Saturday, March 7, 2015

Proud to be a women : Poetry

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Women are a pillar of strength, who cares till endless length

Women are a priceless treasure, whose love we can never measure

Women are a symbol of emotions, who never have preconceived notion

Women are a bundle of joy, whose presence we all enjoy

Women are full of dignity, who has this amorous quality

Women are a sign of love, who always want to be loved

Women are  beads of courage, who has a strength of goddess

Respect her, Love her, & Treat her like a Princess !!



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  1. Congratulations Swati. Good. Carry on.

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  3. Women are the most beautiful creation of God. She may be seen as a symbol of love, affection, care and other soft skills but she is the creator, nurturer, and if need she can be a pillar of strength and as you have said - who has the strength of goddess.