Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Cricket-The first Love

India is a Nation where Cricket is like a Temple and cricketers are like Gods. We can say India=Cricket=Game. Cricket runs through our veins. You cannot avoid cricket in India. Everyone around you is playing. Words won't be enough to describe this Gentleman's game. Its love runs in every Indians blood as oxygen is required by every human being to survive. 

According to me the best thing about this game is that boundaries are required to play this game but creates a feeling of unity in all Indians with different caste, class, race , color,region or sex. People celebrate India's win as if they are celebrating Diwali. Its not just the moment of joy but the pride which every Indian feels in winning the game. It is this thing that brings excitement, joy, pain, happiness to both the players and the spectators. Its unpredictability is what makes this game even more popular. Like any other sports Cricket teaches a good sportsmanship,honesty, discipline and never say die spirit.

Women a Pillar of Strength :Poetry

I am a power of Strength,who can run an endless Length
I am empowering this moments,endorsing myself with certain sort of mystique, 
I deliver an independent will, don't underestimate my physique
I am a care giver, who won't give up the fight,
I remain firm and believe women have equal rights
I am tough,outstanding and beautiful,
 My work can never go unnoticeable
My self confidence comes from who I am deep down,
Who can never hide herself behind a face of a clown
I am not less, I am more,I am a women whose heart is so pure
At the end of everyday, I have one other thing to say,
 I believe in myself, that's why I do things my way!