Friday, February 27, 2015

Compassion..look beyond yourself : Poetry

With no compassion or caring feel, Portraying that which isn't real,

Hiding behind a saintly mask, Pretension of some godly task,

Crushing innocence and self-esteem, Robbing victim of their dreams,

Void of empathy and emotions, tactics of self-promotion.


If exploitation is the beginning, empowerment can be the end,

If destruction of environment is the beginning, green revolution can be the end,

If jealousy is the beginning, inspiration can be the end,

If fear is the beginning, adventure be the end,

If hatred is the beginning, forgiveness is the end,

If anger is the beginning, tolerance be the end.


Compassion is not just an emotion, but a god's creation,

It is the secret act of giving to save someone, It is setting aside your own desire to pave way for others

It is not a mere showing sympathy, but to make oneself available, It is generosity without any publicity,

So today I wish we all hope, listen, accept, speak and love all things without ration

As today we all should redeemed Compassion!

@ SwatiMathur



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