Monday, September 28, 2020

Breathe - Into the Shadow - Web Series Review

 There is nothing called as Coincidence, There is always reason for something!

Cast : Abhishek bachan, Amit Sadh, Nithya Menen, Hrishikesh Joshi, Srikant Verma, PlabitaBorthakur, Saiyami Kher

Director : Mayank Sharma

Streaming On : Amazon Prime Video

Genre: Drama and Thriller

Rating : ✬✬

Story Line :

Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachna) , a psychiatrist happily lives with his wife Nitya Menen (Abha), chef and their 6 year old daughter until, an unfortunate event turned their life upside down. Their daughter Siya gets kidnapped from middle of a birthday party, who was also a juvenile diabetic patient and needs insulin injections four times a day. Almost 9 months passed by and they couldn’t find their daughter but one find day a kidnapper send one puzzled message , asking the couple to execute some killings to save their daughter. As couple had no other choice, they accepted his demands. Each episode revels the reason behind the murder mystery and backstories and relationship of each killing with the mythological character” Ravana”.There are lots of twist and turns in the story, some makes sense and some not. When the identity of the killer gets revealed you do feel astound but the reasoning behind it again makes you feel baffled. On the other hand , you will see a parallel story of Amit Sadh(Kabir), the Police Inspector and how he get involved  in a  search of a serial killer.


First few episode of the series slips and falls. It lacks emotional aspects and the mystery and suspense created were also not that great. When you think of a thriller you accept nail biting scenes and gripping plot, both were missing hugely. The character of Abhishek and Nithya could have been explored more. They focused more on the narration even when certain scenes required characters to show some strong emotions. Especially when the couple came to know about their daughter’s kidnapping or when they were forced to kill people . It was baffling to see that Avinash who is a psychiatrist supposed to be sensitive, was not grappled or dread ,in fact took killing like a pro killer. There were hardly any suspense and everything looked extremely predictable.

Abhishek Bachan occupies maximum screen space and has got some moments but lacked spontaneity. Nithya was good but due to weak narration her role also lack depth.In fact according to me supporting characters have done better job than other main leads. This series leaves you with too many unanswered questions. If director would have added more intense drama , it could have been a better series.



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  1. Oh I liked this one and the previous Breathe too. Very well done and the acting also is pretty awesome. Hope there's another one coming soon.

  2. Though the plot of this series sounds little scary to me and but would love to give it a try for few episodes. Thanks for recommending swati..I was is search for watching something good in next weekend. Loved the way you had review it precisely.

  3. I expected a lot from this series but it disappointed me. Abhishek Bachchan could've done so much better considering that the entire story revolved around him! Nithya Menon is good though.

  4. Thine storyline looks interesting but under using the characters and emotion quotient then it is surely a miss to me as viewer.

  5. Don't tell that Bachchan Junior has it going tough again. I was actually curious to see how this one was but I think I will skip it after reading your review .Thanks !

    1. Haha... As usual... Something is missing cannot point out anything particular

  6. I like the first season a lot and this season I liked few last episodes a lot..Abhishek Bacchan acting in last few episodes is just amazing!!

  7. Well I like to slightly disagree. Abhishek has done a fantastic job in this one. As a matter of fact he is a fine actor himself but often people judge him incorrectly. I loved watching this series though it was predictable towards the end.

  8. We have watched this one and it was really interesting as the previous one..i really liked it

  9. The story line seems good but I think Abhishek Bachchan could do way more better to justify his role in this series.

  10. The storyline looks interesting to watch. Thank you for sharing a new series which I would watch now to see how it is