Monday, April 29, 2024

"From Selfishness to Selflessness: A Journey Within"


In a facade devoid of care, Where falsehoods weave a tangled snare,

Cloaked in virtue, a saintly guise, Concealing motives under heavenly skies,

Crushing dreams with ruthless might, Stripping innocence out of sight,

Emotionless, devoid of grace, Pursuing self-gain in every space.

From exploitation's seed we start, Yet empowerment can mend the heart,

Where green revolutions bloom and thrive, Healing wounds to keep hope alive,

From jealousy's grasp, inspiration's born, Lighting paths where envy's torn,

Fear fades as adventure calls, Breaking chains in daring falls,

From hatred's grip, forgiveness gleams, Illuminating the path to peaceful streams,

Anger dissipates, tolerance prevails, Bridging gaps where understanding sails.

Compassion, not merely a feeling's flight, But a divine spark igniting in the night,

A silent hand that offers aid, Putting aside one's own desires laid,

More than sympathy's shallow tear, It's being present, ever near,

Generosity in silent grace, Shunning spotlight's selfish chase,

Today, let's embrace this noble art, Extending hope, and healing every heart,

For in compassion's gentle embrace, We find redemption, a sacred space.

Friday, March 29, 2024

"Shadows of the Soul" - Poetry

In the echoes of mundane days, hollow whispers sway,
Chores start and end, in an endless ballet,
Yet within, a void lingers, a silent plea,
Acceptance masks torment, a facade for all to see.

How do I bear this weight, this silent storm?
Expertise in agony, a skill to conform,
Yet within, my soul shivers, untouched by ease,
A masquerade of strength, a dance with unease.

Am I the puppeteer, or the puppet in this game?
Do I cling to stagnation, or fear the change?
In the depths of doubt, where confidence once shone,
A stranger in the mirror, a ghost of the one.

Where did I lose my voice, my unyielding stand?
Opinions now silenced, by fear's trembling hand,
Once unafraid of judgment, now caged in doubt,
A shadow of the past, a whisper's soft shout.

I do not know this altered face, this fractured soul,
Unwanted, unwelcome, a part that's lost control,
But I refuse to drown, in this sea of pain,
To let the ache consume, and my spirit wane.

Love must find its voice, in the depths of night,
Embrace the broken pieces, and reclaim the light,
For pain should not define, nor hold eternal reign,
In the heart's tender dance, let healing remain.

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Thursday, March 21, 2024

"IF I HAVE TO BE A SOLDIER" by Nikhil J. Alva - Book Review

Name of the book: If I Have to Be a Soldier

Author of the book: Nikhil J. Alva

Genre of the book: Literary & Contemporary Fiction


"If I Have to Be a Soldier" by Nikhil Alava presents a poignant exploration of friendship, loyalty, and the grim realities of war. Set against the backdrop of the 1966 Mizo rebellion, Alava weaves a gripping narrative that delves deep into the complexities of human nature when confronted with moral dilemmas and the harsh consequences of choices made in times of conflict.

The story follows Indian Army Captain Samuel Rego, who finds himself entangled in a web of conflicting loyalties when he discovers that one of the most feared rebel commanders, known as 'Che,' is none other than his childhood friend from the Mara tribe. As Samuel grapples with his duty to his country and the bonds of friendship, he is forced to confront the brutal realities of war and the personal sacrifices it demands.

Alava skilfully portrays the emotional turmoil experienced by Samuel and Che as they navigate the treacherous terrain of the Mizo Hills while being pursued as fugitives. Through vivid descriptions and powerful imagery, the author vividly captures the tension and danger of their journey, immersing the reader in the harrowing struggles faced by both characters.

What sets "If I Have to Be a Soldier" apart is its exploration of the deeper themes of identity, redemption, and the enduring power of love amidst the chaos of war. As Samuel and Che confront their past and the choices that led them down divergent paths, the novel poses thought-provoking questions about morality and the human capacity for forgiveness. In the backdrop, their also exists a love story that is likely one of the reasons for the drifting apart of these two friends due to confusion and misunderstanding.


"If I Have to Be a Soldier" is a gripping and emotionally resonant novel that transcends the confines of its wartime setting to explore timeless themes of friendship, sacrifice, and the search for redemption. Nikhil Alava's masterful storytelling and compelling characters make this book a must-read for anyone interested in the human experience in times of conflict. Alava's prose is both lyrical and evocative, drawing readers into a world of turmoil and uncertainty, where the line between friend and foe blurs and allegiances are tested. The author's meticulous research into the historical context of the Mizo rebellion adds depth and authenticity to the narrative, offering readers a glimpse into a little-known chapter of India's past.


Nikhil j. Alva is an award-winning producer-director and writer. His work has been screened on major broadcast networks and platforms all over the world. Nikhil earned a BA (Hons) in Mathematics from St. Stephen's College and later MBA from the London Business School. He is a serial entrepreneur, a climate change warrior, a communications and social media maven, a national shooting champion, a pianist and an avid golfer. He is a rebel without a pause, a chronic supporter of underdog causes, and lovers the challenges of trudging off the beaten path. This is his first novel.


Format: Paperback/ Kindle Edition

Price: 324 INR/ 171.09 INR

Publisher: HarperCollins India

Pages: 336

Availability: Amazon

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Wednesday, February 21, 2024


Name Of The Book: The Silent Patient

Author Of the Book: Alex Michaelides

Genre: Phycological Thriller


"The Silent Patient" by Alex Michaelides is a gripping psychological thriller that delves into the depths of silence and the mysteries it holds. With a captivating opening line, "Alicia Berenson was thirty-three years old when she killed her husband," the novel immediately draws readers into a world filled with intrigue, suspense, and unexpected twists.

The story follows the enigmatic Alicia Berenson, a talented painter who seemingly has it all, until one tragic night shatters her perfect facade. After murdering her husband in cold blood, Alicia retreats into silence, refusing to utter a single word to anyone. Six years later, Theo Faber, a determined psychotherapist, takes on the challenge of unraveling Alicia's silence by working at the psychiatric facility where she resides.

Michaelides masterfully weaves together alternating perspectives from both Alicia and Theo, allowing readers to delve into the minds of these complex characters. Through Alicia's past and Theo's relentless pursuit of the truth, the novel gradually unravels the layers of deception, betrayal, and psychological trauma that lie beneath the surface.


What sets "The Silent Patient" apart is its masterful storytelling and skillful pacing. Alex Michaelides expertly builds suspense with each page, keeping readers guessing until the very end. The alternating perspectives between Alicia and Theo provide insight into their innermost thoughts and motivations, adding layers of depth to the narrative.

While the pacing of the story may start off slow, it quickly gains momentum as the plot thickens and the stakes are raised. Each character is intricately developed, with their own motives and secrets that add depth to the narrative. The author's writing style is immersive and atmospheric, keeping readers on the edge of their seats until the final, jaw-dropping revelation.

"The Silent Patient" is a thought-provoking exploration of guilt, obsession, and the power of silence. It challenges readers to question their perceptions of truth and reality, while delivering a thrilling and satisfying conclusion that will leave them reeling. Whether you're a fan of psychological thrillers or looking for a captivating page-turner, this book is sure to keep you guessing until the very end. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an exhilarating literary journey into the darkest corners of the human psyche and with its gripping premise and expertly crafted plot twists, this novel is a must-read for fans of the genre.


Alex Michaelides read English at Cambridge University and screening at the American Film Institute. He wrote the film Devil You Knowe starring Rosamund Pike, and co-wrote The Con is On. His debut novel, The Silent Patient, is also being developed into a major motion picture, and has been sold in thirty-nine territories worldwide. Born in Cyprus to a Greek-Cypriot father and English mother, Alex Michaelides now lives in London, England.


Format : Paperback/ Kindle edition

Price: INR 298 /INR 194

Pages: 352

Publisher: Orion

Availability: Amazon

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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

UNDER THE BAKULA TREE: A Sisterhood Finds Roots Against the Patriarchy- BookReview

Name of the bookUNDER THE BAKULA TREE: A Sisterhood Finds Roots Against the Patriarchy

Author of the book: Prasannakumary Raghavan

GenreLiterary & Contemporary Fiction


Prasannakumary Raghavan is a Maths educator-turned-fiction writer, blogger, and academic author. 'Under the Bakula Tree is Prasannakumary Raghavan's debut eBook, a short read that fulfils her life-long creative ambition. Born and brought up in Kerala, India, she wrote her first story at 7. Her mother, after reading it emphasised, she graduates in science--story writing and publishing were the prerogatives of the privileged class at that time.

After her marriage in 1978, she joined her educator husband, employed in Africa, and together they served a string of African nations. She took early retirement in 2011 and joined a creative writing course to fulfil her childhood passion. It was a long journey and Under the Bakula Tree-- got released to the world on the Amazon KDP platform on 18 December 2021. More stories are taking shape on her laptop.

She and her husband now live in Cape Town, South Africa. Cooking delicious meals to entertain their two daughters and their husbands during visits is her other passion, which she accomplishes jointly with her husband. The pandemic has sadly stolen away that joy from them.

The story theme is sisterhood. It explores the females' struggles to break away from the shackles of genderism and patriarchy in a male-dominated, materially developing Kerala and how they can employ the power of sisterhood for that.


Sorrowful, traumatic, and intensely romantic, Under the Bakula Tree, set in Kerala, is the story of a widow tormented by patriarchal traditions. A mother of two, she finds love again, but as a widow, it is forbidden.

Then something happens; a sisterhood turns a corner, ready to take up her challenge. They meet under an old Bakula tree, where Sara finds the secrets to find love again.


Under The Bakula Tree by Prasanna Raghavan is a poignant and heartfelt literary and contemporary fiction short story book that explores the themes of female friendship and resilience in the face of societal constraints.

The protagonist of the tale, which is set in Kerala, is a widow who suffers from the oppressive customs of her society. Forbidden as a widow to pursue love, she finds a newfound sisterhood that isn't afraid to break these customs. The women get together under an old Bakula tree, where they talk about their hopes, dreams and secrets, and ultimately find solace and the strength to pursue love again.

The book beautifully portrays the strength and determination of women in the face of societal hardships, caste divisions, and family rivalries. The close relationship between the female characters is nuancedly portrayed, highlighting the significance of encouraging and helping one another through difficult times.

Under The Bakula Tree is a thought-provoking and emotionally charged book to read. It clarifies social inequities, women's empowerment, and the transforming potential of female friendship. This novel is a powerful reminder of women's tenacity and the value of solidarity in the face of hardship, even in spite of its flaws.


While the character development in the book is somewhat lacking, the author does a good job of describing the protagonists and supporting cast in great detail. The narrative mostly centers on the journey of a single woman, showing the difficulties she encounters after falling in love with a guy from a different caste. This ultimately results in forced marriage and the possibility of violence.

Readers will find themselves relating to Under The Bakula Tree on a personal level as it illuminates the struggles and obstacles experienced by women. It serves as a reminder that women still deal with comparable problems and crises in some regions of the world today. The book acts as a catalyst for the development of these empowering relationships amongst women and represents hope.

There were, nevertheless, a few points that might not have satisfied readers. The story concludes with one of the female protagonists embarking on a new beginning, but the reader is left wondering what ultimately happens to her. The book's short tale style may have contributed to the sense of hurried storytelling among some readers, given the lack of resolution.


Format: kindle Edition

Price: 118 INR

Pages: 55

Publisher: Self Published

Availability: Amazon

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