Tuesday, January 3, 2023

OF Marriages and Madness by Sacheth - Book Review


Name of the book: OF Marriages and Madness

Author of the book: Sacheth

Genre: Fiction


Let's be very frank , if there is one steadfast truth that most married people can agree is that marriage isn't always easy. The book "OF Marriages and Madness" by Sacheth is a compilation of 8 stories that revolves around marriage and the different perspective surrounds the same. 

Each story has been woven beautifully by the author. They are thought provoking and relatable too. While reading you might connect to some and might reject some but you cannot ignore them. Author has left some stories with open end,  that might be frustrating for some but it helps you to be more imaginative and can bring up your creativity. Most of the stories are unpredictable and that's what makes it an interesting read. Do not expect happy endings as even in real life there is nothing called  black and white,  there is more of greys and probably that makes life challenging and fascinating at the same time. 

Each story will provoke different emotions and that is one thing I thoroughly enjoyed. These stories don't give you a rosy picture of marital life but gives some extremely hard hitting facts that might be difficult to digest but brutally true. 

It is a short read with minimum characters, just as needed to create a real drama and dispute. 

I have two favorites "Of Marriages and Madness which is also the title of the book. In this story a married couple whose marriage is bordering on madness invites yet to be married couple for a dinner and narrates a story which will spell bound you and will keep you in thinking mode throughout. There is an underline suspense and thriller in this story that kept me on the edge.

My second favorite is the first story in the book which kept the momentum high from the beginning. "A settling of accounts", it is a story of sweet revenge which I found quirky and hilarious. 


Author has managed to evoke different emotions not only from the characters of  the story but from the readers too. I have experienced pain and happiness at the same time and for me that is commendable. These stories touches most of the marital issues be it domestic violence, dominating husband, drawback of arranged marriage, stress , incompatibility, lack of love and trust and much more. 

It is a quick read but I still felt few stories little draggy. Overall I enjoyed reading the book as it is relatable and each story has given an underlining message without being preachy.


Sacheth is a postgraduate in Creative Writing from the University of York, UK. He loves reading and writing fiction of realism, magical realism, and mystery genres. He is also a technical communications professional, and he has authored numerous technical publications for multinational companies. In his spare time, he likes exploring medical-research literature and hitting the gym. He currently lives in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. You can connect with him on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. His social-media handle is @authorsacheth.


Format: Paperback

Price: 295 INR

Pages: 112

Publishers: Redomania

Avilability: Amazon

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  1. Whenever two people decide to live together they are beginning stories that will unfold day after day. Quirky stories too. I guess this book captures some of that quirkiness.

  2. No marriage is perfect. The topic of this books seems interesting. Marriage is like a recipe. It has sugar, salt, heat, sourness, bitterness.

  3. Every marriage is different and entails different meanings for everyone. I love reading about different relationships and also knowing more about the perspectives.