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Cinco of Shrav vs Sana by Suhasini (Stroies with Morals)- Book Review

NAME OF THE BOOK : Shrav vs Sana

AUTHOR : Suhasini

GENRE : Kids Fiction

Stories with moral impart most important life lessons to a child, which forms a strong foundation for them to deal and respond to different life situations. Research also shows that young children learn moral reasoning through what they have been told and as they grow, they would be in a position to decide the right and wrong.

I am really excited to review this book as I am actually sharing the review done by my daughter who thoroughly enjoyed reading it and incorporated most of the learnings from this book in her life. Wow! Isn't it amazing? I would like to congratulate Suhasini who is the author for this book , for imparting some very important life lessons through her short stories.


Suhasini is a trained Kids Life Coach and a Mental Health Blogger. She blogs about her parenting approach, her discoveries on kids mental health and the books she read.


Cinco of Shrav vs Sana is a compilation of five (cinco means 5 in Spanish)  short stories . Shrav and Sana who are the main characters meet each other during their summer break. Shrav is smart and talented while Sana is witty and funny. In spite of having contrasting personalities they still learn some very important life lessons from each other with ease. Friendship has the power of influencing. As kids they have many things common that makes them more comfortable in each others company. That results in better learning. 

Each story starts with the fight between Shrav and Sana due to their distinct temperament and ends up in a cognizance. It is a fun read, especially the conversation between both the kids. Each time any one of them gets into discomfort or panic mode the other one very tactfully finds the solution. You might feel nostalgic reading this as each one of us can relate to their fights as siblings or as friends.


  • Anxiety Box sounds interesting and it seriously works. If something is bothering you and you cannot keep your mind away from it the best way is to write it down that can keep your mind uncluttered and throwing it away can actually helps you to get rid of it.
  • Over confidence can lead to arrogance, as there is a very thin line between being confident and being over confident, so be mindful.
  • Never run away from problems, face it. Life is unpredictable, if something goes wrong, be resilient.
  • Prioritize your task, maintain a to - do list. Their is a saying, eat the dirtiest frog first. People procrastinate while they find something uncomfortable but remember you can get away only for time being but further delaying can make things really nasty.
  • Live life to the fullest. Live in present, as past is gone and no one knows what is stored in future.
  • No body is perfect, so never hesitate to ask for a help.


My daughter and I both loved it as we could connect with these stories at personal level. Mother generally shares a very special relationship with her kids. Whenever she sees her kids in dilemma, she jumps in with her "gyan" with some real time examples for their better understanding. Same scenario can be witnessed in these stories. Language and narration in the book is simple and age appropriate. 

So, if your want to impart some vital life lessons in your kids life and looking for a fun read,  do grab your copy. 


Format : E-Book

Pages : 27

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Shrav vs Sana by Suhasini

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  1. A wonderful review. It is indeed a very well written and exceptional book. It is a must have in the library.
    Deepika Sharma

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