Thursday, September 30, 2021

Beauty Queen - The Pathway To Pageantry by Anvita Sudarshan - Book Review


Book Name : Beauty Queen - The Pathway To Pageantry

Author: Anvita Sudarshan

Genre: Non-fiction/ Self Help


Anvita Sudarshan is a writer and filmmaker, who spent her early days in pageantry and modelling. She won the ‘Miss India Kuwait’ title in 2011 and was the first runner-up of Miss India Worldwide 2012, besides being a finalist in ‘I Am She: Miss India Universe 2011’ and ‘Femina Miss India South 2010’. She served as a judge for ‘Miss India New York 2013’ and ‘Miss India USA 2013’. She has also modelled extensively in the Mumbai fashion industry. Anvita hopes to build an institutional framework for pageantry in India, especially for the aspirants to pursue a systematic path. Beauty Queen is an important milestone in that direction.


Beauty Queen: The Pathway to Pageantry can be considered as "one stop solution" for winning beauty pageants. This book gives a complete picture of ways and means to understand how to prepare yourself for a pageantry be it, body grooming, nutrition, wardrobe management, catwalk, interview and judge's perspective. As Anita Sudarshan belongs to this industry all the information given has been attached with lot of credibility. This book is one of its kind and presents pageantry as a unique composition of art, science and grace in equal proportions. This book claims not just to be written for aspiring beauty queens but also for every individual who wants to look and feel beautiful and healthy. 

According to Anvita the  secret for winning a pageant is modesty, confidence and hard work. It is a complete guide for all the beauty queen aspirants or someone who is looking for a career in fashion industry. Pageantry provides you a platform, if you use it right it can help you achieve your dreams.

The author delves deeper into the pageantry origin. It takes testimony from the ancient Greek mythological tales, The Paris judgement, which resulted in Trojan War because of beauty pageantry and move on to take cognizance of the modern day fashion world. This book talks about never heard  parameters like Golden Ratio, Marquartd Mask of beauty, waist to hip ratio which are must have, in order to reach perfection in terms of beauty. Beside this author has mentioned about different external body features like hair, skin, teeth, nails, nutrition and health that one needs to work upon in detail by doing an in depth analysis of each. Author has also touched upon aspects which helps to create an impact at the time of pageantry like, catwalk, interview and impressive wardrobe.


No doubt this book can be considered as an encyclopedia for becoming a beauty queen. It looks like intense research have gone into collecting valuable information which will not just add credibility to the book but will lead to a quick acceptance from the people. I enjoyed reading the evolution of beauty industry from not so structured and organized one to be highly professional and much in order. Being an Image Consultant myself I  could relate to this book at personal level. This book will show the path to all the aspiring beauty queens towards spotlight. Author has left no stone unturned and covered almost all the aspects of beauty which is required for prepping up and shine on the "The Day".

Book Details

Format : Paperback / Kindle edition

Price : 580 INR/ 299 INR

Pages: 316

Availability : Amazon

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  1. Whenever I see these pageants,it make me wonder about the amount of hard work they must have put. We only see them walking confidently with that perfect smile and answering every question with clarity. But I am sure a lot goes behind that. I am sure this book will answer my questions.

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  4. Pageantry is now a serious competition and not just about pretty faces and perfect figures. I am glad that there are books that can at least guide an aspirant how to go about winning such competitions.

  5. This is great! I always looked at pageantry being learnt at grooming centres and from the event organisers themselves. A book can be so helpful to work a little in advance on their own. Great review.

  6. One has to put in a LOT of effort and hard work to participate in beauty pageants, these days. Insights and learnings from an insider can be a big help for all those who aspire to be a make it BIG of this field.

  7. On the outside it may look like all glam and shine, it will be interesting to read what goes on the inside, how they prepare and how they go through the process.

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  10. I am sure a lot goes behind the Beauty pageants . It is not an easy task to win these titles. I am sure this book will answer all questions of aspirants

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