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Night in Shining Armour by Manali Desai- Book Review

Name Of The Book: Night in Shining Armour 

Author Of The Book: Manali Desai

Genre: Poetry


Manali is a full-time freelance writer and editor cum blogger. Currently, apart from her ad hoc writing and editing assignments, Manali runs a blog and is also a partner with Pachyderm Tales. In her authoring journey, Manali has written and published seven solo books, been a part of a few co-authored books, and has helped new and aspiring writers
publish their books as well. She has been a multiple-times bestselling author on Amazon with all her books ranking in the top ten in many categories. Her short story, The Walls Have Ears, helped her bag the Best Short Story Award in 2019 at Stories From India organized by Ukiyoto Publishing. She has also won the Best Author: Fiction Award at Cherry Book Awards, and the Book of The Year title in 2021 by BeTales Magazine, for her debut novel, Love (Try) Angle. Her short story titled, The (Un)Blind Date, which is a part of her Christmas special anthology, Under the Mistletoe & Other Stories, won the best story prize in an online contest.


This little book brings forth a collection of poems, each centered on and around the theme of nightly experiences and encounters. Right from dinner dates to bonfires and stargazing, almost every activity that happens after sundown is covered herein, in poetic verse. Divided into two sections- Facets and Pursuits; the poems in Facets are a night lover's ode to the elements of the dark, and those in Pursuits, talk about nighttime occurrences and indulgences. Striking a chord with nocturnal (human) beings and selenophiles, the lines herein are assured to evoke emotions of longing. No human, irrespective of their age is deprived of the pleasures (or pains) that the dark hour brings in. The poems, describing moments of what happens after sundown will make the readers romanticize the darkness or have bittersweet moments flash through their minds, helping them relive and reminisce long forgotten or buried memories.


This is the first time that I am reviewing a poetry book and must say I have been enlightened to know the different forms of poetry that exists. As you all know poetry has been around longer than the written words, using rhyme schemes and rhythms makes it easier for a reader to remember. Different types of poetry will have different auditory moods and rhythms, which contributes to the overall emotional effect. And in this book by using different forms be it Haik, Abstract, Tanka, Nonet, Gogyohka, has not just added variety but has also established mood. image and meaning to the text. Manali has done a brilliant job by evoking varied emotions. While reading you will realize that the poet is challenging herself to use words in new and exciting ways. The book is divided into two parts Facets and Pursuits. As mentioned by the poet in Facets, the poems are more lyrical in nature that describes facet of darkness while in Pursuits, the poems are all about night time affairs. The poets is trying to make readers feel nostalgic and adore the beauty that night holds.


A good poem is something you might remember, but a great poem can make you feel the emotions it wants to share and that exactly what Manali's writing has done. It has not only evoked the emotions but also made it relatable by using metaphors and similes. I am personally found of poem that has rhythm to it and some of her poem felt as if I am singing a song and that made it captivating.


Format: Kindle edition INR 0 Kindle unlimited or INR 99 to buy

Pages: 84


Reading Age: 12-18 years

Availability: Amazon

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Tuesday, August 8, 2023

The Yoga Sutras For Children by Roopa Pai - Book Review

Name of the book: The Yoga Sutras For Children 

Author of the book: Roopa Pai

Genre: Self-Help


  • Roopa Pai, a Bengaluru-based writer, columnist and speaker, is one of India’s best-known children’s authors. Many of her books are bestsellers, enjoyed as much by adults as by children. Among them is the award-winning, much-translated The Gita for Children, listed by Amazon India as one of ‘100 Indian books to read in a lifetime’. Her TEDx talk 'Decoding the Gita: India's Book of Answers' has received over 2 million views to date. When she isn't writing, Roopa leads heritage walks around het city with BangaloreWalks, a company she co-founded.


Sayan Mukherjee is a multidisciplinary illustrator and passionate storyteller from Kolkata. His work includes paintings, book covers, animated frames and children's picture books drawn using various mediums. Sayan is also a muralist and has created expensive feature-scapes across India. 


  • 'Train up a child in the way he should go- but be sure you go that way yourself'.- Charles Spurgeon

Parents today are very concerned about raising a child with good values, kids who will be forces for good in the world. There are various ways to teach children to respect others and do good. But one of the most effective yet simple way is through books. In the book The Yoga Sutras the author stresses on the importance of yoga for children as it helps in developing skills that will help them through adolescence and later in life. Yoga can help kids learn how to manage stress or anxiety, in addition to general emotional regulation. Author's aim is to connect yoga practice with the day today life of children allowing them to use the power of their mind to tap their true potential.

The Yoga Sutras shares 10 secret of enlightenment by offering us guidelines for living a meaningful and purposeful life. The secret of being in present, the secret of being successful, how to be more calmer and clearer when it comes to our life and many more secrets that can make our life worth living for. The goal is , how to practice detachment. Author has come up with beautiful conversation between Maharishi P and a common man describing the importance of yoga and how yoga helps in waken and harness the explosive power of our minds, through our action, our attitude and our awareness.

When you think about Yoga, the first thing that comes to our mind is asanas, but to your surprise this book is not about that. The author has unwind the secret of Patanjali's 2000 year old text in a simple and engageable way, that will hold your attention till the end.

Just knowing what to do won't help, what helps is how to do. Therefore the author has come up with 9 powerful practices that will show us the way to enlightenment. Make a plan, stick to it, have patience, no excuses, know you goal , all these are explained well with  practical examples. 

The author has brought comparison between different religions and faith and by mentioning the similarities that they have , has made this book more  comprehensive and acceptable.


I believe in fun with learning and this book exactly does the same. Author has shared abundance of knowledge with a bit of humor which kept the pace of the book moving. The pronunciation guide at the end of the book has made the reading more effective. The best part of the book are the illustrations, as they offer contextual cues and will help the readers in this case children, to read between the lines that will makes them interested even if the content is little heavy on them. The reckoner towards the end of the book will allow the reader in better understanding of the concept.

I enjoyed reading and will recommend this for all the age group not just the children. 


Book format: Paperback/Kindle edition
Price: INR 292/ INR  260.19
Publisher: Hachette Book Publishing India Pvt Ltd
Availability: Amazon

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Flawed- A grumpy sunshine age gap romance by Shilpa Suraj (In Disgrace Book 1) - Book Review


Name of the Book: Flawed- A grumpy sunshine age gap romance

Author of the Book: Shilpa Suraj

Genre: Romance


A published author with Harlequin India- Mills &Boon India collection and juggernaut, Shilpa Suraj's books have hit both the Hot New Releases and Bestseller lists on Amazon. Her next novel, tentatively 'Wrong' has been contracted by Rupa publications and will release later this year. She is also part of the Flipped Anthology by HarperCollins and had an audiobook book Insta Reddy release with Storytel. She is, amongst other things, currently working on 'Fazzled and Fabulous', a humorous, true-to-life parenting story that is part memoir and part nonfiction. An avid reader with a passion for creative writing and storytelling saw her participating in writing competitions at school and dabbling in copy writing for an ad agency as a teenager. Twenty years in a corporate space, including a stint in Corporate Communications for Google, India, and a spell at entrepreneurship all hold her in good stead for her multiple current roles of author, mother and head of Human resources & Publications at an architecture and interiors design firm.


Love doesn't need to be perfect; it just needs to be true. Nice thought, isn't it? Stephen Hawking rightly said that one of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect, perfection simply doesn't exist, without imperfection neither you nor I would exist. 

This is a story about two people who are bound to be together as we say opposite attracts. In the book Flawed, the author has described her male protagonist Aditya as someone who is supposedly perfect, a dutiful son, ambitious and go-getter employee, trustworthy friend and an ideal husband material. On the other hand female protagonist Vaani is called as flawed who is a narcissistic, unattached when it come to her family, confused and over ambitious. 

Aditya Khamankar was a chartered accountant works with Vaani's father as a partner. All he wanted was a simple and uncomplicated life but life has its own plans. There comes the entry of flamboyant reality television villain and tabloid fodder, Vaani Jaishankar who left her family to live for the arc lights. But due to certain circumstances she returns to her family and there meets the eye. Both of them have their own struggles and problems to solve. Their witty banter and sweet and steamy romance making this book an extremely engaging one. 

It is for you to see how their path meets and where their destiny takes.


Overall, I really enjoyed this book! The angst made my heart hurt, the problems and struggles added the emotional heft I wanted and the romance made my heart warm. It made me feel varied emotions as all the characters seemed quite real. I mean, who doesn't love an uptight hero who has to unbend for a chaotic heroine? The age gap between them made it even more interesting. It made me feel as if I am reading an adult version of Mills and Boon. I can't wait to read her all the work. Consider me a fan.


Book Format: Kindle edition

Price: INR 199


Availability: Amazon

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