Tuesday, March 16, 2021

The Boundaries Of Sanity by Mira Saraf - Book Review

Author : Mira Saraf

Genre : Fiction

Rating : 4.5/5


Mira Saraf is an English and Psychology graduate. She works for a family business and outside office she is a an avid reader, poet and a writer. She has various achievements and an inspirational journey.


"The Boundaries of Sanity " is an intense and dark read. It consists of five short stories which talks about people's struggle with life and their inner conscience. This book talks about negative emotions and how these negative emotions can be overcome with courage and determination. Considering the depth of each story it is quite strenuous to understand. The protagonist in each story comes out at the end as a real fighter whether it is a women who got stranded in an abandoned house on a seashore and found comfort in the memories of her past or someone who was fighting with her inner self image and realised her self worth, or someone who was buried in senseless worries and realised life is too short so enjoy to the fullest and while reading all this it gives you a sense of hope. 


This is one book which I wanted to finish it in one go. And this realization came just after reading the first one. If you leave any story in between you will loose the track and moreover you wouldn't be able be feel the same emotions. There are times when you feel irresolute about your own understanding that you would like to read again and again to be very sure about your interpretation.  There is so much of depth in each story that you cannot understand if you don't feel the connect with the story and with the characters.

The characters, feelings and thoughts are so real that you would be able to relate with it.  Each story leaves you with a question mark and that after thought "This can happen with anybody" will give you goose bums. Being a Psychology student writer had portrayed each and every emotions beautifully.

This read might leave you with unhappy and dejected kind of feeling but it's worth a read. So I feel if you are emotionally intelligent person then this book is an apt read.

Book Details:

Pages : 59

Publisher : Redomania

Kindle Edition available on Amazon

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Thursday, March 4, 2021

The Psychology of Persuasion by Kevin Hogan - BookReview

Author : Kevin Hogan
Genre : Non- fiction / Self Help
Rating : 4.9/5


Kevin Hogan, Ph.D, is the author pf seven books and has made hundreds of radio, television and media appearance. He teaches "The Psychology of Persuasion" for the prestigious University of St. Thomas Management center in Minneapolis, and has taught his unique skills of persuasion to employees of America's Fortune 500 companies. His Specialized knowledge of body language and hypnosis has helped him gain recognition as one of America's leading experts in the field of Human influence.


This book consists of most dynamic tools, strategies and techniques of persuasion. It talks about the most imperative skill one need to posses in their personal and professional life and that is Persuasive Communication. This strategies are proven which were used by most influential businesses in the world and now can be used by you.


There are numerous learning but to name a few 

  • You will learn how to read other's body language in a split second 
  • You will learn to influence others to your way of thinking 
  • You will learn to create rapport with anyone in few seconds 
  • You will learn to discover the need and wants of others 
  • You will learn to help others see you as the solution to their problems 
  • You will learn to develop charismatic power to attract others 


As a soft skills trainer I always look for a book which can add value to my content and at the same time make me look like a credible person. That's the reason I have developed immense love for non fiction books. I have incorporated few of the learning by now, for example being more assertive and more happier as now I have learn to control my own destiny rather than being a pawn in someone else's chess game. The power to influence is certainly the most important communication skill one can have but there is also a great downside to the power of influence. There will always be the master manipulators. For example Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein have mastered these influential skills for the worse. It is unfortunate truth that the skills of persuasion can be acquired by people with both good and evil motivations. The final advise from my side is if you want to gain the most out of this book, make sure you do the enjoyable exercise provided so you will be able to integrate the information into your subconscious immediately. Remember knowledge is only powerful when it is applied.


Pages : 282 

Publisher : Magna Publishing Co Ltd

Paperback  Kindle Edition available on Amazon