Thursday, July 30, 2020

Alexa and Katie - Web Series Review

"Real Friendships are difficult to find, so if you have one, treasure it". 


Alexa and Katie is a story about true friendship who stayed with each other in thick and thin. It makes you believe that friends are forever. Both the characters makes you fall in love with them because of their innocence and compassion.

Creator: Heather Wordham
Genre : Sitcom
Platform: Netflix
Language: English
Part : 4
Rating : ✮✮✮✮✰


Paris Berelc, Isabel May, Tiffini Thiessen, Eddie Shin, Emery Kelly, Finn Carr, Jolie Jenkins 


The story is about two best friends Alexa(Paris Berelc) an ambitious basketball player battling cancer and strive to live a normal life which sometimes makes her rebellious  and Katie(Isabel May) who loves to do theater, is quirky and awkward. She constantly support Alexa's impulsive decisions due to her illness. Katie's mother Jennifer is a single mother studying to finish college while working. Both their families are very close and help each other in the hour of need. Alexa has a caring older brother Lucas aspire to be a doctor after seeing her sister's condition. Alexa and Lucas father is an airline pilot and mother Lori is a chef both are quite competitive in nature. Lori is quite protective especially when she got to know about Alexa's cancer. Katie's younger brother has an avid love for video games and candies.

This sitcom is definitely giving other web series a tough competition. As with lots of fun and excitement it is also giving some big time friendship goals. 

 "Friendship Goals" Scenes from Alexa and Katie