Saturday, June 26, 2021

This Is Not You! - Poetry

Every thing looks normal.....The day begin and the day ends,

The chores begin and the chores ends,

But there is something which feels hollow.

You accept your fate and learn to deal with it!

You even gain expertise in dealing with torment,

So much so that not even your inner soul feels it,

How do you do that?

Is it you or you pretend to be one!

Don't make things difficult for yourself.

Are you doing this so that everything should remain the way it is,

Or you are scared to deal with the consequences,

Or is it your fear of inadequacy

Where did that confidence go?

Has it vanished as you don't recognize yourself anymore?

Who are you? Sorry! I don't recognize you.

One who used to be ready to stand against any wrong doing. 

One who had an opinion on anything and everything,

One who was not worried about being judged.

Who is this changed person?

I don't want to acknowledge you. 

You make me feel weak, You make me feel unwanted.

Don't traumatized yourself so much so that you stop feeling the pain.

Love yourself, embrace yourself,

Don't let this pain become your life long strain.

@Swati Mathur

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  1. What a lovely thought. Sometimes we have to hit walls before we realize we can find other ways to climb it.

  2. Sometimes, we face such moments when we dint recognize ourselves. We find a misconnection between our true self and our present self but thats the time when we have to gather ourselves, gather the pieces of the puzzle and put them together.

  3. I can feel every words and yes, we need to realize what we were and what we are. This is such a perfectly written poetry!!

  4. Those are soothing words, Swati. I hope this is just a temporary phase for whoever is going through it. As you rightly titled it, 'This is not You'.

  5. Wow you write poetry too, it is really impressive. yes we all go through difficult phases in our life, many times but as you said rightly it is important to love and embrace yourself and keep moving in journey ahead.

  6. Loved the poetry so beautifully written nothing is permanent every phase has an end...

  7. How true that at times the masks that we wear makes us unrecognizable to our own selves.

  8. Beautiful poem Swati on finding oneself again. Loved the message.

  9. Sometimes we change without even realising it and after many years notice how much we are not who we once were. At times its a good thing but at times it is painful. Nicely brought out in this poem.

  10. This realisation is so vital buddy, I absolutely loved the weave and want to admit have been through these thoughts.

  11. Wow, you have written it's so beautifully. And I agree we need to love ourselves first, let's move on in life by wearing a smile. One need we need to make us understand nothing is permanent. Good times do come :))

  12. We tend to behave differently from what we are and it's ok. However, we must keep reminding ourselves what we're made of. Lovely poem, Swati!

  13. Beautifully penned poem Swati. That's so true; sometimes we encountered the moment and become something that we never use to be. To find out our real fearless version is the life about.

  14. This is a very poignant and touching poem. It is true that sometimes we shut ourselves to pain and build a mechanical wall around ourselves, where nothing touches us.

  15. Beautiful lines, Swati. The challenge of polishing ourselves is so high, that people run out of real happiness. It is okay to accept your flaws, and live with progress.

  16. Such a beautiful poem. Difficult phases are a part of our lives and we learn a lot through those. Everything passes

  17. Over a period of time in this journey called life we tend to step aside at times from our path and dont remain the same person. I love each word of yours. We need to stay stronger and confident in life and not let certain things change us.

  18. Oh such an inspiring poem These days due to lockdown I am feeling this emptiness or hollowness but your poem did motivate me to overcome those sad feelings.

  19. "Don't let this pain become your life long strain" - how beautiful is this! Some really beautiful words. Loved the message.

  20. These are soothing words, I love this beautiful poem by you Swati . Each phase has an end for sure, nothing is permanent