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Patna - 800020 by Daisy Bala - Book Review


Book Name : Patna - 800020
Author : Daisy Bala
Genre : Fiction

I have been reading non fiction books for quite a sometime now and wanted to break that monotony. I am glad that I came across Daisy Bala's Patna - 800020. The name and the cover of the book evoked curiosity in my mind and wanted to know what this book is all about. Now before sharing the story and review of this book let me tell you little bit about the author.


Daisy is passionate about writing poetry and stories, serenading words with embellishments of thoughts and emotions! She pours her incandescent heart on paper scribbling about anything and everything under the sun! She’s a homemaker living in Chicago with her husband and 2 kids and has published her nature poetry eBook “Blossoms and foliages” on kindle, this year. She’s been published in anthologies and online journals with Sharing Stories, Kalamanthan, Literoma, Chrysanthemum Chronicles, Innsaei Journal, etc. In addition, her pieces have been published with Womans Web, Silver Birch Press, Creative Talents Unleashed, Blogadda, and TOI blogs. Off late she’s been writing continuously in English and Hindi both. She was a finalist in Orange Flower Awards for Hindi poetry in 2020.


The intriguing premise of this fiction drama Patna-800020 is a story of homeopathic practitioner Dr. Bimal Prasad (Saheb) and his eccentric family members of Geetha Sadan from the new modern town of Patna. This book has depicted middle class family and their unabating struggles. Each character has their own identity yet have similar value system.

Dr. Saheb has four children, the eldest daughter Sushma (Badki) , is mature and strong headed who doesn't want to get married , second daughter Kanchan is naïve and eager to marry, third daughter Chutki is fearless, speaks her mind and lives on her own terms while the youngest who is a son , busy cracking jokes and brings life to the family. Their mother, Barkha Devi is a hindi teacher and take care of the house with utmost dedication. And like any other Indian household mother, she is worried about her daughter's marriage.


You really get invested into the characters and their lives and you start to feel their pain and happiness. Every character and their story is so evocative that you feel part of it. What I really liked about each character is that they are conservative yet modern. Every situation has been handled so pragmatically that you can expect a positive ending. 

The USP of this book is that, the author has not just managed to create the ambiance by depicting each character and scene vividly but by using Bihari accent which has made everything so relatable. Certain scenes has portrayed so beautifully that I couldn't help myself reacting to it.There was a scene where due to Kanchan's first hoax alliance, everybody in the family was extremely stressed, mother Barkha Devi had become so restless that she started checking with every handsome guy who could be the suitable alliance for her daughter and then one day she crosses all her limits, asking courier boy if he is married or not? was hilarious. Another scene that stayed with me was, when Dr. Saheb motivates her daughter Chutki and says, ” Soaring high is your nature, fly my sweetheart. You have my back! I will always stay like a gust of wind beneath your wings.” this is a sign of simple living with high thinking. 

Author has successfully managed to evoke myriad of emotions and touched upon various important social issues related to dowry, gender discrimination and body shaming. Without being preachy she subtly bashed away all these taboos in her story.

Very well written book, wanted to read more.  It would be great if Daisy take this book forward by adding few more chapters for a better closure. 


Format : E-book,  PDF version

Pages : 73

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Patna - 800020 by Daisy Bala

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  1. Hi Swati❤️this is an excellent review and I was satiated to the core. You have weaved the words beautifully, asking for all the readers attention and love!! Thankyou once again dear ❤️🙏🏻

  2. I througly enjoyed reading your book Daisy, It has humour, drama, happy and sad moments. You aced it dear.

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    Blogging Generation

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