Tuesday, June 21, 2022

11 Best Indian Original Web Series To Watch - Web Series Review

Binge watching gained more popularity when the world was hit with corona virus pandemic. That was the time when we watched everything as a family. There are pros and cons of binge watching but it has definitely done more good to the OTT platform and people like us who look for different ways to spend more time with the loved ones. The act of bingeing content fosters a sense of community around a show, something that experts call it as "shared culture space". The common ground allows viewers to discuss and enjoy the show even with the people you can call it  "strangers".

So here I am with the list of series which are my personal favorites. 

The Family Man

Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Genre: Political Thriller

The Story of The Family Man is inspired by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's horrendous assassination by LTTE militants. The script gives you the glimpse of real life events and all the twist and turns makes it really thrilling and keep the viewers at the edge of their seat. The director have managed to create a gripping sequel which is not just fast paced but humorous too. 

Kota Factory

Streaming on: Netflix

Genre: Comedy Drama

Kota Factory is one of my favorite series. It showcases the life of young IIT aspirants who lend up in Kota, a hub of coaching centers where students all over the country comes to prepare for their entrance exam. At some point it gives the feeling of a documentary as it paints a very real image of what youngsters have to go through while preparing for their exams be it financial pressure, difficult living circumstances, long study hours or relationships with family and friends. The series is quite engaging as it hold audience with the comic yet pitiable state of teenagers.


Streaming on: Amazon Prime Video

Genre: Comedy Drama

Panchayat is a comedy drama that captures the journey and life of an engineering graduate, who due to less score and lack of better job option joins as secretary of a panchayat office in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh. With humor this series talks about day today struggle and problems faced by people living in the small towns.

Delhi Crime

Streaming On: NetFlix

Genre: Crime Drama
Delhi Crime is based on the most horrendous and shocking crime took place in the capital city of India "The Nirbhaya Case". This series has seven parts that will shake you to the core. It focuses on investigation by the Delhi Police and will take you through the political pressure and influences, bureaucratic constraints and the problems faced my police during the investigation period.

Rocket Boys

Streaming On: Sony Liv

Genre: History Drama

Rocket Boys will inspire and motivate you with the story of three genius Homi J Bhabha, Vikram Sarabhai and APJ Abdul Kalam who have played a significant role in creating history for India. It will take you into space technology for national development and the journey of events right from India's independence, launch of first nuclear program and space program. Despite the hardship, different mindset, approach, political pressure and disagreement, creates history for India which made us proud with their achievements.

Made In Heaven

Streaming On: Amazon Prime Video

Genre: Romance Drama

This series will remind you of  Ranveer Singh and Anushka Sharma's movie" Band Baja Aur Baarati". It is a story about big, fat Indian weddings and the people who work behind the scene. The series focuses on the personal struggles and professional challenges faced by the protagonists who navigates Delhi's so called riches to score major accounts for their wedding planning agency. The series also touches upon classism and narrow-mindedness exists within our so called modern Indian society.


Streaming On: Netflix

Genre: Dystopian Drama

The fist Dystopian India series that I have come across. Leila is based on a novel written by Prayaag Akbar. The series is about a journey of a women named Shalini who is forced to leave her family life and taken to the world called Aryavarta which is ruthless and barbarian in nature. It showcases futuristic scenario that is disturbing and disagreeable yet not too hard to imagine given India's political realities. 

Selection Day

Streaming On: Netflix

Genre: Sports Drama

Selection day is a story of a two small-town teenage brothers, who aspire to become international cricketers and coached by their own father, who is a real taskmaster and extremely strict. After receiving a scholarship to a prestigious sports school their life started to change. What follows is them discovering their real personalities, pressure faced by them to succeed and the way their relationship evolves with their father. All 12 episodes of Selection process has been very well directed.


Streaming On: Netflix

Genre: Crime Drama Thriller

The story centers on a grieving mother, Sheel Chaudhary, who suddenly finds out that there’s more than meets the eye as far as her daughter Supriya’s death is concerned. The more she unearths, the deeper she gets tangled in a mess. There after follows is a revenge binge that takes Sheel face-to-face into the centre of this dark storm. This is a suspense thriller which will give you goosebumps every time she lend up in a trouble.

Daughters of Destiny

Streaming On: Netflix

Genre: Documentary

If you are looking for something that can inspire you then this docuseries serves the purpose. This is a story of five gals from underprivilege background and how being resilient and persistent helped them to deal with various adversities. The series showcases five girls growing up years over the course of four episodes  at shanti bhavan, a unique co-ed residential school in Tamil Nadu.


Streaming On: Netflix

Genre: Crime Thriller

Aranyak is a story about two high-ranking cops, with contrasting personality come together to solve a case of disappearing teenage tourist which is surrounded with mystery. Due to an involvement of local politician and bringing back the case of haunted urban legend someone who is neither a man nor an animal makes things more complicated and scary. The series is set in the misty locals of Himachal Pradesh. 

Do let me know which one is your favorite


  1. I have watched Family Man, Kota Factory, Delhi Crime and Selection Day. I want to watch Mai. Delhi Crime was the first one that I watched and believe me I was moved. Not just because of the how it is picturized. But by thinking that if I am finding it hard to just watch it, how it would have been for that brave girl and her family.

  2. I've heard rave reviews about Family Man, Aranyak, Panchayat and Rocket Boys. It's amazing how much varied content we can consume now on OTT. Looking forward to seeing Mai. Sakshi Tanwar is a wonderful actor.

  3. From the list mentioned, I have watched the family man and Made in heaven. Both are superb and highly recommended to watch.

  4. These days viewers are getting a good variety in the web series. I have watched The Family Man, Delhi crime, Aaranyak. I would like yo watch Mai. My first web series was Delhi Crime. And I won't lie, I found it hard to tough to watch. it was heavy. No doubt, it has one of the finest actresses - Shefali Chaya. But throughout the series, I was wondering that if it is hard of me to watch this, what the girl and her family must have gone through.

  5. Panchayat, Family Man are some amazing series. The theme of Delhi Crime is good but I didn't like the way it was filmed. Would like to watch Mai and Aranyak. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. This is a fine selection of some of the best web series. We have seen almost all of them, and they are the best in their genre. Our favourites are Panchayat and Kota Factory.

  7. I have watched half of the series you have mentioned. The Family Man, selection day, Delhi crime, made in heaven, Kota factory and panchayat are the ones which I have watched. Rest I will catch up on soon (hopefully).

  8. You have selected a great list of web series. I have watched a few of these, Rocket Boys has been on my list for quite sometime now, this list reminds me it time to watch it :)

  9. OTT platform are on a rise these days. It is great that one can choose what they wish to watch. Thank you for sharing this great list of webseries. It exactly matches my area of interest.

  10. O my my Swati, so many reviews? I am not too fond of thrillers, but I watched Family Man, Mai, Made in Heaven and Leila. Leila was the first I saw, and I was so shaken by the concept, although I think it will be a reality soon. Made in Heaven is just a load of gimmicks and loud series with hardly any story. Matchmakers and event managers have recently got famous. The Family Man is good, very slick, and keeps you glued. Manoj Bajpai plays an understated role and carries the series on his shoulders. The story line in Mai was too farfetched. The acting was good, though.

  11. I am a Netflix fan and binge watch on most of the weekends. However, most of these dramas are new to me, except The Family Man. Keeping them in my to watch list

  12. I've only watched aranyak and made in heaven. I want to watch mai but maybe by next month when i settle in. I haven't watched TV for such a long time.

  13. Wow so many great options. currently I am watching mostly K-dramas and did not check other options. I had watched first season of Panchayat and loved it. will surly check season 2. I did not know it is out. thanks dear for sharing these amazing options.

  14. I have watched Panchayat and Mai but others seems really interesting to me. Thanks for recommendation, this will make my weekend more special.

  15. I have watched Delhi Crime, Made in Heaven, Mai, Leila, Family Man 1&2... and loved them totally. Have started watching Panchayat - 1. Kota Factory is on my to-be-watched list. Rocket Boys looks promising. Will check it out!

  16. I have watched all the series you mentioned above except made in heaven, noted it down will surely check this out too. Being an UPian I loved Panchayat 2, though I was completely unaware of the fandom of panchayat 1 among people, after second series only I went back to watch one. Indeed one of the best light hearted series.


  17. I am loving this list babe. I have watched Made in Heaven and Leila and absolutely loved them. Will surely be checking the rest too.

  18. I'm glad that Indian dramas are now concentrating on some wonderful topics and giving their audience something interesting to watch. I have seen most of these shows and those I've not, I've added to my watch list.

  19. Heard such good reviews about all these series but never got chance to watch them . I think i should take out some time . Thanks for this list

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