Monday, December 21, 2020

Trivia Olivia Special Days - Book Review

Author : Lisa Thompson

Rating : ✬✬✬✬⋆/✬✬✬✬✬

Characters : Olivia, Tom and Mr. Mullins

Children's General fiction


This book is about cute , enthusiastic and  fun loving girl Olivia who is a fact freak.  She loves to collect facts about anything and everything and that's the reason her best friend Tom named her "Trivia Olivia". She knows that grasshopper can jump 20 times their own length and each raindrop makes it's own rainbow. When she is not collecting facts, she is having fun.  

These are series of books. And this particular book talks about Olivia's obsession with special days. She wants everyday to be special day,  just like her birthday. 


Olivia loves to celebrate her birthday as any other kid. As a fact freak she has collected facts about her birthday for example things like star sign,  birth stone,  birth flower,  and so on.  Her favorite special day is her birthday and second comes her best friend Tom's birthday. 

She has been waiting to celebrate her birthday but after checking her calendar she found it was ages until her birthday and it was even longer to Tom's birthday.  But she wanted a special day to be celebrated NOW. 

That's when she remembered , she read it somewhere about fun and weird special days,and decides to create her own special day.  After listing down few ideas she zeroed it down on five special days. Each day of a week she has celebrated as different special day. Tom and Mr. Mullin were the once who has to deal with Olivia's tomfoolery.

How she celebrated  each day with lot of fun, frolic and craziness is for you to read. 


  • Kids will love it as they can very well relate to the characters.
  • Quiz at the end of the book makes it even more interesting.
  • Again Glossary at the end of the story makes it easier for the kids to know the meaning of difficult words and improves their vocabulary.
  • Just 48 pages with big font and images makes it a pleasure reading.
  • This book talks about various facts which kids will enjoy and improves their knowledge.

Book Information:

Reading level : 6 - 12 years

Paper back : INR 200 (Available on Amazon)

Pages - 48



  1. Special days! as a kid I would also fantasize about perfect days.Sounds like a great addition to my grandsons library.

  2. Oh you've said the right word for me to get this book. Quiz. My daughter loves to be quizzed because she loves to be correct. Hehe.

  3. I loved the book. Thanks for the recommendations. My son will love it too.

  4. My little one is an avid reader and recently she was looking for more book options to read. this book sounds just perfect, will surly check this in her school library. thanks a dear for always sharing good recommendations and honest review.

  5. Books should be best friends to kids. As you said kids should relate to the different characters. This book is a perfect one to urge the kids to read. Loved how it has turned out. Your review intrigues me more to grab the book.

  6. My kids are still toddlers but this seems like an interesting read. Kids love birthdays and i am sure this book will turn out to ve highly relatable.

  7. My daughter loves reading books and this seems really great option to get thanks for sharing this with us

  8. My daughter would love to read this as she too loves special days and will keep on asking evry few days, what is today... is it someone's bday... and I am like no.... it's no ones bday... you have to wait for some more months. Hahaha. I will check out the book on Amazon and get it for her.

  9. When you said that kids can relate to the characters, it is the time I am sold. I would get this for my nephew. He will surely love reading it and add words to his glossary.

  10. This books looks perfect for all enthusiastic kids who like to explore the world with Olivia. And the activity sheets are bonus for kids to look forward in the book.