About the blog

This blog is created to write reviews on web-series as most of my free time goes watching them. So thought why not write fair reviews based on my personal opinion. They are not paid reviews so there is lot of authenticity in them.

About me:

As an Certified Image Consultant and NABET Life skills trainer, I truly believe in ABC of life, where in A stands for Appearance, B for Behaviour and C for Communication Skills. All these three elements helps an individual to become more efficient and effective.

Creating authentic, attractive, affordable and appropriate professional and personal image will elevate your credibility, creativity and capability. I believe in empowering people to own these critical skills to become best version of themselves.

As an Employability and job coach I empower and enable my clients to be Industry ready. As an EQ Coach I helps my clients to master their emotions, reduce stress and develop emotional Intelligence.



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