Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ek Nayi Lague- What is it all about?

Ek Nayi League is definitely looks very interesting and innovative but at the same time little strange. I say it strange because what I feel, whatever we do or I should say whatever I do; I do with all my heart. Whether it’s cooking for my family, going for an outing with my children, taking care of my house, going for a shopping, reading a book, working on my project and so on, and the list is endless.

But according to Mr. Kapil Dev we will fail if we play this league with our heart. Little difficult to discover what is it but surely I would like to give it a try. In the video he was talking about Yuvraj Sing, MS Dhoni, Sania Mirza and even Kapil Sharma, so I get a feeling that its neither about cricket nor about sports, it could be anything. People coming from different work of life can be a part of this league. People who have seen lots of ups and downs and struggled to get , where they are now and proved that it does not matter where you come from , what is your background, whether you are rich or poor, what matters is your hard work, your dedication, your dreams, your goals, your commitment and your inner voice.

This Nayi league would be about life, where a real life situation would be given to all the participants or could be a group of participants and they will be judged based upon their reaction and performance. Here you have to follow your mind or brain and not your heart. You cannot be emotional, you need to be practical. When you have bigger goals in life and resources are limited than being emotional or thinking from heart will not help, here you need to be more practical and use your brain to achieve your goals. Thinking from heart makes you weak and when you are weak you can hardly think or act. Person who thinks from mind is definitely considered as a strong headed and more successful person.

Who ever be the participant in this Ek Nayi League would be someone who is an achiever or someone who have an attitude of an achiever. Here participants would be given a real life situation which they have to do in a set time frame with limited resources. Then they would be assessed based on their success. Participants or a group of participants would be considered successful based upon their planning, their set goals, their skills that could be management, leadership or team building, their risk taking attitude and lots of other criteria’s.

I am sure this is going to be very interesting and very fascinating. I am really looking forward to watch this Nayi League and after seeing Mr. Kapil Dev’s Videos I am getting ever more inquisitive.

I would like to wish everyone associated with this league all the very best and pray for their success.


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