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Ladies Tailor by Priya Hajela - Book Review


Name of the book : Ladies Tailor 

Author of the book: Priya Hajela

Genre: Fiction


With the partition of India in it's backdrop, the book "Ladies Tailor" talks about refugees who have witnessed and faced dreadful massacres but with their sheer perseverance made it to a better future. It is a story of one such refugee, 'Gurdev' who was a true patriot and believed in making big with fair means. People had to take some tough life decisions during that time that could have changed accepted patterns and relationships for life time. Separated from his family due to differences in ideology forced him to move away from them and migrated to India to build a new family of his own. But to his misfortune he could not hold them for too long. His wife fled away with his kids living him baffled and alone. That's when he engrossed himself in something constructive that could divert his mind from the agony he was going through. The story is full of uncertainties, adventures, suspense and hope that makes this story interesting and gripping and not to forget a bit of romance too.

Very soon 'Gurdev' founds his true passion and got into a clothing business with two of other refugees who shared the same passion. He also met someone special who was not just selfless but aroused certain feeling which he did not experience even when he was married. As they were majorly into "Khadi", an affordable hand woven fabric "Made in India" they realized they need to bring variety and their clothes lack the very important embellishment that can make their outfit stand out. And, the best people who can do this were two orphaned boys who lived in Lahore.

As we all know after partition things were quite tensed between the two countries and to bring these boys back to India could be quite strenuous. They took this challenge, but it is for you to see whether they managed to bring them back and what all they had to go through during this journey. Whether Gurdev will find his true love  and will he be a successful business man ?


Author has mentioned her true inspiration behind this book, her grandparents who were refugees and probably that's why she has beautifully and effortlessly recreated an authentic imagery of the place, food, dress in the 40s and 50s. Religion is quite integral part of this book and if not dealt with care could have been disastrous. But hats off to the author for handling it so intelligently and carefully. This book is full of masala as it has suspense, thriller, romance and adventure, all at the same time. Must read to feel that  adrenaline rush which is missing in today's lives.


Priya Hajela is a fiction writer who lives in Pune with her husband and two dogs. Writing is second career for her,. She graduated with an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College in Vermont in 2017. Prior to taking to writing, Priya got an MBA from Vanderbilt University in 1992 and worked in a variety of telecom and IT organizations in senior marketing and business development roles for twenty-two years.

One of Priya's short stories, 'An Affair', was published in Indian Rumination. A second short story, 'The Tatoo Artist' was published in Live Encounters. A third short story 'daughters' Revenge' recently appeared in Kitaab.


Format: Paperback / Kindle edition

Price: 304 INR/ 127.60

Pages: 304

Publishers: Harpercollins India

Availability: Amazon

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  1. Ladies Tailor seems to be an interesting and poignant tale. The fact that it is set against the backdrop of the partition, makes it special. Would love to read it.

  2. Is there anything else a reader could want? Glad to know that this novel has all the masala fixings: mystery, thriller, romance, and action. Amazing review.

  3. Is there anything else a reader could want? Glad to know that this novel has all the masala fixings: mystery, thriller, romance, and action. Amazing review.

  4. It's always a pleasure to read stories derived from real life incidents. I think this is the kind of book that I would love to read

  5. From my grandparents I have also heard of the struggles they had to face as the refugees. It seems this book has portrayed the situation well. I'd like to read such a thought-provoking fiction with suspence, and thrill.

  6. This is one of those books which leave you wanting more. This book is a definite read based on Indian partition times. It will keep you wishing for more. Read this engrossing book if you want to feel the pain, fear, grit and determination of common man during those challenging times.

  7. I saw this one recently and the cover of that book pushed me to check it out. Now I have its review and it has full masala then I think I will pick it up soon.

  8. I really want to grab this book, seems interesting as you mentioned the backdrop is inspired by her grandparents life during partition. Thanks for the review.

  9. Story with an inspiration from life is always a good read. Reading about the era and the refugee can be emotional read too. Shall add to TBR list.

  10. The title of this book is so intriguing and seems like a fun book, something different and an interesting take on the emotions at times of partition. I shall check if its there on kindle

  11. Books on partition often concentrate on its sad part but it's good to know that this book has elements like hope and love woven into it. Would love to give this a read. Good review.

  12. I really find reading such books soothing as they establish a lot of personal connect. I will surely read this one Swati.

  13. I've seen a lot of positive reviews on this book. Would love to read this especially because it says ladies!!! Thanks Swati !!

  14. I agree religion is a sensitive subject and it is great that author has deal with this nicely. will try to read this book dear. thanks dear for sharing your honest review with us.