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Achieving Meaningful Success- Unleash the Power of me! by Dr Vivek Mansingh - Book Review

Books have a power to transform lives or at least some part of lives. And when it comes to Self-Help books it does transform lives and also enriches life way beyond expectations. The book which I am reviewing today is one such book that will put the reader on a path where they can read, practice the strategies learned, and will be able to make improvements in their lives without having to ask others for help.

Name of the book: Achieving Meaningful Success- Unleash the Power of me!

Author of the book: Dr Vivek Mansingh with Rachna Thakurdas

Genre: Self-Help/ Motivational & Spirituality


The book "Achieving Meaningful Success"- Unleash the Power of me! by Dr Vivek Mansingh is a master piece of mentorship through all phases of life. Author has rightly said life doesn't come with an instruction manual but this book is an amazing instruction manual for life. The author aim is to mentor millions of people through this book. Most of the self help books focuses on achieving goals and to be successful. But this book talks about achieving multidimensional and balanced life goals by accomplishing meaningful success. Author has defined meaningful success as something that is holistic. Focusing only on professional goals and neglecting personal life results in unhappy people. Therefore Andrew Carnegie rightly said "if you want to be happy , set goals that command your thoughts, liberate your energy and inspire your hopes." This books comes as a handy guide which gives step by step instructions to achieve meaningful success.


  • Dr. Mansingh has shared his professional and personal life experiences that makes this book authentic and credible.
  • Quotes are  placed aptly that makes every argument convincing.
  • Towards the end of every chapter author has given key learnings and Guru Mantra that act as a reminder.
  • Every chapter comes with a lesson and each lesson is validated my author's mentee by sharing how Dr. Mansingh's mentorship helped them in achieving their life goals.
  • The book is divided into two parts, the first part focuses on defining the person you aspire to be and second part is about becoming the best version of yourself and worthy enough to realize your aspirations.
  • It gives well defined process that can help in structuring your plan for succeeding both in professional and personal life.
  • The books is intact with anecdotes, insights and tips from famous people who are great achievers.
  • This book encourages Entrepreneurship mindset and have shared ten commandments for budding Entrepreneurs.
  • There are exclusive interviews with famous personalities like Ratan Tata, Narayan Murthy, Kiran Majumdar-Shaw, Jhon Chambers, Dr. Devi Shetty, Rahul Dravid, Sadhguru and many more which is like icing on a cake.


  • Set multidimensional balanced aspirational life goals.
  • Goals should always be written as it keeps you committed and accountable.
  • Set goals which gives you holistic success. Have Career goal, relationship goal, health goal and Spiritual goal (Wheel of goals).
  • Be passionate and always strive for excellence.
  • Challenge yourself to be a better version of yourself by being creative.
  • Dream big by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and have clear vision.
  • Develop leadership skill if you want to move up the ladder faster.
  • Be your own boss. 
  • Everyone should have mentors, role models and inspirers in their lives to become the best version of themself.
  • Read more and more books as it helps us grow mentally, emotionally and psychologically and also keeps us updated.
  • Take ownership of your life as responsibility with accountability if practice with sustainability leads to credibility.
  • Read the book with utmost attention. Do not skip anything.
  • Define the person you aspire to be.
  • While reading each chapter place yourself at the centre and ponder on how it applies to you.
  • Define your wheel of goals.
  • Start working on your goal with passion.
  • Review your progress.

Dr Mansingh is a mentor par excellence and is in pursuit of "Mentoring A Million". He is a global leader, entrepreneur, author, technology visionary, innovator, international speaker and philanthropist. His mentoring strategies have helped thousands of people around the world. He had the privilege of working with David Packard, Bill Hewlett, Steve Jobs, Michael Dell and John Chambers. He is currently a GP at YourNest VC Fund and sits on the board of several global organizations. Previously, he served as president, Cisco & Dell R&D; MD, Ishoni Networks (acquired by Philips) and Portal Software (acquired by Oracle). Before returning to India, he held management positions at HP and Fujitsu in Silicon Valley. He was also the founder of ATTI (Aavid) in the US. He is a Gold Medallist from NIT Allahabad, PhD from Queen's University, Canada, and EMBA at Stanford University. He has six US patents, and vital contributions to two technology books. He is listed in the National Who's Who of USA, received Chanakya Leadership Award, and IT Man of the Year 2016 from Enterprise Connect, USA.


As the ideas shared in this book come from the real-life experience of the author it makes it trustworthy. If you are ambitious and want to make a mark in your professional and personal life, you should read this book. As everyone dream to see their best version.


Format: Paperback/Kindle Edition

Price: 317/301.15 INR

Pages: 320

Availability : Amazon

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