Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Written In The Stars by Divya Anand - Book Review

Book Name: Written in the Stars

Author: Divya Anand

Genre: Romantic Comedy Fiction


Divya is a product manager who writes product specifications during her day and is an author by night. She gets her best creative ideas when she is hanging upside down doing anti-gravity yoga or doodling. In 2019, she won a Gourmand World Cookbook Award for her first book, Dare Eat That. She is also the author of a children's picture book, I Hate My Curly Hair. She lives in Bangalore with her husband, Vivek.


Written in the stars is a Romantic Comedy about whether life and love are shaped by your choices or are written in the stars. Sitara the protagonist works for a start-up and almost living on a edge to prove her worth for a promotion. And how she uses the marketing head Abhimanyu Singh's obsession with astrology to her advantage and later falls in love with him. Sitara must now choose what she really wants, a promotion or true love. The story revolves about Sitara's professional and personal life and how she balances the two. The book gives a real feel of corporate culture, over ambitious people, politics, love, hatred, deadlines everything you can think off. 


Written in the stars is a light-hearted, humorous book.  Sitara the protagonist and her love interest Abhimanyu in the story are the most lovable and memorable characters which connects with the readers instantly. Both the characters are so adorable that as a kid, I immediately rooted for these two crazy kids to get together. 

I totally admire the author's sense of humour. In many places you won't be able to stop yourself from laughing out loud. There are some moments which might not be too intense in terms of love, but you do feel weak in your knees. 

This book has dealt with every emotion and relationship so beautifully that despite having some grey shades in few of the characters, you still find them likable. 

I personally felt connected to this book on many levels.  Firstly, Sitara shares the same designation as of my better half in his early career and second residing in the same city as her, I literally sense that I am part of the story on many occasions and felt everything extremely relatable. And lastly, I always look for a positive ending and this book has given me the one. With a proper closure and happy ending this book has won my heart.

I strongly recommend this book as it is enjoyable, humorous and a fun read. 


Book Format : Paperback/Kindle Version

Price ; 225 INR / 188.33 INR

Pages : 288

Availability : Amazon




  1. Lovely review, Swati. I like such light romantic stories. This book has a contemporary feel good factor that most people can relate to. Will surely try to get my hands on it.

  2. I am hearing a lot about this book all across the web. the plot sounds really exciting. I am a big fan of romantic genre and this book's setting, characters all sounds appealing to me. thanks dear for sharing your honest review. will surly try to check this out.

  3. Insightful and detailed review. Love this light-hearted, humorous book. Definitely seem to be a great option to try and read

  4. I note that the protagonist is name Sitara (star ) and the book too has stars in the title. I am not a sucker for romance but do love fun and humor, so I am picking this one up!

  5. I too totally loved the book and must agree at few places could not stop laughing. You have very well captured all pointers in the review.

  6. As an avid reader of RomCom this book is definitely going to grab a spot to my TBR. And your honest review about the book stirring my curiosity to know more about Sitara and Abhimanyu's love story.

  7. I am hearing a lot about this book. Having Astrology in a story plot is new to me and I am sure it will be much more interesting to see how it gives a new shade to the story.

  8. Sounds like a light romantic book. Stars have always fascinated me always and your review does tickle my curiosity.

  9. I.agree with you in terms of the quirky style of narration. The author's narration is what hooked me to the book.

  10. It seems to be aperfect read to distract us from the tight work schedule.sometimes light-hearted reads can lighten my mind

  11. I read this a couple of months ago. It was really well written and well edited. It's difficult to get good books these days but this one was well done.

  12. I am always impressed by people who are willing and able to explore different facets of their personalitiies - job during the day and writing during night! kudos to the author! I have recently started enjoying the romcom variety as they are quick light reads!

  13. I can do with some fun and light hearted read... and Written in Stars looks like would work for me. Thanks for recommending this book.... will check it out!

  14. Thanks for the awesome review I have added this book in my bucket list and would be ordering for sure.