Monday, February 28, 2022

Achieving Meaningful Success- Unleash the Power of me! by Dr Vivek Mansingh - Book Review

Books have a power to transform lives or at least some part of lives. And when it comes to Self-Help books it does transform lives and also enriches life way beyond expectations. The book which I am reviewing today is one such book that will put the reader on a path where they can read, practice the strategies learned, and will be able to make improvements in their lives without having to ask others for help.

Name of the book: Achieving Meaningful Success- Unleash the Power of me!

Author of the book: Dr Vivek Mansingh with Rachna Thakurdas

Genre: Self-Help/ Motivational & Spirituality


The book "Achieving Meaningful Success"- Unleash the Power of me! by Dr Vivek Mansingh is a master piece of mentorship through all phases of life. Author has rightly said life doesn't come with an instruction manual but this book is an amazing instruction manual for life. The author aim is to mentor millions of people through this book. Most of the self help books focuses on achieving goals and to be successful. But this book talks about achieving multidimensional and balanced life goals by accomplishing meaningful success. Author has defined meaningful success as something that is holistic. Focusing only on professional goals and neglecting personal life results in unhappy people. Therefore Andrew Carnegie rightly said "if you want to be happy , set goals that command your thoughts, liberate your energy and inspire your hopes." This books comes as a handy guide which gives step by step instructions to achieve meaningful success.

Monday, February 21, 2022

5 Fiction Books That You Should Not Miss in 2022 - Book Review

Albert Camus ones said that " fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth", and with these words he perfectly encapsulated the power of the novel. Reading fiction broadens your horizon of imagination and creativity. I personally feel fiction helps me to understand other people's perspective and allows me to see the bigger picture not just about the characters in the book but in real life too. So here are five fiction books which I think you should read and explore, the world which you never saw until you read.

 Inseparable : A never before published Novel By Simone de Beauvoir

Thirty-five years after the iconic French philosopher's death, her unpublished novel was finally released to the world. It is a vibrant exploration of female will and friendship in world that is still, too often, intent on constraining both. It is a story of two friends Sylvie and Andree having contrasting beliefs and values, and looked at the world differently. While Sylvie was more independent, Andree was fully trapped in societal obligations. Despite their different nature they stood by each other. According to the author, real love can be found in our willingness to bargain regardless of the outcome and only when we know and accept its pleasure, with or without it's guarantee of Paradise, can we be truly free. The great feminist writer who was rebellious recounts her teenage crush for another girl in "Inseparable", is a passionate love and tragic story which can be called as her autobiography. The story is about her personal battle against the conventional expectation of the society, couldn't be published during her lifetime siting it to be too intimate, but saw the light 34 years after her death.

The Man Who Lives Underground by Richard Wright and Malcolm Wright

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind by Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson - Book Review

Name Of The Book: Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind

Author: Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson

Genre: Self Help 

Recently I have come across this beautiful book "Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind" by Dr. Napoleon Hill. This book has over 700 success proverbs which is ideal for all those people who aspires to become successful in this complicated world. This book has proved to be my positive mantra during this pandemic and helped me in achieving things which otherwise looked impossible.


Success Vitamin is like a daily dose of insight in how to be a achiever in this fast growing world. This book has a power to conditioned your mind for positive outcome. It can contribute in healing person's financial, mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional state, not just for a day but for a life time. The book assist in directing your thoughts towards positive outcome  and that leads to positive behavior. These short saying are sometimes called as auto-suggestions or self-hypnosis, but regardless of the name the result is that, when read or repeated out loud with enthusiasm they can actually modify your behaviour. These success vitamins can act as a missing ingredient that can lead to success. Each saying is a "truism", some which must have forgotten over a period of time, overlooked or covered up for the sake of convenience. So when you will read them you might feel, you already know it but at the same time you will detect the eternal wisdom of the saying.