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un PARENTING - Sharing Awkward Truths with Curious Kids By Reema Ahmad - Book Review

Name of the Book: un PARENTING- Sharing Awkward Truths with Curious Kids

Author of the Book:  Reema Ahmad

Genre: Non-Fiction


UnParenting is a great answer to every time you’ve ever wondered, “Is it just me, or is being a parent is actually challenging in today's time? Reema winningly leads us through the world of modern parenthood with both depth and breadth, in a voice that is insightful, relatable, and genuinely searching. Structuring her book, author weaves in her own experiences, her learnings and the story of people known to her, who have experienced difficult parenting and highlights what's changed and what hasn't to great effect. Reema split through many misconceptions of parenting with a great honesty. In her book, she has challenged the present notion of parenting competencies and hold on to a notion that parenting is not just about taking care of the child but being aware that we are bringing life on this earth and not just any commodity. 

By sharing her own examples, she has touched upon many issues which every parent by default faces in their lives while dealing with their children but are tend to keep under the hat for reasons only known to them, be it sex, consent, sexual abuse, trauma, divorce, bullying or body acceptance. Her tips on how to treat a child as an equal, being honest and speak your mind, empathizing with differences are very insightful and can help many parents. 

The book is very high at it's emotional quotient , that will navigate you through the murky world of emotions, self awareness, empathy and being grateful. 


Unparenting doesn't try to preach anything but will sail you through the parenting journey. I liked the humor with which author has dealt most of the critical issues as it makes it even more engaging and refreshing. It is not easy for anyone to open up about their personal life, but author has done it with great sensitivity which is admirable. This book can act as a great companion as it will help you to understand yourself better and will clarify fallacy you were living with. One of  the quote by Jennnifer Jhonston which author has reiterate has shaken me to the core,

"The way I See the world, we are constantly at risk from the people we love the most. They, after all, are the only people who can do us serious damage, a damage that lasts forever." scary but the real truth of life.

The author brings a self-aware resistance to dogma that’s refreshing and reasonable. She seems to want to help our children blossom into their best, most authentic selves without totally fraying our nerves in the process.

So if you are struggling to answer some of the most awkward questions, its time to Unparent with Reema.


Through her own awkward journey as a confused single parent, Reema Ahmad explores what it means to explore newer ways of bringing up children-ways that nurture their sense of innocence and curiosity while giving them the freedom to choose their own truths. Reema invites you to hop along as she and her son, Imaad, learn to laugh and make up stories about why penises shape-shift, the mysteries of pubic hair, the magic of adolescent crushes and the confounding maze of dating and sex. Join them as they explore these mysteries and other serious topics like abuse, adult relationships, divorce and dying-issues that adults often forget to wonder at and seldom question.

More than anything else, 
Unparenting is a vibrant, whacky testimony to a parent-child relationship where the child leads and the parent follows. Written in the form of deeply personal, engaging and often humorous essays, the book is a powerful reminder of what it feels like to be lost and misunderstood as a child, and how important it is to challenge what we think we know as parents.


Reema Ahmad is a neurolinguistic programming-based life coach. She is also a mental space psychologist and she works in the area of healing from trauma, abuse, violence and relationship issues.

Reema co-edited an anthology of women's work called Of Dry Tongues and Brave Hearts with Semeen Ali. It was published by Red River Press in 2022. She is a poet and has also written articles for online publications like Scroll, Vice, Daily O and Live Mint. She is also a two-time TEDx and Josh Talks speaker.

Reema began her career as a child sexual abuse awareness educator and went on to specialize as a sexuality educator. She then co-founded Candidly, a forum to explore issues of gender, sexuality and media with her longtime friend Amita Malhotra in 2017.
Reema graduated from Lady Sri Ram College, Delhi University. Her schooling and early years were spent in Agra where she now lives with her parents, her son, two dogs and three cats.


Format: Paperback / Kindle Edition
Price: 277 INR /  239.40 INR
Pages: 288
Publication: Penguin eBury Press
Availability: Amazon

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  1. Wow...I loved the name. And you said that right.It is not easy to open up our personal life. I am sure, this must be a wonderful read. I am going to grab a copy.

  2. first I loved the title of book. it is creative enough to raise a curiosity among readers. being a single mother, Reema must have seen wide spectrum of emotions in her parenting journey and it is great that she has share her personal journey without being afraid of being judged by readers. would love to read this book. thanks dear for sharing your honest review with us.

  3. This book from the an educator, and after reading your review and I am so excited to read this book. Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. This book sounds very interesting. I always find personal and intimate talk lacking between parents and kids. Open talks lead to open relationships and kids then share everything with the parents. The more we hide sexual topics the kids gather the more curiosity and wrong information. Loved your frank review.

  5. Thank you for the lovely review Swati! I accidentally found this while googling how tge book is doing. Pleasant surprise!

    Thank you so much!

    Reema Ahmad.

  6. I love books about real life stories. They have a lot of honesty in them especially when it is the memoirs of authors. Seems like this is a book that I would enjoy reading

  7. I am also an NLP coach and hence i am intrigued to read a book by another person who is into NLP. From your review I presume that the book is honest and engaging

  8. Good to know that the author has used humour , even while writing about some critical issues . Book sounds refreshing, shall grab a copy.

  9. A book from a mental health specialist would definitely have something to pick for me too. will definately check for it on kindle. Thanks for sharing this review.

  10. Learning parenting tips by Unparenting is truly a unique way to understand what today's era parenting is like. Coming out of fixed mindset to accept the new mantras is good way to learn. Shall check the book after your review.

  11. It looks to be a great read for every parent. My son is turning 8 and I will certainly need guidance while addressing his questions regarding the changing body as he enters puberty. Would love to read Reema Ahmad's account of the same and learn.