Wednesday, October 28, 2020

IT HAPPENED IN BENGALURU - Where a winner resigned to conquer- Book Review

Winning is important , but winning with right spirit, ethics and professionalism is equally important to keep human values alive - ABSUM

Genre : Self Help , Inspirational Fiction

Rating : ✬✬✬✬⋆/✬✬✬✬✬


ABSUM is a Software Professional and an avid traveler. His love for chess prompted him to become a chess coach and trains young kids to be better at a game which he calls “A game that teaches you to be better professional." He is a strong advocate of learning from sports for management and believes that management professionals have much more to learn from sports than any book on management.


It happened in Bengaluru  is an extremely engaging book that delivers an interesting perspective of ever changing IT field. This narrative brings out a very intelligent parallel between the game of chess and skills to succeed in the workplace. The author’s imagination, writing skills is a testimony to the fact that this articulation could be bought out only by a chess genius.

One of the classic lessons from the game of chess and which is my favorite too is well expressed by the author in the following lines

The reason’s of our action should be a wish of future and not a fact from our past.

A piece of work with a lot of insights that leaves the reader enthralled and intrigued analogous comparison of workplace success and the Game of Chess.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

THE DOLPHIN (Story of a Dreamer) - Book Review


#1 International Bestseller - More than 10 Million Copies sold worldwide

Genre : Inspirational Fiction

Rating : ✬✬✬✬⋆/✬✬✬✬✬

Publisher : Penguin

Pages : 63

Let me start with a beautiful Quote by Suzy Kessem - "A heart without dreams is like birds without feathers". This book is a gift to all the dreamers in this World.

This is my First Book review and must say my favorite book ever. And probably this is the reason that I picked it for reviewing. As a kid I have always been a dreamer and I am sure most of you are. But there are times when we are scared to dream, that is because discovering new world will not only bring happiness and wisdom but will also bring lot of insecurities and fear of unknown. But one needs to remember, that you will not be able to reach wisdom without facing your fear and you will never be able to value happiness without knowing what sadness is all about.