Friday, June 25, 2021

Building A Writing Practice by Sona Gover - Book Review

Name of the book : "Building A Writing Practice"

Author : Sona Grover

Genre : Self Help

To maximize the impact of any learning it is imperative to make commitment with practice. After all, practice is the only way to become proficient in what ever you do. Learning something new is hard, especially in the beginning and we tend to do mistakes and struggle more. But the reality is , the only way to learn something is through practice. According to Malcolm Gladwell "It takes 10,000 hours of practice to become expert at something. There is a big difference between an intellectual understanding and the skill development. Most of the people generally have intellectual capacity of quickly grasping of concept or an idea which can lead them to mistakenly believe that they know how to execute. The fact is that they don't, not until they practice, get feedback, refine their approach and practice again. Today the book I am reviewing talks about how  one can be a good writer or get better at the craft of writing if one does practice with consistency. Let me introduce you to the the author of this wonderful book.


Sona Grover is an author and a blogger. enthusiastic about good books, nature and long walks. She writes fiction and talks about her experiences with writing in her non fiction books. She has authored three wonderful books "One Girl Many Lives" and "Through The Mist" are fiction and "Finding Your Writing Flow " which is non fiction. 


The book "Building A Writing Practice" focuses on importance of practice, reading and consistency to get better at the art of writing. One can come out of writer's block or if one get stuck; by getting into a diffuse mode of thinking which relaxes your brain for a while despite your unconscious brain still working on the task. 

Each chapter or you can say strategies stated by the author starts with an apt Quote, followed by an explanation, with practical exercises and how do those exercises be helpful is fine tuning your writing skills has been explained with precision. If your ultimate goal is to becomes an author then this book is an ultimate guide which helps you in becoming not just an author but a best selling author.

The book talks about how creative writing can brings you out from writer's block and gives you variety in your writing. I liked the the concept of accountability partner, while in writing it is your blog that can keep you committed. To be consistent in writing author has suggested content creator that can persuade you to post regularly. 


  • Author has mentioned how brevity and being concise can make your writing more attractive and can add humor too. 
  • Usage of metaphors and analogies can bring more creativity in your content which can impress the readers. 
  • While writing fiction it is important to have a balance between dialogues and description and telling and showing.
  • Changing narration can help you to learn to switch perspective and see the impact of telling the story from a different point of view.
  • Jot down what ever ideas pops into your mind and start writing with your memories when you get stuck.

THINGS TO REMEMBER (While writing fiction)

  • Know your character inside out as they are the one that drives the story.
  • Take smaller steps, focus on small parts, other things would come easy.
  • Begin with flash fiction (Short stories say less than 1000 words), this will help you to be precise and you can experiment with new ways of telling stories.
  • Focus on the plot as that is the foundation of any good story.

This book is a master piece. Every point has been explained with ample clarity which creates no room for confusion especially for budding writers. If exercises mentioned in the book will be done with sincerity than no one can stop you being a great writer. So guys what are your thinking,  go grab your copy to ace your writing skill. 


Format : Ebook

Pages : 38

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