Monday, November 22, 2021

Be Your Own Strength - Poetry #CauseAChatter

When you are being knocked down and thrown down,

But look at you , you still stand tall.

When you are being picked and plucked and poked from your home,

But look at you, you still go long.

When you are being defeated and disassembled by your own loved ones,

But look at you , you still dance and sing as there is no tomorrow.

When the world comes crashing at your feet,

But look at you, you still pick up those pieces.

When your circumstances are not that great,

But look at you, you still do not loose hope.

Look at you, love, still here and hopeful

As nothing has happened after all!

~Swati Mathur

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

7 Valuable Tips To Read More Books #TBRChallenge

Once the festive season begins, time flies really fast. Two more months are left for new year but it feels as if New Year's eve is right around the corner. And when New year's eve approaches, the first thing which comes to my mind and I am sure for the most of you as well is setting goals and resolutions. The most common resolutions are losing weight and book reading. Let's focus on book reading today. People keep this resolution as maybe they didn't read as many books as they wanted to, or maybe they read quite a lot but still want to do better, or probably because they have a lot of good recommendations from family or friends this year. The reason could be many, but how do you make sure that you reach your target without being distracted. 

People who read greater number of books read not because they have ample amount of time but because they are committed and of course their love for books. Today I am going to share few tips which I have gathered through my experience and which can help you find ways to fit more reading to your schedule, prevent burnout and achieve targets.

Being part of Blogchatter's community, I have been exposed to numerous authors and some amazing books. Here are some of my recommendations. 

If you are looking for some good e-books you can checkout here


Set goals

Once you have set reading goals it is much easier to read more books. Blogchatter's TBR challenge is an excellent way to track your goals, as it can guide you about your performance as a reader and help you stay on schedule. I personally feel setting goals keeps you motivated and pushes you hard to achieve them. The best way to set goals are by writing it down as this makes you not just committed but accountable too. 

Join a club or community

As I mentioned earlier being part of Blogchatter's community, I have read almost 50+ books within the span of 6 months. Sometime people ask me "Do you have more than 24 hours in a day?" "How do you do this"? Well for me what really worked is that, these communities push your limits and help you to set goals which are attainable yet little higher than your reach. When you meet like-minded people having similar goals, the path of success becomes achievable and enjoyable. These communities and clubs are great ways to hold you accountable as you need to finish the book by certain date secondly you can have some wonderful recommendation across the genre.

Try different genre

I am someone who doesn't like being in my comfort zone as it becomes too boring and monotonous .Trying new things, learning new stuff fascinates me and keeps me motivated. Similarly, for me books are all about new experiences and new worlds. During the process you may discover your new favorite thing, and it will definitely wobble up your reading life.

Have an accountability partner

Having an accountable partner really work wonders. If you have someone on your side with whom you can share your thoughts and discuss about your read, it encourages you to read the book till the end and not give up in between. There will be better recommendations as they know your likes and dislikes. It can be a win-win situation for both.

Have a reading nook

Having a reading space which is comfortable and classy, where you would love to spend time can help you read more books. If you don't have one, create a space in your home which has comfortable sitting and good lighting. This will keep your mind more relaxed and you can be highly productive while reading.

Take Breaks

Take breaks to avoid burnout. It is important that you know your limits and do not exhaust yourself. Try to apply POMODORA technique. You can always play with time limits that is comfortable for you. Set your timer and read as long as you are comfortable by taking regular intervals like taking a walk or a nap or snaking. Do not push yourself so much so that you end up with physical and physiological pain. If you want to take a day or two break, you can, do not feel guilty as this is to create positive habit and not to force yourself to the extent of burnout.

Do not regret, if you do not finish

It's Ok if you do not finish any book, especially if you are not liking it. Forcing yourself to read something you are not enjoying is no way to reach your reading goal. Holding on to something which is not of your interest or something of not your liking will take away all the enjoyment and can slow down your reading process.

Happy Reading! 

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Monday, October 25, 2021

Finding Myself - Poetry

I started my journey being a seeker,

seeking confidence, seeking success,

but something stopped me,

Is that my comfort or the fear of unknown or is it a sense of uncertainty,

I am not sure, what is it?

When I ask myself "where to"? I have no clue,

but I know this path takes me to my soul.

Do you believe in loosing yourself, before finding yourself,

there is nothing more honest than loving yourself.

I realize I have lost something of mine,

which is magnificent in its design.

I think I have left my heart somewhere 

or the part of me that believes in "Who I am".

I must listen to the call of my heart, 

The call that won't let me be content,

The call that help me find the piece of me that connects me with my destiny.

The piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly into a place of sanity,

The piece that help me break the chain of self doubt and make me come alive,

Its time to share the real me to the world I thrive.

I do not want to fit in like the world expects from me,

but I want to stand out like I was born to be.

I am not ready to give myself away,

I am done denying myself, I will not let myself fade away,

This part of my life is all about me, believing in everything I do.

I have come to peace with my spirit.

I love who I am, and what I do.

My journey of self discovery and self love has just begun...........

So hold me tight my thoughts, as this is the new beginning of adventurous life span.

@Swati Mathur

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Thursday, October 21, 2021

Growing Up With Teens (A Cherry On Parenting Cake) by Ruchi Verma - Book Review

Book Name : Growing Up With Teens

Author Name : Ruchi Verma

Genre: Parenting/ Non-Fiction


Ruchi Verma, a well-known and multiple award-winning Blogger who is listed among 50 top most influential content marketing professionals and a certified Teen parenting practitioner. IT professional on papers, experienced in IT industry and Ex faculty in the leading University, she is a mother of two adorable kids and her brainchild called her blog where she shares her thoughts ( and started it with the sole motive to "gain knowledge by sharing knowledge". 


Parenting is the most beautiful never-ending journey that starts with the birth of a child. Every phase of a kid's growth is special and needs to be taken care of but the most delicate phase of parenting is "teenager parenting" which needs to be actually handled with care. Talking to your daughter about puberty still is a big issue in Indian society but do we talk about our son's puberty? As much as your daughter needs to know this from their first teacher of life and that's you. This book is for each of those parents who want to talk and discuss with their teenager champions but don't know where to start. This book is a helping hand from a mother to all parents to walk and grow with their growing teens, talking freely about sex education, social media, cyberbullying, and much more.


There is no joy comparable to parenthood! There is no greater joy than having loving, independent, free-thinking, well-adjusted, self-motivated, and self-disciplined children. Though parenting is a joy, it is equally challenging. And the book "Growing up with teens" address the most crucial stage of childhood and that is adolescence. It is very vital period as it determines how a person will view and interact with the world as an adult. Therefore, it is important to provide adolescents with opportunities to make independent decisions and take healthy risks. 

According to the author, communication is the key for successful parenting. This book does not intent to be preachy, in fact the author has shared her personal experiences and very categorically mentioned that there is no right or wrong way of parenting. Each and every parent has his or her own way of dealing with children that totally depends upon kids' personality.

The book covers everything which one needs to know while dealing with teens. She has not just talked about how to handle daughter's puberty but also how important is to deal with son's puberty. As a mother of two kids, a girl and a boy, she has highlighted strategies to deal with both the gender.

As we know the quality of the environment where children and adolescents grow up shapes their well-being and development. Poor mental health or unmanaged mental health problems can affect child's wellbeing and therefore author felt a need to address this issue too in this book. Sex education is still a taboo in our society but it definitely requires attention and awareness. This book not just talks about what to teach but also shared various approaches to deal with this fragile issue.

Social media plays a big role in teen culture today and therefore it is imperative for parents to know how to deal with it. A big thanks to author for bringing up this issue and sharing some insightful inputs in dealing with it. 

This book deals with all the important issues which a teenager faces during their adolescent age. Author has given some important tools and techniques in dealing with children at the most crucial stage of their lives.


This is a breakthrough book that will aid parents with some vital tools and techniques in dealing with teens. From having positive attitude, to keeping them constructively engaged, to maintaining healthy relationships, to satisfying their curiosity, to motivating them to achieve their goals and last but not the least teaching them how to take failure are some important issues which author has effectively addressed.

This book is written in simple language yet very effective. Author has left no stone unturned. She has touched upon all the important issues with some doable strategies to deal with it. If you are a parent of a teen or if your child is steeping into the world of adolescent, this book is an apt read to prepare yourself to be a better parent.


Format : Paperback/Kindle edition

Price: 200 INR/ 89 INR

Pages: 86

Availability : Amazon

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Beauty Queen - The Pathway To Pageantry by Anvita Sudarshan - Book Review


Book Name : Beauty Queen - The Pathway To Pageantry

Author: Anvita Sudarshan

Genre: Non-fiction/ Self Help


Anvita Sudarshan is a writer and filmmaker, who spent her early days in pageantry and modelling. She won the ‘Miss India Kuwait’ title in 2011 and was the first runner-up of Miss India Worldwide 2012, besides being a finalist in ‘I Am She: Miss India Universe 2011’ and ‘Femina Miss India South 2010’. She served as a judge for ‘Miss India New York 2013’ and ‘Miss India USA 2013’. She has also modelled extensively in the Mumbai fashion industry. Anvita hopes to build an institutional framework for pageantry in India, especially for the aspirants to pursue a systematic path. Beauty Queen is an important milestone in that direction.


Beauty Queen: The Pathway to Pageantry can be considered as "one stop solution" for winning beauty pageants. This book gives a complete picture of ways and means to understand how to prepare yourself for a pageantry be it, body grooming, nutrition, wardrobe management, catwalk, interview and judge's perspective. As Anita Sudarshan belongs to this industry all the information given has been attached with lot of credibility. This book is one of its kind and presents pageantry as a unique composition of art, science and grace in equal proportions. This book claims not just to be written for aspiring beauty queens but also for every individual who wants to look and feel beautiful and healthy. 

According to Anvita the  secret for winning a pageant is modesty, confidence and hard work. It is a complete guide for all the beauty queen aspirants or someone who is looking for a career in fashion industry. Pageantry provides you a platform, if you use it right it can help you achieve your dreams.

The author delves deeper into the pageantry origin. It takes testimony from the ancient Greek mythological tales, The Paris judgement, which resulted in Trojan War because of beauty pageantry and move on to take cognizance of the modern day fashion world. This book talks about never heard  parameters like Golden Ratio, Marquartd Mask of beauty, waist to hip ratio which are must have, in order to reach perfection in terms of beauty. Beside this author has mentioned about different external body features like hair, skin, teeth, nails, nutrition and health that one needs to work upon in detail by doing an in depth analysis of each. Author has also touched upon aspects which helps to create an impact at the time of pageantry like, catwalk, interview and impressive wardrobe.


No doubt this book can be considered as an encyclopedia for becoming a beauty queen. It looks like intense research have gone into collecting valuable information which will not just add credibility to the book but will lead to a quick acceptance from the people. I enjoyed reading the evolution of beauty industry from not so structured and organized one to be highly professional and much in order. Being an Image Consultant myself I  could relate to this book at personal level. This book will show the path to all the aspiring beauty queens towards spotlight. Author has left no stone unturned and covered almost all the aspects of beauty which is required for prepping up and shine on the "The Day".

Book Details

Format : Paperback / Kindle edition

Price : 580 INR/ 299 INR

Pages: 316

Availability : Amazon

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Written In The Stars by Divya Anand - Book Review

Book Name: Written in the Stars

Author: Divya Anand

Genre: Romantic Comedy Fiction


Divya is a product manager who writes product specifications during her day and is an author by night. She gets her best creative ideas when she is hanging upside down doing anti-gravity yoga or doodling. In 2019, she won a Gourmand World Cookbook Award for her first book, Dare Eat That. She is also the author of a children's picture book, I Hate My Curly Hair. She lives in Bangalore with her husband, Vivek.


Written in the stars is a Romantic Comedy about whether life and love are shaped by your choices or are written in the stars. Sitara the protagonist works for a start-up and almost living on a edge to prove her worth for a promotion. And how she uses the marketing head Abhimanyu Singh's obsession with astrology to her advantage and later falls in love with him. Sitara must now choose what she really wants, a promotion or true love. The story revolves about Sitara's professional and personal life and how she balances the two. The book gives a real feel of corporate culture, over ambitious people, politics, love, hatred, deadlines everything you can think off. 


Written in the stars is a light-hearted, humorous book.  Sitara the protagonist and her love interest Abhimanyu in the story are the most lovable and memorable characters which connects with the readers instantly. Both the characters are so adorable that as a kid, I immediately rooted for these two crazy kids to get together. 

I totally admire the author's sense of humour. In many places you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing out loud. There are some moments which might not be too intense in terms of love, but you do feel weak in your knees. 

This book has dealt with every emotion and relationship so beautifully that despite having some grey shades in few of the characters, you still find them likable. 

I personally felt connected to this book on many levels.  Firstly, Sitara shares the same designation as of my better half in his early career and second residing in the same city as her, I literally sense that I am part of the story on many occasions and felt everything extremely relatable. And lastly, I always look for a positive ending and this book has given me the one. With a proper closure and happy ending this book has won my heart.

I strongly recommend this book as it is enjoyable, humorous and a fun read. 


Book Format : Paperback/Kindle Version

Price ; 225 INR / 188.33 INR

Pages : 288

Availability : Amazon



Monday, September 13, 2021

Me and My Angels #UMeU

You bring fresh air in my life,

the air that I breath.

You fill my heart with love, 

the reason my heart beats.

You make me feel proud,

the achievements which you endowed.

You bring a ray of hope,

the hope that make this world a better place to lodge

You are love of my life, 

the love that makes me alive

You are the strength in my life, 

the strength that makes me shine. 

You are the dream of my life,

the dream that I see from my open eyes.

You are me and that's why now we are "WE"

But I know the day will come when you will wave me goodbye,

to have life of your own.

But I will always feel your presence in my heart,

as you were with me from the start.

Looking at your precious face,

I pray your life be touched with grace.

I thank angels from above and promise you unending "LOVE"

To LOVE of my life, my most precious gifts by god.

Love you angels


This poem is dedicated to my beautiful daughters.. I cannot imagine my life without them! Love them to Moon and back.

@Swati Mathur 

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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Faith and the Beloved by Kochery C Shibu Genre - Book Review

Book Name : Faith and the Beloved

Author :  Kochery C Shibu

Genre : Crime Fiction


Kochery C Shibu , the best selling and award winning author of 'Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar', graduated from the prestigious National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, in 1981. He has served in the Indian Navy and commanded two warships. Post his retirement, he has executed hydroelectric projects in the Cauvery River basin in Sikkim. 'Faith and the Beloved' is his second book. 


A ferociously entertaining, sharply amusing, hard-hitting wow of a read. Faith and the Beloved is a story about love, lust, faith, thrill, mystery, crime and much more. You name it and it has it. The book revolves around three main characters Naithy Cherokil, is a rich and successful businesswomen who marries a model Tony D'souza who is much younger than her after the death of her husband Jiza in Mumbai terror attack. Alice Cherokil, an eighteen- year-old computer geek, daughter of Naithy, whose life falls apart when her mother met with an accident and slipped into coma. Alice is on run to solve web of mysteries and must outplay underworld to save her mother's life. And Prem Rolland, a Kalari exponent whose life revolves around his brother Arun. Things becomes bad when police kill Arun under mysterious circumstances. Things go awry when Prem get trapped while finding his brother's killers. This book talks about how the lives of these three main characters cross each other and how they retain their faith and protect their loved ones even by putting their own life in danger. Many of the characters in the book are inspired from those whom author has encountered during his extensive travels and probably that's the reason they look very relatable.


This book is full of masala and have strong potential to be made into a Bollywood blockbuster. In fact, as this book is hugely entertaining and thrilling you might actually feel as though a blockbuster film is playing out in front for you, This book encompasses underworld, LTTE, ISISI, demonetization, terror attack and what not. First three chapters might confuse you as all the chapters are named after different characters in the book. So, you might wonder are these different stories but once you enter the fourth chapter your excitement will reach peek and you will start connecting the dots. It is a smart, fast-moving and riveting crime thriller. Make sure you set aside plenty of reading time as I didn't want to put this book down. 

Book Format / Price : Paperback : 117 INR / Kindle Edition : 171 INR

Pages: 265

Availability : Amazon

@Swati Mathur


Friday, August 6, 2021

"AAVISHKA" by Cindy Ann D'Silva - Book Review

Book Name : AAVISHKA

Author : Cindy Ann D'Silva

Genre : Fiction

Today I am sharing a review of a book which is written by a close friend and a co blogger.  I had the opportunity to review her first book and must say she has an art of grabbing readers attention. This is her second book and I am glad that I read it. So here is a review, but before that let me introduce you to the author.


Cindy Ann D'Sliva is a blogger, influencer, content writer and a belly dance instructor. Prior to this , she had a full time job and sang with a band and choir in Kuwait, where she was born and bred. You can find more of her writing on her Lifestyle blog


"Marriages are made in heaven"- Well what does this really means? It means there is a divine power that ultimately plans or decides who should marry whom, outside of the control of the people in the marriage. You cannot foretell who will marry whom ; Two people may love each other very much but may end up not marrying each other and two people who do not even know each other may marry each other in the end. This is the irony of life and this is what this book " AAVISHKA" reminds us of. If we talk about India in particular the very nature of marriage which is still highly constrained by patriarchal socio-cultural norms and tends to be determined by families rather than the individuals who enter into the marriage. 

Have you ever thought why women stay in a unhappy marriages? What really holds them back? Every woman has their own reasons but do you think any reason can be greater than their self respect? All these questions may not have straight answers but this book does provoke you to think on these lines. This is a work of fiction but based on a true story.


"The title of the book is named after "AAVISHKA" the protagonist of this story. She is a happy young woman who is independent and loves her family to the death. She immensely respects her parents and despite them being broad minded, she decides to get into an arranged marriage. At the young age she marries Atharv who is a successful restaurateur. But soon after she finds herself living a life that she had never expected. The marriage has become a mystery for her that made her anxious and took many many years to unfold. Her mysterious husband had a secret that slowly unravel. What ups and downs she faces and how she deals with it is for you to read. 


Once you start reading you simply can't put it down. It has that griping factor and the characters are quite relatable that makes it an interesting read. The ending was satisfying and that's the biggest reason I would like to recommend this book. One thing I can say that author has managed to hook the reader's attention till the end , that made me finish the book in one sitting.

This story raises many questions. Why do women suffer in unhappy marriages? Why can't they break all the barriers? What really stops them? Is it societal pressure or the fear of non acceptance? Or due to financial instability? The reasons can be many. But women should not suffer. They should stand up for their rights. But what if they still see a hope. What if they are still in love with that person? Marriages are complicated. But the author of this book Cindy has dealt with it beautifully with a positive ending. And gave us the hope that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. At the end of the story author has given a valuable lesson that " never judge a person as you never know what they are actually going through, you may strike the wrong cord that can make things worse for them". Read Aavishka's story how marriage changed her as a person and how she handled it.


Book Format: kindle edition (e book)

Pages: 36

Price : 59 INR

Available on Amazon and Pothi

@Swati Mathur


Monday, August 2, 2021

सुख और दुःख तो लगे ही रहते है- Poetry

 दुनिया में सुख और दुःख तो लगे ही रहते है,

कभी खुशियों से भरे पल है, तो कभी दुखो से मन्न बेहाल है,

लेकिन हमें किसे अपना बनाना है , यह तो सब हम पर ही निर्भर है,

कभी सोचा न था ज़िन्दगी हम पर इतनी मेहरबान होगी, की खुशियाँ संभाले न संभाली जाएँगी,

कभी सोचा न था दुखो के पल काले बादलो की तरह खुशियों पर छा जायेंगे,

कभी सोचा न था हिम्मत से डट कर इन काले बदलो को पीछे छोड़ आएंगे,

लेकिन यह हिम्मत जो अपनों से पाई है उसे अपनों के लिए ही उपयोग में लाएंगे,

अपनों की खुशिया सब से ज़ादा मायने रखती है , इसलिए हर मुश्किल को पार कर जायेंगे,

इस दुनिया में आये है तो कुछ कमाल दिखाकर ही जायेंगे,

क्योंकि दुनिया में सुख और दुःख तो लगे ही रहते है

बस किसे अपना बनाना है यह हम पर ही निर्भर है!


Thursday, July 8, 2021

Patna - 800020 by Daisy Bala - Book Review


Book Name : Patna - 800020
Author : Daisy Bala
Genre : Fiction

I have been reading non fiction books for quite a sometime now and wanted to break that monotony. I am glad that I came across Daisy Bala's Patna - 800020. The name and the cover of the book evoked curiosity in my mind and wanted to know what this book is all about. Now before sharing the story and review of this book let me tell you little bit about the author.


Daisy is passionate about writing poetry and stories, serenading words with embellishments of thoughts and emotions! She pours her incandescent heart on paper scribbling about anything and everything under the sun! She’s a homemaker living in Chicago with her husband and 2 kids and has published her nature poetry eBook “Blossoms and foliages” on kindle, this year. She’s been published in anthologies and online journals with Sharing Stories, Kalamanthan, Literoma, Chrysanthemum Chronicles, Innsaei Journal, etc. In addition, her pieces have been published with Womans Web, Silver Birch Press, Creative Talents Unleashed, Blogadda, and TOI blogs. Off late she’s been writing continuously in English and Hindi both. She was a finalist in Orange Flower Awards for Hindi poetry in 2020.


The intriguing premise of this fiction drama Patna-800020 is a story of homeopathic practitioner Dr. Bimal Prasad (Saheb) and his eccentric family members of Geetha Sadan from the new modern town of Patna. This book has depicted middle class family and their unabating struggles. Each character has their own identity yet have similar value system. Dr. Saheb has four children, the eldest daughter Sushma (Badki) , is mature and strong headed who doesn't want to get married , second daughter Kanchan is naïve and eager to marry, third daughter Chutki is fearless, speaks her mind and lives on her own terms while the youngest who is a son , busy cracking jokes and brings life to the family. Their mother, Barkha Devi is a hindi teacher and take care of the house with utmost dedication. And like any other Indian household mother, she is worried about her daughter's marriage.


You really get invested into the characters and their lives and you start to feel their pain and happiness. Every character and their story is so evocative that you feel part of it. What I really liked about each character is that they are conservative yet modern. Every situation has been handled so pragmatically that you can expect a positive ending. 

The USP of this book is that, the author has not just managed to create the ambiance by depicting each character and scene vividly but by using Bihari accent which has made everything so relatable. Certain scenes has portrayed so beautifully that I couldn't help myself reacting to it.There was a scene where due to Kanchan's first hoax alliance, everybody in the family was extremely stressed, mother Barkha Devi had become so restless that she started checking with every handsome guy who could be the suitable alliance for her daughter and then one day she crosses all her limits, asking courier boy if he is married or not? was hilarious. Another scene that stayed with me was, when Dr. Saheb motivates her daughter Chutki and says, ” Soaring high is your nature, fly my sweetheart. You have my back! I will always stay like a gust of wind beneath your wings.” this is a sign of simple living with high thinking. 

Author has successfully managed to evoke myriad of emotions and touched upon various important social issues related to dowry, gender discrimination and body shaming. Without being preachy she subtly bashed away all these taboos in her story.

Very well written book, wanted to read more.  It would be great if Daisy take this book forward by adding few more chapters for a better closure. 


Format : E-book,  PDF version

Pages : 73

Available on- Blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period) Link is given below

Patna - 800020 by Daisy Bala

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@Swati Mathur

Wednesday, June 30, 2021

The Magic Of Reading Aloud To Young Kids by Charu Sareen Gujjal - Book Review

Book Name : The Magic Of Reading Aloud To Young Kids

Author : Charu Sareen Gujjal

Genre : Parenting

In the era of digitization parents are looking for ways to keep their children gadget free. And the best way to do is, by inculcating reading habit in them. Reading stimulates their brain and make them highly imaginative and not only expands their understanding of the language but develop their listening skills as well. Reading has various benefits like improving concentration, making them more empathetic, expanding their vocabulary and so on. The benefits of reading to your children can start even before they are born. As early as 18 weeks of pregnancy a child will be able to start hearing their first sound. When we talk and read to our unborn baby, we are already starting a bonding experience with them. Literacy skills continue to develop while reading to you baby after they are born. Like reading it is also vital to know how do children pick up books to read. 


Charu Sareen Gujjal is a former teacher and language trainer, a passionate blogger and an author. She is a mom to five-year old twins Aarav and Aarohi, whom she lovingly calls as A&A. Her debut book ''A To Z of Parenting Twins' (published in 2019) is a wonderful resource for new parents on raising twins. She actively writes about her parenting journey on her blog The Mom Sagas which records all her motherhood experiences and everyday sagas of raising twins. She shares useful parenting tips, age-appropriate activities, books /games recommendations for kids, easy DIYs etc. She also expresses her views on topics related to womanhood, health, education and lifestyle.


Now this is fascinating. On the book cover you will see Charu reading a book to her twins. This shows her love for reading and same quality she would like to imbibe in her kids.


The book "The Magic Of Reading Aloud To Young Kids" is a compete guide for parents and caregivers. This book is divided into four sections. The first part deals with "why to read to young kids. Here author has mentioned various benefits of reading books at early age, the second parts talks about "how to read to young kids to make it fun and interactive. In the second section she has also talked about how to deal with reluctant readers and has given some insightful pointers. There is also a mention of importance of rereading and its benefits. While the third part deals with age wise suggestion to what to read to young kids and in the fourth section author has given her personal book recommendations in various categories like Panchatantra stories, Fairy tales, Mythological stories and so on.


Being a former teacher and a mother of two, author has given some valuable suggestions as to what to read and how to make reading more interesting. She has touched upon various aspects of book reading with her in-depth knowledge on the subject. This book carters to all the age group of kids and that is the USP of this book.  I think this is a must read book for all those people who want to inculcate reading habit in their children as it not only helps them in their cognitive development but also accelerate their creative and imaginative power. I would like to recommended this book to all those people who believe in life long learning as it is rightly said " once you stop learning you stop growing". And reading is one of the prominent way to have a better and effective learning.


You will know the benefits of reading aloud .

You will learn various techniques to make reading more fun, interactive and interesting for kids.

You will know how to deal with reluctant readers as not every kid has linguistic intelligence.

You will know the importance of rereading the books.

You will learn the art of picking the right book for your kid to develop their love for reading.

You will learn how non-fiction books can help kids to be more aware about their own surroundings.

You will learn how different genre of books can impact child's psychology. 

If you have a child and reading is something that you haven't engaged in much, its never too late. Grab a copy of this book understand the importance of reading aloud as reading a book will go a long way to help build your child's brain.


Format : ebook, pdf version

Available on- Blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period) Link is given below

The Magic Of Reading Aloud To Young Kids by Charu Sareen Gujjal 

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Sunday, June 27, 2021

"It must've been Love " by Mayura Amarkant - Book Review


Book Name: It must've been Love 

Author: Mayura Amarkant

Genre: Romantic Fiction, Poetry

Poetry is all around us. It allows us to understand our emotions in a unique way. It not only triggers our emotions and strengthens our brain but gives us space for self- reflection. As American poet Robert Frost once said. " Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." Today I am reviewing a book " It Must have Been Love" a beautiful amalgamation of poetry and prose, which are two common forms of literature. Let me introduce you to the author of this wonderful book.


Mayura Amarkant is an entrepreneur, blogger, promoter of a theatre group and a prominent writer. “Trapped in Heaven & other stories” was Mayura’s first anthology of romance fiction. With it, she launched Sansi Ventures, the publishing arm of Sarvashreshtha Solutions. The book received praise in India, Netherlands, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia and many other countries across the globe. “It Must Have Been Love” is her latest creation. Her blog, DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter, is among the top lifestyle blogs in India and attracts visitors from over 125 countries. She is a proponent of live art and promotes talent through the Karwan Theatre Group, Mumbai. Armed with over 2 decades of experience, Mayura has written education-related cover features for top newspapers. She has compiled study material, edited coffee-table books, novels, brochures and articles. Her scripts have given form to many corporate movies. She has also curated content for a web series. Even today, she continues to ghost-write for many corporates. 


Ever seen a book that uses prose to narrate poetry? It Must’ve Been Love is a unique book by Mayura Amarkant where poems are recited against the backdrop of an intense love story set in the ‘90s. The narrative style of the book is one-of-its-kind, she has passionately woven each poem to ensure that the reader is hooked throughout. Poetry lovers and fans of romance fiction will love this book.


"It Must Have Been Love" is a collection of poems intertwine with proses that makes it an interesting and a unique read. It is a distinctive love story of Keshav and Meera that has an unusual ending. The book takes you through the myriad of emotions expressed by Meera in this book in the form of poetry. The tone of the each poem and the message conveyed fits the situation perfectly well. In spite being bold Meera is a reticent girl , expressing herself is something she is not comfortable with . Author has done a great job by using poetry which is one of the best outlet worked in Meera's favor. 


Cover of the book is so apt that it says it all. It is a pure reflection of what can be expected from the book. There is an image of a broken heart with a bandage on it which speaks louder than words. It binds beautifully the theme of the book  that is loneliness, heartbreak and jealousy.


Reading a love story in a poetic form made me see things from a different perspective and appreciate the same. In this book prose sets the backdrop of the story, while poetry decorated the rhythm with feel. Understanding poetry is not everyone's cup of tea but my adding proses by the author made it easier for the readers to comprehend. It gave me the feel of watching any Bollywood movie , scenes followed by songs. That's why Indian movies' are so popular. I would like to share some excerpts from the poem that I found mesmerizing.

Misguided Reassurance

Your gentle gestures and loving words,

breathed life into my empty world,

I rose from the ashes with new found confidence,

and cruised through life without diffidence.

To let go I tried, but failed

The past cannot be forgotten, don't you know?

There will always be signs of the painful blow.

My soul is bound in chains of hope,

that you will return and there is still scope,

I have realized that I love the poem that are rhythmic and positive. Despite Meera going through difficult emotions she is still optimistic about her situation and for that credit goes to Mayura.

I thoroughly  enjoyed reading this book but at personal level I believe in closure and somewhere that was missing here. But someone who likes open- ended stories would enjoy this even more.


Format: ebook, pdf version

Pages: 46

Available on- Blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period) Link is given below

It must've been Love by Mayura Amakant

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Saturday, June 26, 2021

This Is Not You! - Poetry

Every thing looks normal.....The day begin and the day ends,

The chores begin and the chores ends,

But there is something which feels hollow.

You accept your fate and learn to deal with it!

You even gain expertise in dealing with torment,

So much so that not even your inner soul feels it,

How do you do that?

Is it you or you pretend to be one!

Don't make things difficult for yourself.

Are you doing this so that everything should remain the way it is,

Or you are scared to deal with the consequences,

Or is it your fear of inadequacy

Where did that confidence go?

Has it vanished as you don't recognize yourself anymore?

Who are you? Sorry! I don't recognize you.

One who used to be ready to stand against any wrong doing. 

One who had an opinion on anything and everything,

One who was not worried about being judged.

Who is this changed person?

I don't want to acknowledge you. 

You make me feel weak, You make me feel unwanted.

Don't traumatized yourself so much so that you stop feeling the pain.

Love yourself, embrace yourself,

Don't let this pain become your life long strain.

@Swati Mathur

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Friday, June 25, 2021

Building A Writing Practice by Sona Gover - Book Review

Name of the book : "Building A Writing Practice"

Author : Sona Grover

Genre : Self Help

To maximize the impact of any learning it is imperative to make commitment with practice. After all, practice is the only way to become proficient in what ever you do. Learning something new is hard, especially in the beginning and we tend to do mistakes and struggle more. But the reality is , the only way to learn something is through practice. According to Malcolm Gladwell "It takes 10,000 hours of practice to become expert at something. There is a big difference between an intellectual understanding and the skill development. Most of the people generally have intellectual capacity of quickly grasping of concept or an idea which can lead them to mistakenly believe that they know how to execute. The fact is that they don't, not until they practice, get feedback, refine their approach and practice again. Today the book I am reviewing talks about how  one can be a good writer or get better at the craft of writing if one does practice with consistency. Let me introduce you to the the author of this wonderful book.


Sona Grover is an author and a blogger. enthusiastic about good books, nature and long walks. She writes fiction and talks about her experiences with writing in her non fiction books. She has authored three wonderful books "One Girl Many Lives" and "Through The Mist" are fiction and "Finding Your Writing Flow " which is non fiction. 


The book "Building A Writing Practice" focuses on importance of practice, reading and consistency to get better at the art of writing. One can come out of writer's block or if one get stuck; by getting into a diffuse mode of thinking which relaxes your brain for a while despite your unconscious brain still working on the task. 

Each chapter or you can say strategies stated by the author starts with an apt Quote, followed by an explanation, with practical exercises and how do those exercises be helpful is fine tuning your writing skills has been explained with precision. If your ultimate goal is to becomes an author then this book is an ultimate guide which helps you in becoming not just an author but a best selling author.

The book talks about how creative writing can brings you out from writer's block and gives you variety in your writing. I liked the the concept of accountability partner, while in writing it is your blog that can keep you committed. To be consistent in writing author has suggested content creator that can persuade you to post regularly. 


  • Author has mentioned how brevity and being concise can make your writing more attractive and can add humor too. 
  • Usage of metaphors and analogies can bring more creativity in your content which can impress the readers. 
  • While writing fiction it is important to have a balance between dialogues and description and telling and showing.
  • Changing narration can help you to learn to switch perspective and see the impact of telling the story from a different point of view.
  • Jot down what ever ideas pops into your mind and start writing with your memories when you get stuck.

THINGS TO REMEMBER (While writing fiction)

  • Know your character inside out as they are the one that drives the story.
  • Take smaller steps, focus on small parts, other things would come easy.
  • Begin with flash fiction (Short stories say less than 1000 words), this will help you to be precise and you can experiment with new ways of telling stories.
  • Focus on the plot as that is the foundation of any good story.

This book is a master piece. Every point has been explained with ample clarity which creates no room for confusion especially for budding writers. If exercises mentioned in the book will be done with sincerity than no one can stop you being a great writer. So guys what are your thinking,  go grab your copy to ace your writing skill. 


Format : Ebook

Pages : 38

Available on- Blogchatter website for free download (for a limited time period) Link is given below

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