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The Magic Of Reading Aloud To Young Kids by Charu Sareen Gujjal - Book Review

Book Name : The Magic Of Reading Aloud To Young Kids

Author : Charu Sareen Gujjal

Genre : Parenting

In the era of digitization parents are looking for ways to keep their children gadget free. And the best way to do is, by inculcating reading habit in them. Reading stimulates their brain and make them highly imaginative and not only expands their understanding of the language but develop their listening skills as well. Reading has various benefits like improving concentration, making them more empathetic, expanding their vocabulary and so on. The benefits of reading to your children can start even before they are born. As early as 18 weeks of pregnancy a child will be able to start hearing their first sound. When we talk and read to our unborn baby, we are already starting a bonding experience with them. Literacy skills continue to develop while reading to you baby after they are born. Like reading it is also vital to know how do children pick up books to read. 


Charu Sareen Gujjal is a former teacher and language trainer, a passionate blogger and an author. She is a mom to five-year old twins Aarav and Aarohi, whom she lovingly calls as A&A. Her debut book ''A To Z of Parenting Twins' (published in 2019) is a wonderful resource for new parents on raising twins. She actively writes about her parenting journey on her blog The Mom Sagas which records all her motherhood experiences and everyday sagas of raising twins. She shares useful parenting tips, age-appropriate activities, books /games recommendations for kids, easy DIYs etc. She also expresses her views on topics related to womanhood, health, education and lifestyle.


Now this is fascinating. On the book cover you will see Charu reading a book to her twins. This shows her love for reading and same quality she would like to imbibe in her kids.


The book "The Magic Of Reading Aloud To Young Kids" is a compete guide for parents and caregivers. This book is divided into four sections. The first part deals with "why to read to young kids. Here author has mentioned various benefits of reading books at early age, the second parts talks about "how to read to young kids to make it fun and interactive. In the second section she has also talked about how to deal with reluctant readers and has given some insightful pointers. There is also a mention of importance of rereading and its benefits. While the third part deals with age wise suggestion to what to read to young kids and in the fourth section author has given her personal book recommendations in various categories like Panchatantra stories, Fairy tales, Mythological stories and so on.


Being a former teacher and a mother of two, author has given some valuable suggestions as to what to read and how to make reading more interesting. She has touched upon various aspects of book reading with her in-depth knowledge on the subject. This book carters to all the age group of kids and that is the USP of this book.  I think this is a must read book for all those people who want to inculcate reading habit in their children as it not only helps them in their cognitive development but also accelerate their creative and imaginative power. I would like to recommended this book to all those people who believe in life long learning as it is rightly said " once you stop learning you stop growing". And reading is one of the prominent way to have a better and effective learning.


You will know the benefits of reading aloud .

You will learn various techniques to make reading more fun, interactive and interesting for kids.

You will know how to deal with reluctant readers as not every kid has linguistic intelligence.

You will know the importance of rereading the books.

You will learn the art of picking the right book for your kid to develop their love for reading.

You will learn how non-fiction books can help kids to be more aware about their own surroundings.

You will learn how different genre of books can impact child's psychology. 

If you have a child and reading is something that you haven't engaged in much, its never too late. Grab a copy of this book understand the importance of reading aloud as reading a book will go a long way to help build your child's brain.


Format : ebook, pdf version

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The Magic Of Reading Aloud To Young Kids by Charu Sareen Gujjal 

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful review. I am so glad you found it a useful and helpful read.

  2. Yes dear agree reading offers lots of benefits for overall development of kids. Charu is one of my favorite parenting blogger and I am glad she has selected this important topic to write her book. being an expert is field, I am sure she has provided all valuable tips and suggestions to inculcate reading habits in kids.

  3. I must confess that the title did not appeal to me but after reading your review I find it fascinating that this book can help us choose the right kind of books and how to make reading interesting for kids.

  4. This book is really amazing for all parents to really garb and read as reading is something which is really important for kids and Charu has written it beautifully!

  5. Charu writes beautifully about matters related to parenting and education. As a mother I can relate to this book as both my kids are different when it comes to reading.

  6. The book looks amazing for kids these days even my daughter love reading books definitely will be checking out thank you for sharing the detailed review.

  7. Charu is a well known blogger and her suggestions are definitely to be followed. Reading is an essential for kids but great tips on how to inculcate that habit. Will check it out.

  8. Reading aloud is the best way to brings kids close to books and words. Charu has curated a great book and your review is also really nice.

  9. I have always admired writing's by charu. She has great clarity of thought and way of writing. I totally agree with her and this book that reading is one of the best things that we can do for kids and definitely should inculcate this habit from early on.

  10. I am a mom of young reader who has just started with novels. But I must say he is a reluctant reader of sorts who is more interested in Lego. I am picking this book for better tackling.

  11. Being a parent is not an easy task but after reading your review. I strongly feel that this book is helpful for the parents role. Thanks for indepth review.

  12. You know this totally worked on me as a child. I even studies on that manner which benifittted me in so many ways. Hence, this is indeed a great way to do for our kids too.