Friday, February 27, 2015

Rotis when made with love

It is quite nostalgic. About ten years back when I got married I didn’t know the ABC of cooking. It was much easier to learn curries and vegetables but rotis and that too round ones looked next to impossible for me. I used to take hours together to cook rotis for just two of us.

Whenever I enter my kitchen to make rotis my husband used to cross his fingers and has to get ready to console me and wipe my tears. It was like, as if I am going on a war front. And by any chance if he enters the kitchen while I am making rotis and god forbid if something goes wrong, all blame goes on him. But he never complained.

As years passed by, I have learned the art of making rotis and not to mention the “round ones”. Today I can make large amount of rotis in matter of few minutes. Thanks to my enduring and adoring husband, who encouraged me even when I served him half burnt or shapeless rotis.

No matter whether your rotis are round or not so round, what matters is the love you put, while making it. Still if the rotis are round it’s like icing on a cake.

PS. Written off the cuff for the “In(di)spire” column of Indiblogger

A Mom's Heart : Poetry

I remember those wonderful days 
When you wrapped me tightly in you arms, close to your heart

I remember when you helped me
in every  decision of life because that's the toughest time,

I remember your tight hugs when I am feeling low
because you have all the love to show

I remember you supporting me 
When whole world seems to be accusing me

I remember you wiping my tears
when I face my deepest fear

I remember when you shout at me
because you wanted best for me

Mom, I wish I have you by my side
I love you and thank you for all you did for me
and hope someday I make you proud for whatever comes to be

I wish you were here, mom I miss you so much
no one knows what I would give for just one touch.

@ Swati

This Post got published in Writers Enzine  online magazine

The Best Disguise

I don't wish to speak, neither I want to stay quiet
If I open up and say the truth, will people be concerned

Some time I laugh, when I want to cry,
Some time I want to talk, when I want to be quite
Is this me or me in disguise

I play a role of mother, when I want to be a daughter
and get pampered
I play a role of wife , when I want to be a lover
and being loved

I play different role in every step of my life
I wish I can be myself

But until that happens, my life is a lie
People see me and just don't realise
What they see is just a disguise.


Compassion..look beyond yourself : Poetry

With no compassion or caring feel, Portraying that which isn't real,

Hiding behind a saintly mask, Pretension of some godly task,

Crushing innocence and self-esteem, Robbing victim of their dreams,

Void of empathy and emotions, tactics of self-promotion.


If exploitation is the beginning, empowerment can be the end,

If destruction of environment is the beginning, green revolution can be the end,

If jealousy is the beginning, inspiration can be the end,

If fear is the beginning, adventure be the end,

If hatred is the beginning, forgiveness is the end,

If anger is the beginning, tolerance be the end.


Compassion is not just an emotion, but a god's creation,

It is the secret act of giving to save someone, It is setting aside your own desire to pave way for others

It is not a mere showing sympathy, but to make oneself available, It is generosity without any publicity,

So today I wish we all hope, listen, accept, speak and love all things without ration

As today we all should redeemed Compassion!

@ SwatiMathur