in approach for writing fiction and non-fiction books?

According to Kiran Manral, whether it is a fiction or non fiction, facts needs to be right and believable. So in fiction get your facts right and than fictionalize the facts. 

What do you aim for while writing, relatability or innovation at the risk of courting absurdity?

According to Meghna Pant it is all about balancing both. You need to think out of the box and be more creative, as people do get bored very fast and at the same time try to make it more realistic. Too much of relatability makes it mundane and too much absurdity is also not relatable. According Kanchana Banerjee, it is important that characters in the story should be compelling, who can grab reader's attention instinctively.

What do you choose first, genre or story?

It is important to write what you love. The characters, plot, and setting are going to come much easier to you if you love what you write about. It's never a genre, either you choose a story or story chooses you. That's the best approach and that's how it should be.

Author's favorite books and recommendations

Kiran Manral: 3 Men In the Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

Kanchana Banerjee: Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer, Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Meghna Pant: Alice Munro books, Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

If you have missed this session, here is a quick glance into the session. Stay tuned for more such insightful sessions by BlogchatterWritFest.

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Season 6 of BlogchatterWritFest: Connecting Readers with Authors #BlogchatterWritFest

Blochatter's Writfest has gained immense popularity and is back with an impressive line-up of exemplary authors with their revolutionary ideas. It is an online interactive space that brings together authors and readers. The participants, the readers and the followers can catch them live on Facebook. These live sessions will give readers an opportunity not just to listen to these phenomenal authors but can interact with them by asking questions which will be answered on the spot.

Books have been recognized as men's best friend in every corner of the world and literature is being celebrated for the kind of effect it has on our culture. Therefore I think Blogchatter's Writfest is a beautiful initiative and celebration of an art form that not just touches everyone's life but makes it worth living for.

Blogchatter's Tagline "Lets Talk About You" says a lot about their beliefs. So this platform does every thing to uplift the community and society as a whole. As you all know multinational giant Amazon has decided to saw off its Indian publishing arm, Westland Books. Blogchatter has taken a commendable initiative to buy these books from the stores and give them as giveaways. 

Why Should you attend Blogchatter's WritFest

  • Meet your favorite authors
  • Learn about new authors
  • Promote and encourage reading
  • Connect with like minded people
  • Learn new skills
  • A way to improve your writing
  • Can be part of book launch 
  • Act as a workshop for budding authors
What is in there for you
  • Series of sessions with a panel of authors to get multiple perspectives
  • Exclusive sessions to understand the craft in depth
  • Giveaways for every session
How To Be Part of Exclusive Sessions

  • There are forms that you need to sign up to be part of these workshops.
  • Follow Blogchatter on various social media platforms to know about the announcements for the same.
  • As there are limited seats do not miss these announcements and be quick in filling the form.
Themes for the sessions

March 4th : Relatability in Fiction by Meghana Pant, Kiran Manral, Kanchana Banerjee
March 7th : Writing Engaging Stories by Preeti Shenoy
March 11th : Thrilling Your Reader by K Hari Kumar, Chandrima Das, Neil D'Silva
March 21st : Getting Started With Poetry by Sampurna Chaterjee
March 25th : Writing Books That Children Enjoy by Vibha Batra, Akhyrunissa, Vidya Mani

Who are the Authors


Meghna Pant is a multiple award-winning and bestselling author, screenwriter, journalist and speaker. She’s been felicitated with various honours for distinguished contribution to literature, gender issues and journalism, including the Bharat Nirman Award, Frank O’ Connor International Award, Commonwealth Short Story Prize and Laadli Media Award. She’s published eight books. 


Kiran Manral is a writer, author and novelist based in Mumbai. In previous avatars she has been a journalist, researcher, festival curator and entrepreneur. She has received multiple awards and has many published books to her credit.


Kanchana Banerjee is the author of 3 books, A Forgotten Affair, Nobody’s Child and Eye on You. She has been a freelance writer for leading publications and reputed MNCs. Currently, she's a full-time author and lives in Gurgaon with her family.


Preeti Shenoy, among the highest selling authors in India, is on the Forbes longlist of the most influential celebrities in India. Her work has been translated into many Indian languages. Preeti is also a motivational speaker, and has given talks in many premier educational institutions and corporate organisations. An avid fitness enthusiast, she is also an artist specialising in portraiture and illustrated journals.


K. Hari Kumar is a novelist and screenwriter. He is the author of books India's Most Haunted and Dakhma. He is working on a Hindi horror web series for a leading OTT platform and a Malayalam film.


Chandrima Das has had a decade-long career in management consulting that spanned from Wall Street to rural Bihar. She was a SouthAsia Speaks fellow in 2021. Her web-comics and articles have been featured in various publications. She has also performed at live storytelling events. She has written 2 books. 


Neil D'Silva has 12 books to his credit with leading publishers. He has won screen adaptation deals on four of his books. He has been named as one of the Top 7 Indian horror writers to be read by UK’s DESIblitz magazine. He is a writing mentor and conducts workshops at prestigious institutions. 


Sampurna Chattarji is a writer, translator, editor and teacher with 20 books to her credit. These include a short story collection about Bombay/Mumbai. Her poetry has appeared in Indian and International journals. She has been part of many international poetry translation workshops. 


Vibha Batra is an award-winning bestselling author, graphic novelist, advertising consultant, poet, lyricist, translator and creative writing mentor. She has published 19 books. She writes across genres and is the recipient of several honours and awards. 


Khyrunnisa A. is an award-winning writer of children’s fiction and also writes for adults. She created the popular comic character Butterfingers for Tinkle and authored the hilarious Butterfingers series of books for older children. Khyrunnisa worked as Associate Professor of English at All Saints’ College, Thiruvananthapuram, and is now a full time writer. 


Vidya Mani is a children's writer and editor. Her content and design studio Melting Pot creates children's books and magazines for publishers and NGOs. She is one of the founder-members of Funky Rainbow, a travelling bookshop and book consultancy, committed to bringing books and children together in exciting and innovative ways.

So what are you waiting for, give a big shout out for the most loved and awaited Blogchatter's WritFest. Share the details of sessions on your social media platforms by using hashtag #BlogchatterWritfest, attend, comment, ask a question and be the most engaging participant to win books. 

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Achieving Meaningful Success- Unleash the Power of me! by Dr Vivek Mansingh - Book Review

Books have a power to transform lives or at least some part of lives. And when it comes to Self-Help books it does transform lives and also enriches life way beyond expectations. The book which I am reviewing today is one such book that will put the reader on a path where they can read, practice the strategies learned, and will be able to make improvements in their lives without having to ask others for help.

Name of the book: Achieving Meaningful Success- Unleash the Power of me!

Author of the book: Dr Vivek Mansingh with Rachna Thakurdas

Genre: Self-Help/ Motivational & Spirituality


The book "Achieving Meaningful Success"- Unleash the Power of me! by Dr Vivek Mansingh is a master piece of mentorship through all phases of life. Author has rightly said life doesn't come with an instruction manual but this book is an amazing instruction manual for life. The author aim is to mentor millions of people through this book. Most of the self help books focuses on achieving goals and to be successful. But this book talks about achieving multidimensional and balanced life goals by accomplishing meaningful success. Author has defined meaningful success as something that is holistic. Focusing only on professional goals and neglecting personal life results in unhappy people. Therefore Andrew Carnegie rightly said "if you want to be happy , set goals that command your thoughts, liberate your energy and inspire your hopes." This books comes as a handy guide which gives step by step instructions to achieve meaningful success.


  • Dr. Mansingh has shared his professional and personal life experiences that makes this book authentic and credible.
  • Quotes are  placed aptly that makes every argument convincing.
  • Towards the end of every chapter author has given key learnings and Guru Mantra that act as a reminder.
  • Every chapter comes with a lesson and each lesson is validated my author's mentee by sharing how Dr. Mansingh's mentorship helped them in achieving their life goals.
  • The book is divided into two parts, the first part focuses on defining the person you aspire to be and second part is about becoming the best version of yourself and worthy enough to realize your aspirations.
  • It gives well defined process that can help in structuring your plan for succeeding both in professional and personal life.
  • The books is intact with anecdotes, insights and tips from famous people who are great achievers.
  • This book encourages Entrepreneurship mindset and have shared ten commandments for budding Entrepreneurs.
  • There are exclusive interviews with famous personalities like Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthy, Kiran Majumdar-Shaw, Jhon Chambers, Dr. Devi Shetty, Rahul Dravid, Sadhguru and many more which is like icing on a cake.


  • Set multidimensional balanced aspirational life goals.
  • Goals should always be written as it keeps you committed and accountable.
  • Set goals which gives you holistic success. Have Career goal, relationship goal, health goal and Spiritual goal (Wheel of goals).
  • Be passionate and always strive for excellence.
  • Challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself by being creative.
  • Dream big by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and have clear vision.
  • Develop leadership skill if you want to move up the ladder faster.
  • Be your own boss. 
  • Everyone should have mentors, role models and inspirers in their lives to become the best version of themself.
  • Read more and more books as it helps us grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically and also keeps us updated.
  • Take ownership of your life as responsibility with accountability if practice with sustainability leads to credibility.
  • Read the book with utmost attention. Do not skip anything.
  • Define the person you aspire to be.
  • While reading each chapter place yourself at the centre and ponder on how it applies to you.
  • Define your wheel of goals.
  • Start working on your goal with passion.
  • Review your progress.

Dr Mansingh is a mentor par excellence and is in pursuit of "Mentoring A Million". He is a global leader, entrepreneur, author, technology visionary, innovator, international speaker and philanthropist. His mentoring strategies have helped thousands of people around the world. He had the privilege of working with David Packard, Bill Hewlett, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and John Chambers. He is currently a GP at YourNest VC Fund and sits on the board of several global organizations. Previously, he served as president, Cisco & Dell R&D; MD, Ishoni Networks (acquired by Philips) and Portal Software (acquired by Oracle). Before returning to India, he held management positions at HP and Fujitsu in Silicon Valley. He was also the founder of ATTI (Aavid) in the US. He is a Gold Medallist from NIT Allahabad, PhD from Queen's University, Canada, and EMBA at Stanford University. He has six US patents, and vital contributions to two technology books. He is listed in the National Who's Who of USA, received Chanakya Leadership Award, and IT Man of the Year 2016 from Enterprise Connect, USA.


As the ideas shared in this book come from the real-life experience of the author it makes it trustworthy. If you are ambitious and want to make a mark in your professional and personal life, you should read this book. As everyone dream to see their best version.


Format: Paperback/Kindle Edition

Price: 317/301.15 INR

Pages: 320

Availability : Amazon

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5 Fiction Books That You Should Not Miss in 2022 - Book Review

Albert Camus ones said that " fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth", and with these words he perfectly encapsulated the power of the novel. Reading fiction broadens your horizon of imagination and creativity. I personally feel fiction helps me to understand other people's perspective and allows me to see the bigger picture not just about the characters in the book but in real life too. So here are five fiction books which I think you should read and explore, the world which you never saw until you read.

 Inseparable : A never before published Novel By Simone de Beauvoir

Thirty-five years after the iconic French philosopher's death, her unpublished novel was finally released to the world. It is a vibrant exploration of female will and friendship in world that is still, too often, intent on constraining both. It is a story of two friends Sylvie and Andree having contrasting beliefs and values, and looked at the world differently. While Sylvie was more independent, Andree was fully trapped in societal obligations. Despite their different nature they stood by each other. According to the author, real love can be found in our willingness to bargain regardless of the outcome and only when we know and accept its pleasure, with or without it's guarantee of Paradise, can we be truly free. The great feminist writer who was rebellious recounts her teenage crush for another girl in "Inseparable", is a passionate love and tragic story which can be called as her autobiography. The story is about her personal battle against the conventional expectation of the society, couldn't be published during her lifetime siting it to be too intimate, but saw the light 34 years after her death.

The Man Who Lives Underground by Richard Wright and Malcolm Wright

The Man Who lives Underground is based on a true story. It is a story about a black man named Fred Daniels who was forced to confess for violent crime that he had not committed. Somehow he managed to escape police and lived an underground life, where he transformed into someone else entirely. Beneath an unfair world, Daniels tunnels into the basements of local establishments, leading him to startling truth about morality, injustice, and what matters most when the world's systems are stripped away. The sad part is that , Wright's barbaric pragmatism still resonates 80 years later. Racial injustice is global, discrimination based on racism seems to be never ending. How can you judge someone based on their color, it is out of my understanding? After reading this book I feel things still have not changed, in fact gone worse. To bring any change , attitude of people and their perspective towards lot of things need to change. No rule or law can be effective without this change. This is a hard-hitting story which saw the ray of light after 80 years. More than any other Black writer, Wright recognized that if one needs to understand the racism it is important to first understand the relationship between Black people and the police. You will know why I am saying this only if you read this thought-provoking book.

The Last Queen by Chitra Baneerje Divakaruni

It is always motivating to read stories about women who despite all the adversity came out as a real warrior. The Last queen is the story of fearless Maharani Jindal Kaur who married Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Sing and became his youngest and last queen. She was known for her courage and intelligence. After the death of Maharaja, her son Dalip was made the king at the the age of six. With her great vision and passion, she protected her son's inheritance of the throne. Like Rani Lakshmi Bai and other valorous queens, she not only defied traditions, but forsake her veil to address her people and courtiers. She was known to be an outstanding influencer who had the courage to convince Khalsa troop to go against Britishers. Britishers robbed her kingdom and her son, but she valiantly fought the British. Despite all the hardship she managed to reunite with her son. The author managed to hook readers by keeping the pace of the story fast and interesting.

Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead

This New York Times bestseller weaves together the stories of two women living decades and continents apart. Marian Graves, a fearless pilot who is obsessed with flying and could do whatever it takes to get into the sky, goes missing while she attempts to circle the planet. And the Hadley Baxter, a scandal-racked Hollywood actress recently sacked from a twilight-alike movie franchise is trying to revive her Hollywood career by donning the role of Marian Graves Bio-epic, a role that will lead her to probe the deepest mysteries of the vanished pilot's life. Shipstead manages a wonderfully imagined plot of sensational scope. It will appeal to the reader who simply wants to be told a good story.

Asoca- The Sutra by Allan Sealy 

Allan Sealy’s historical novel Asoca narrates the life of the emperor who ruled the Indian subcontinent from 268 to 232 BCE. The life of Ashoka always fascinated me as someone who was the mastermind behind the biggest and most horrifying wars end up becoming one of the most intense advocates of non-violence. And probably that is one of the reasons he continues to hold a most respected place in the Indian History. In Asoca, Allan Sealy, winner of the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize, imaginatively reconstructs the story of this enigmatic historical figure and tries answering questions which arises in most of our minds, like, What were his intentions and what motivated him? what was the reason being his transformation and so o? Do read this to get a perspective which differs from the usual one.

These books will not disappoint you, in fact the experience of reading these wonderful thought-provoking books will stay with you for the longest of time. Keep me posted if you pick any and if you like it, which I know you will.

In my next post I will be sharing five non-fiction books that you should not miss in 2022. Stay Tuned.......

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Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind by Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson - Book Review

Name Of The Book: Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind

Author: Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson

Genre: Self Help 

Recently I have come across this beautiful book "Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind" by Dr. Napoleon Hill. This book has over 700 success proverbs which is ideal for all those people who aspires to become successful in this complicated world. This book has proved to be my positive mantra during this pandemic and helped me in achieving things which otherwise looked impossible.


Success Vitamin is like a daily dose of insight in how to be a achiever in this fast growing world. This book has a power to conditioned your mind for positive outcome. It can contribute in healing person's financial, mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional state, not just for a day but for a life time. The book assist in directing your thoughts towards positive outcome  and that leads to positive behavior. These short saying are sometimes called as auto-suggestions or self-hypnosis, but regardless of the name the result is that, when read or repeated out loud with enthusiasm they can actually modify your behaviour. These success vitamins can act as a missing ingredient that can lead to success. Each saying is a "truism", some which must have forgotten over a period of time, overlooked or covered up for the sake of convenience. So when you will read them you might feel, you already know it but at the same time you will detect the eternal wisdom of the saying.


These proverbs are based on the experience of the outstanding leaders who have been responsible for the development of human kind.

They have been proved sound and practical because they have worked successfully for those who tried.

These proverbs helps the reader in enriching their mind, spirit and body.

This book helps in bringing harmony in human relationships by condition human mind to get along with others in a spirit of friendliness.

It's purpose is to aid men and women in the development of a personal philosophy of life that will bring them economic security and peace of mind in proportion to their desire and talents.


I feel when you use what you have learned actively in your everyday life, you will not lose the lesson but internalize it. This book is effusing with positivity and reminding us that if we pay attention to these tidbits of wisdom aptly called "Success Vitamin" we will fortify our mind, body and spirit in beneficial ways. So if you are looking for positivity in life and wants to take inspiration to do better in life this book is an apt read.


Though it is extremely difficult to choose but here are some proverbs which stood out for me

"Every time you perform any task, try to excel your last  performance and very soon you will excel those around you"

"Nature yield her most profound secrets to the man who is determined to uncover them"

"There is no such realities as good or bad luck. Everything has a cause that produces appropriate effects"

"Remember that the mind grows strong through use. Struggle makes power"

"Take possession of your own mind and you may soon make life pay off on your terms"

"Eloquence of words never embellishes prayers, but sincerity of purpose and faith do"


Napoleon Hill began his writing career at age 13 as a "mountain reporter" for small-town newspaper and went on to become America's most loved motivational author. His work stands as a monument of individual achievement and is the cornerstone of modern motivation. His book, Think and Grow Rich, is one of the biggest bestseller of all time.

Judith A Williamson is an international speaker, author, and Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center. She is working on disseminating Dr. napoleon Hill's materials worldwide through her writing, workshops and seminars.


Pages: 104

Format: Paperback/Kindle edition

Price: 152 INR / 144 INR

Publisher: HarperCollins

Availability : Amazon

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Young Blood -Ten Terrifying College Tales by Chandrima Das - Book Review

Book Name: Young Blood

Author Name: Chandrima Das

Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Colleges and universities always strive for exceptional academics, outstanding athletics and impressive faculties and many more. In India we have colleges with rich history but as they say with rich past comes spooky legends, ghost stories, and horrific tales that point to the paranormal. The book Young Blood will give you sneak peak into all of these and much more.


Chandrima Das has a B. Tech in Computer Science from NIT Durgapur and an MBA from IIM Calcutta, where she was awarded the OPJEMS and Aditya Birla scholarship. After a decade-long career in management consulting that spanned all the way from Wall Street, New York , to rural Bihar, she followed her passion for writing full-time. Her digital debut, The Talking Dead was a bestseller in the horror category. She's performed live at storytelling events with Tall Tales and Kommune, and was published in The Best of Tall Tales. Chandrima was born in Shillong, grew up in Guwahati, and is presently based in Mumbai.


Some colleges are said to be built on ancient burials sites, others were apparently seen some tragic and unexplained deaths. It is quite scary to know that so many colleges are supposedly haunted. Taking in everything from haunted building, to not so friendly wraith are as varied as they are chilling. Young Blood is a collection of ten such spooky and spine-tingling stories that are shared by the people who have encountered them. All the stories happen in well-reputed national institutions from IITs to NITs to other academic centers spread all our India, be it  Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi, Shillong, Shimla and Manipal.

Every character in the book from best of friends, to deep in love lovers, unyielding hostel wardens and slothful college security and those uncanny abandoned building are so relatable that you would not be able to stop yourself from remembering your own college haunted stories.

The ending of each story will push you to rethink on "What has just happened"? you would like to know more as to what happen next. I feel every story seems to have an underlining moral thread, be it racism, societal pressure, discrimination based on gender, stalking and so on. Though all the stories are gripping and eerie but there are two stories that kept me spell bound.

"The inner Door" takes place in University of Delhi. It is a story about Sushma a girl from North East and Kanika a girl from Ghaziabad. It started with discrimination against north east people and how both these girls trapped in a haunted PG and get themselves freed. 

"Ghost of a Chance" is a story about IIT Kanpur. It is a story about young college boy who tries to commit suicide and the ghost he met thereafter. The end has literally given me goose bumps.


📒Loved the undertones of thrill, dread and suspense in the writing style. The book is what you would call a classic page-turner. From the very start till the very end, it is gripping and compelling. 

📒The beauty of the author's writing is the ability of the reader to finish the book in one go. There is no way one can put the book down before finishing each story. 

📒I really liked the way she has introduced this book with a beautiful quote by Stephen King which says' If being a kid is about learning how to live, then being a grown-up is about learning how to die.' I agree, we learn to face the real fear and how to deal with it too once we enter the real world and here it's college where you feel the smell of real independence probably for the first time.

📒She has taken a dig on Karan Johar's unrealistic model of Indian Colleges which is true to the core. 

📒The author has rightly pointed out that these spooky stories are like cautionary tales, advise students not just what to do but more often what NOT to do.

If you are a fan of horror and thriller and need a quick read this is an apt book to read.


Page: 336

Publisher: Harper Collins India

Format: Paperback / Kindle Edition

Price: INR 237/ INR 72

Book Availability: Amazon

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