Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind by Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson - Book Review

Name Of The Book: Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind

Author: Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson

Genre: Self Help 

Recently I have come across this beautiful book "Success Vitamins for a Positive Mind" by Dr. Napoleon Hill. This book has over 700 success proverbs which is ideal for all those people who aspires to become successful in this complicated world. This book has proved to be my positive mantra during this pandemic and helped me in achieving things which otherwise looked impossible.


Success Vitamin is like a daily dose of insight in how to be a achiever in this fast growing world. This book has a power to conditioned your mind for positive outcome. It can contribute in healing person's financial, mental, physical, spiritual, social and emotional state, not just for a day but for a life time. The book assist in directing your thoughts towards positive outcome  and that leads to positive behavior. These short saying are sometimes called as auto-suggestions or self-hypnosis, but regardless of the name the result is that, when read or repeated out loud with enthusiasm they can actually modify your behaviour. These success vitamins can act as a missing ingredient that can lead to success. Each saying is a "truism", some which must have forgotten over a period of time, overlooked or covered up for the sake of convenience. So when you will read them you might feel, you already know it but at the same time you will detect the eternal wisdom of the saying.


These proverbs are based on the experience of the outstanding leaders who have been responsible for the development of human kind.

They have been proved sound and practical because they have worked successfully for those who tried.

These proverbs helps the reader in enriching their mind, spirit and body.

This book helps in bringing harmony in human relationships by condition human mind to get along with others in a spirit of friendliness.

It's purpose is to aid men and women in the development of a personal philosophy of life that will bring them economic security and peace of mind in proportion to their desire and talents.


I feel when you use what you have learned actively in your everyday life, you will not lose the lesson but internalize it. This book is effusing with positivity and reminding us that if we pay attention to these tidbits of wisdom aptly called "Success Vitamin" we will fortify our mind, body and spirit in beneficial ways. So if you are looking for positivity in life and wants to take inspiration to do better in life this book is an apt read.


Though it is extremely difficult to choose but here are some proverbs which stood out for me

"Every time you perform any task, try to excel your last  performance and very soon you will excel those around you"

"Nature yield her most profound secrets to the man who is determined to uncover them"

"There is no such realities as good or bad luck. Everything has a cause that produces appropriate effects"

"Remember that the mind grows strong through use. Struggle makes power"

"Take possession of your own mind and you may soon make life pay off on your terms"

"Eloquence of words never embellishes prayers, but sincerity of purpose and faith do"


Napoleon Hill began his writing career at age 13 as a "mountain reporter" for small-town newspaper and went on to become America's most loved motivational author. His work stands as a monument of individual achievement and is the cornerstone of modern motivation. His book, Think and Grow Rich, is one of the biggest bestseller of all time.

Judith A Williamson is an international speaker, author, and Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center. She is working on disseminating Dr. napoleon Hill's materials worldwide through her writing, workshops and seminars.


Pages: 104

Format: Paperback/Kindle edition

Price: 152 INR / 144 INR

Publisher: HarperCollins

Availability : Amazon

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    of salt.We have to choose what is good for us ass everyone has their own special needs

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