Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Opportunity : Poetry

Answers are there when we are willing to try
We should never let the opportunity pass you by
Even though we will be weak and inept
Things happen when God always accept

Opportunity knocks, don't hesitate
Open the door and celebrate

Opportunity knocks, go in a hurry
Leave your fear and worry

Opportunity knocks, let it in
It may bring you a bashful grin

Let opportunity be in , because you may never know , it may never knock again....



  1. Very inspiring poem..we should always gran opportunities. You never know which might click.

  2. Oh people call me an opportunist. I mean I look for my benefit in everything except if I'm giving to the needy or something. That's how I became an influencer.

  3. Loved this poem totally. It gives the drive to try again and attain what they want.

  4. Yes agree that god give us chance few times in life to grab and prove ourselves. now it is up to us either use that opportunity or waste it. love the way you had expressed this emotion with this beautiful poem.

  5. Opportunities will not wait for anyone. If we are not smart enough to grab the opportunity there is no point in cursing the fate. You have given a perfect life lesson to every one. Loved it totally

  6. Thats a lovely poem.we sometimes get so lost in the cause that we miss the motive. Enjoying the process is important too.

  7. I don't feel in looking for opportunities love poem you have shared really very inspiring.

  8. Nice and simple words. But the meaning coming out so well. Yes we should always grab any opportunity that comes our way.

  9. Yes we should not let any opportunity go away as we don't know if that will come back or not. I liked the wordings, they are so deep.

  10. Absolutely, one has to stay active with open arms to welcome any opportunity and grab them well in time. Your poetic lines are very encouraging to hold the opportunity. Looking forward to read more poetry from you.