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Beauty Queen - The Pathway To Pageantry by Anvita Sudarshan - Book Review


Book Name : Beauty Queen - The Pathway To Pageantry

Author: Anvita Sudarshan

Genre: Non-fiction/ Self Help


Anvita Sudarshan is a writer and filmmaker, who spent her early days in pageantry and modelling. She won the ‘Miss India Kuwait’ title in 2011 and was the first runner-up of Miss India Worldwide 2012, besides being a finalist in ‘I Am She: Miss India Universe 2011’ and ‘Femina Miss India South 2010’. She served as a judge for ‘Miss India New York 2013’ and ‘Miss India USA 2013’. She has also modelled extensively in the Mumbai fashion industry. Anvita hopes to build an institutional framework for pageantry in India, especially for the aspirants to pursue a systematic path. Beauty Queen is an important milestone in that direction.


Beauty Queen: The Pathway to Pageantry can be considered as "one stop solution" for winning beauty pageants. This book gives a complete picture of ways and means to understand how to prepare yourself for a pageantry be it, body grooming, nutrition, wardrobe management, catwalk, interview and judge's perspective. As Anita Sudarshan belongs to this industry all the information given has been attached with lot of credibility. This book is one of its kind and presents pageantry as a unique composition of art, science and grace in equal proportions. This book claims not just to be written for aspiring beauty queens but also for every individual who wants to look and feel beautiful and healthy. 

According to Anvita the  secret for winning a pageant is modesty, confidence and hard work. It is a complete guide for all the beauty queen aspirants or someone who is looking for a career in fashion industry. Pageantry provides you a platform, if you use it right it can help you achieve your dreams.

The author delves deeper into the pageantry origin. It takes testimony from the ancient Greek mythological tales, The Paris judgement, which resulted in Trojan War because of beauty pageantry and move on to take cognizance of the modern day fashion world. This book talks about never heard  parameters like Golden Ratio, Marquartd Mask of beauty, waist to hip ratio which are must have, in order to reach perfection in terms of beauty. Beside this author has mentioned about different external body features like hair, skin, teeth, nails, nutrition and health that one needs to work upon in detail by doing an in depth analysis of each. Author has also touched upon aspects which helps to create an impact at the time of pageantry like, catwalk, interview and impressive wardrobe.


No doubt this book can be considered as an encyclopedia for becoming a beauty queen. It looks like intense research have gone into collecting valuable information which will not just add credibility to the book but will lead to a quick acceptance from the people. I enjoyed reading the evolution of beauty industry from not so structured and organized one to be highly professional and much in order. Being an Image Consultant myself I  could relate to this book at personal level. This book will show the path to all the aspiring beauty queens towards spotlight. Author has left no stone unturned and covered almost all the aspects of beauty which is required for prepping up and shine on the "The Day".

Book Details

Format : Paperback / Kindle edition

Price : 580 INR/ 299 INR

Pages: 316

Availability : Amazon

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Written In The Stars by Divya Anand - Book Review

Book Name: Written in the Stars

Author: Divya Anand

Genre: Romantic Comedy Fiction


Divya is a product manager who writes product specifications during her day and is an author by night. She gets her best creative ideas when she is hanging upside down doing anti-gravity yoga or doodling. In 2019, she won a Gourmand World Cookbook Award for her first book, Dare Eat That. She is also the author of a children's picture book, I Hate My Curly Hair. She lives in Bangalore with her husband, Vivek.


Written in the stars is a Romantic Comedy about whether life and love are shaped by your choices or are written in the stars. Sitara the protagonist works for a start-up and almost living on a edge to prove her worth for a promotion. And how she uses the marketing head Abhimanyu Singh's obsession with astrology to her advantage and later falls in love with him. Sitara must now choose what she really wants, a promotion or true love. The story revolves about Sitara's professional and personal life and how she balances the two. The book gives a real feel of corporate culture, over ambitious people, politics, love, hatred, deadlines everything you can think off. 


Written in the stars is a light-hearted, humorous book.  Sitara the protagonist and her love interest Abhimanyu in the story are the most lovable and memorable characters which connects with the readers instantly. Both the characters are so adorable that as a kid, I immediately rooted for these two crazy kids to get together. 

I totally admire the author's sense of humour. In many places you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing out loud. There are some moments which might not be too intense in terms of love, but you do feel weak in your knees. 

This book has dealt with every emotion and relationship so beautifully that despite having some grey shades in few of the characters, you still find them likable. 

I personally felt connected to this book on many levels.  Firstly, Sitara shares the same designation as of my better half in his early career and second residing in the same city as her, I literally sense that I am part of the story on many occasions and felt everything extremely relatable. And lastly, I always look for a positive ending and this book has given me the one. With a proper closure and happy ending this book has won my heart.

I strongly recommend this book as it is enjoyable, humorous and a fun read. 


Book Format : Paperback/Kindle Version

Price ; 225 INR / 188.33 INR

Pages : 288

Availability : Amazon



Monday, September 13, 2021

Me and My Angels #UMeU

You bring fresh air in my life,

the air that I breath.

You fill my heart with love, 

the reason my heart beats.

You make me feel proud,

the achievements which you endowed.

You bring a ray of hope,

the hope that make this world a better place to lodge

You are love of my life, 

the love that makes me alive

You are the strength in my life, 

the strength that makes me shine. 

You are the dream of my life,

the dream that I see from my open eyes.

You are me and that's why now we are "WE"

But I know the day will come when you will wave me goodbye,

to have life of your own.

But I will always feel your presence in my heart,

as you were with me from the start.

Looking at your precious face,

I pray your life be touched with grace.

I thank angels from above and promise you unending "LOVE"

To LOVE of my life, my most precious gifts by god.

Love you angels


This poem is dedicated to my beautiful daughters.. I cannot imagine my life without them! Love them to Moon and back.

@Swati Mathur 

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Faith and the Beloved by Kochery C Shibu Genre - Book Review

Book Name : Faith and the Beloved

Author :  Kochery C Shibu

Genre : Crime Fiction


Kochery C Shibu , the best selling and award winning author of 'Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar', graduated from the prestigious National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, in 1981. He has served in the Indian Navy and commanded two warships. Post his retirement, he has executed hydroelectric projects in the Cauvery River basin in Sikkim. 'Faith and the Beloved' is his second book. 


A ferociously entertaining, sharply amusing, hard-hitting wow of a read. Faith and the Beloved is a story about love, lust, faith, thrill, mystery, crime and much more. You name it and it has it. The book revolves around three main characters Naithy Cherokil, is a rich and successful businesswomen who marries a model Tony D'souza who is much younger than her after the death of her husband Jiza in Mumbai terror attack. Alice Cherokil, an eighteen- year-old computer geek, daughter of Naithy, whose life falls apart when her mother met with an accident and slipped into coma. Alice is on run to solve web of mysteries and must outplay underworld to save her mother's life. And Prem Rolland, a Kalari exponent whose life revolves around his brother Arun. Things becomes bad when police kill Arun under mysterious circumstances. Things go awry when Prem get trapped while finding his brother's killers. This book talks about how the lives of these three main characters cross each other and how they retain their faith and protect their loved ones even by putting their own life in danger. Many of the characters in the book are inspired from those whom author has encountered during his extensive travels and probably that's the reason they look very relatable.


This book is full of masala and have strong potential to be made into a Bollywood blockbuster. In fact, as this book is hugely entertaining and thrilling you might actually feel as though a blockbuster film is playing out in front for you, This book encompasses underworld, LTTE, ISISI, demonetization, terror attack and what not. First three chapters might confuse you as all the chapters are named after different characters in the book. So, you might wonder are these different stories but once you enter the fourth chapter your excitement will reach peek and you will start connecting the dots. It is a smart, fast-moving and riveting crime thriller. Make sure you set aside plenty of reading time as I didn't want to put this book down. 

Book Format / Price : Paperback : 117 INR / Kindle Edition : 171 INR

Pages: 265

Availability : Amazon

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