Monday, September 28, 2020

Breathe - Into the Shadow - Web Series Review

 There is nothing called as Coincidence, There is always reason for something!

Cast : Abhishek bachan, Amit Sadh, Nithya Menen, Hrishikesh Joshi, Srikant Verma, PlabitaBorthakur, Saiyami Kher

Director : Mayank Sharma

Streaming On : Amazon Prime Video

Genre: Drama and Thriller

Rating : ✬✬

Story Line :

Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachna) , a psychiatrist happily lives with his wife Nitya Menen (Abha), chef and their 6 year old daughter until, an unfortunate event turned their life upside down. Their daughter Siya gets kidnapped from middle of a birthday party, who was also a juvenile diabetic patient and needs insulin injections four times a day. Almost 9 months passed by and they couldn’t find their daughter but one find day a kidnapper send one puzzled message , asking the couple to execute some killings to save their daughter. As couple had no other choice, they accepted his demands. Each episode revels the reason behind the murder mystery and backstories and relationship of each killing with the mythological character” Ravana”.There are lots of twist and turns in the story, some makes sense and some not. When the identity of the killer gets revealed you do feel astound but the reasoning behind it again makes you feel baffled. On the other hand , you will see a parallel story of Amit Sadh(Kabir), the Police Inspector and how he get involved  in a  search of a serial killer.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Experience of a Life Time!

 I have read it some where that - Travel makes one Modest , You see what a tiny place you occupy in the World! How true and thought provoking. Don't you think so?

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One thing I have realized over a period of time that the kind of happiness, an experience can bring on to the table, no materialist thing can ever bring. And I truly believe that focus should never be on destination but the experience you gain throughout the journey is what matters the most.

Today I want to share my happiness with the world by sharing my most memorable Travel 😊

This was in the year 2016 when Times Group came up with their first ever overnight TSD rally (Bengaluru to Goa) for women with a noble cause of Breast Cancer awareness. I wasn't sure of being a part of this but my better half kind of pushed me into it and I can't thank him enough for doing that. I have made some beautiful memories along the journey. 

Now let me welcome you to the world of reliability rallying also commonly known as TSD (Time Speed Distance) rallying. The word rallying brings about images of incredibly fast driven machines but within rallying there is a class that is not about speed alone and to be frank that was the reason I was part of it. Leaving two kids behind and going for a rally was not that easy a choice. But with family support anything is possible.

This picture belongs to and reuse is strictly not permitted