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Bloggers Unplugged by Ruchi Verma - Book Review

AUTHOR : Ruchi Verma

BOOK : Bloggers Unplugged

RATING : 5/5

Blogging isn't new but has gained its popularity in recent past. Blogging began in the year 1994, like a digital diary where people penned down their thoughts and shared it online. Then, people realized its true potential. They saw an opportunity to communicate information in a new way online. And then the beautiful world of blogging began but today it has been recognized as a serious profession and people are getting monetary benefits by writing content which the audience is looking for. 

Today I am reviewing a book that can act as a handy guide to make your blogging journey smooth and better. So let's meet the author of the book " Bloggers Unplugged".


Ruchi Verma is a well - known and multiple award-winning Blogger listed among the 50 top most influential content marketing professionals, Certified parenting teen practitioners and won India Inspirational Women Award in 2020. She started her blogging journey as she wanted to share and learn with everyone. 


To begin with, the book "Bloggers Unplugged" is a great combination of learning with fun. Each aspect of blogging is explained in simple language with fun graphics. Pictorial representation of every topic instantly catches the attention of the readers and keep them more focused. Being a blogger, it is her experience which speaks volumes about her knowledge in the book. This book not only talks about terminologies used in the world of blogging but tries to address the myths associated in blogging sphere. It takes you through the life of bloggers, their hardship, their challenges and their dedication. While looking at each graphic you cannot stop yourself from smiling, as it is not just funny but showcases the hard work went into creating such authentic content. She has covered all most all the topics, especially ones which measures the success of any blogger, for example, Domain Authority, linky party , keywords and so on. And topics which are crucial for gaining the popularity. She has also covered aspects which talk about blogging ethics so that one can keep themselves away from plagiarism.

  • Graphical content in this book gives this book a competitive advantage and makes it unique.
  • Every topic has a conclusion and secret tips which author has given from her own experience.
  • The language used in the book is simple for any layman to understand.

I had the privilege to have personal interaction with the author. Her passion for blogging came across very strongly and that is the reason for her coming up with this informative and loaded with fun book." A picture is worth a thousand words" and this book clearly justifies that. The creatives used in the book requires massive imagination and animation skills. I am glad I came across this book as being new to the blogging world, this book can be a hands on guide not just for me but for all those aspiring and budding bloggers who are struggling to survive in the blogging era. So without wasting much time download the book by clicking on the link below


Pages : 52
Format : E-Book

Available on Blogchatter's website for free download (For limited period sp hurry up and grab your copy)

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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A2Z of Common diseases and their Homeopathic Treatment" by Dr. Surbhi Prapanna - Book Review


Author : Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

Genre : Health, Alternative medicine, Homeopathy

Rating : 5/5


Dr. Surbhi Prapanna is a homeopathic therapist by profession and a writer and blogger by passion. She has more than 4 years of professional writing experience and her work had been published on various prestigious online platforms like,, and Health, parenting, and creative activities for kids (art, crafts, DIYs etc...) are her niche. And she shares her areas of expertise and parenting experience on her blog She has won so many awards for her academic and professional excellence but won the “Best parent award” is most precious and satisfying experience of her life. 


This book talks about all the common diseases with their causes, symptoms, prevention, diagnosis with homeopathic remedies in detail. In-depth detailing shows the kind of research the author has put in that gives us better understanding with immense clarity about the causes and treatment. Dr. Surbhi has covered almost all the common as well as routine illnesses which you can ever think of. Every illness and their remedies are explained with pictures that makes it very convenient for the readers to understand.

Homeopathy is a 200 year- old -form of alternative medicine that claims to revitalize a healing response and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself.

What I like about homeopathic treatment is that a homeopath will enquire into the cause behind the problem and go to the root of the disease to have a better understanding. For example if you have a recurring headaches due to some other disorder in your body such as stress, constipation or acidity, a homeopath will aim to remove the reason behind the headaches, or inquire patiently and show you the way out. 

There are numerous benefits of homeopathic medicine. They believe in holistic methodology, they try to remove the cause , there are hardly any side effects therefore considered as safest medicine. It also helps in building up your immunity and acts like a preventive medicine.


Dr. Surbhi's passion and love for her professions shows in her writing. As we all know medicine is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded profession and as it has been rightly said that god cannot be everywhere that's why he has sent the doctors with excellence and selflessness. By writing this precious book Dr. Surbhi has proved this saying right. "A2Z of Common disease and their homeopathic treatment" is not just another book but a reference guide which can serve millions of people. So it is our responsibility to create awareness and increase the reachability of this valuable book. I personally use and believe in homeopathic medicine and have complete faith in it. I am a big fan of Dr. Surbhi's writing and precision as all her content are not just insightful but aim to serve the community. 

I strongly recommend this book for all age groups and for all those people who believes in the power of alternative medicine and who believes in the selfless service as it can give you strength and courage to awaken the humanity. I am saving this book as my all time reference book.


  • Key symptoms of each medicine are shown in bold italic, that can help in selection of correct remedy.
  • This book doesn't encourage self medication and written only for educational purpose.


Pages : 141

Available on Blogchatter's website for free download (for limited period so hurry up and grab your copy)

A2Z of Common Medicine and their Homeopathic Treatment - Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

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