Monday, October 25, 2021

Finding Myself - Poetry

I started my journey being a seeker,

seeking confidence, seeking success,

but something stopped me,

Is that my comfort or the fear of unknown or is it a sense of uncertainty,

I am not sure, what is it?

When I ask myself "where to"? I have no clue,

but I know this path takes me to my soul.

Do you believe in loosing yourself, before finding yourself,

there is nothing more honest than loving yourself.

I realize I have lost something of mine,

which is magnificent in its design.

I think I have left my heart somewhere 

or the part of me that believes in "Who I am".

I must listen to the call of my heart, 

The call that won't let me be content,

The call that help me find the piece of me that connects me with my destiny.

The piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly into a place of sanity,

The piece that help me break the chain of self doubt and make me come alive,

Its time to share the real me to the world I thrive.

I do not want to fit in like the world expects from me,

but I want to stand out like I was born to be.

I am not ready to give myself away,

I am done denying myself, I will not let myself fade away,

This part of my life is all about me, believing in everything I do.

I have come to peace with my spirit.

I love who I am, and what I do.

My journey of self discovery and self love has just begun...........

So hold me tight my thoughts, as this is the new beginning of adventurous life span.

@Swati Mathur

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  1. What a powerful journey of finding yourself Swati, Kudos! Loved every expression of choice where you preferred being your own version rather than living on the verge of other’s expectation! Enjoy being in your happy place! Very well weaved poem!

    Archana Srivastava

  2. Thanks Archana.. I am so glad that you liked it

  3. "I love who I am, and what I do."- thats the true meaning if happiness. Once we understand that, we can never be in a dilemma or uncertainty.

  4. Wow this was so thoughtful Swati. I have become a big fan of your poetry writing skills after reading your recent post. in this post, I could co relate most with these lines, "I do not want to fit in like the world expects from me,

    but I want to stand out like I was born to be."

  5. This is such a lovely and powerful poem. I absolutely love the choice of words. The last two lines are beautiful affirmation

  6. This poem is so much powerful and inspiring Swati, I really loved it and so glad you are part of this blogtrain!!

    1. Thanks Ruchi.. Glad to be part of this blogtrain

  7. Such powerful words, Swati! The refusal to be mundane, to be original and different, that piece of puzzle that finds its own place to fit in, I loved every analogy. Wonderfully written!

  8. Beautifully written poem, Swati. Self love is absolutely mandatory in today's time. In fact if you cannot love yourself, you cannot love anyone else. And you should not regret anything in life, even if it looks like a mistake.

  9. Very nice poem. The journey of findng oneself is something that we all are engaged in. The words carve out a beautiful train of thoughts that are beautifully strung together in verse.

  10. Each and every line brings so much confidence and belief in one's self, his abilities. It is important to seek something bigger, move out of our comfort zone. Amazing buddy!!

  11. Such beautiful lines, Swati. As rightly said finding self is a journey to upliftment and self realization.

  12. Self love is very important, you have beautifully penned up this poem. And it's good to see people are knowing the value of self love and work on their comfort zone.
    Lovely poem

  13. Lovely and powerful words. It is such an amazing journey and each one of us go through this and it all depends on what we learn and find ourselves on the journey.

  14. Wow Swati how beautifully you have expressed yourself through this poetry. I loved the strong and deep meaning words. And I too strongly feel my journey to self discovery and self love has just begun and there's miles to go before I sleep.

  15. The call that help me find the piece of me that connects me with my destiny.

    The piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly into a place of sanity,

    The most favorite lines and ones which can definitely make people pause and think. Lovely choice of word's .

  16. Self love is definitely very important and I realised that recently . You have penned down this so beautifully. I enjoyed a lot

  17. Sometimes we don't want to come out of our comfort zone and it becomes the main reason for lagging. Great that you found what you want at the right time:)