Friday, February 27, 2015

Compassion..look beyond yourself : Poetry

With no compassion or caring feel, Portraying that which isn't real,

Hiding behind a saintly mask, Pretension of some godly task,

Crushing innocence and self-esteem, Robbing victim of their dreams,

Void of empathy and emotions, tactics of self-promotion.


If exploitation is the beginning, empowerment can be the end,

If destruction of environment is the beginning, green revolution can be the end,

If jealousy is the beginning, inspiration can be the end,

If fear is the beginning, adventure be the end,

If hatred is the beginning, forgiveness is the end,

If anger is the beginning, tolerance be the end.


Compassion is not just an emotion, but a god's creation,

It is the secret act of giving to save someone, It is setting aside your own desire to pave way for others

It is not a mere showing sympathy, but to make oneself available, It is generosity without any publicity,

So today I wish we all hope, listen, accept, speak and love all things without ration

As today we all should redeemed Compassion!

@ SwatiMathur




  1. Beautiful. We all have it within us. Just that we get carried away with outer forces. But when we start being compassionate towards things, people then life will become extra beautiful.

  2. Sadly there is no compassion left to redeem, Swati. When my husband passed away 17 years ago I was ostracized and treated as a pariah. 3 months ago my son passed away and still the callous behavior is the same. Why cannot people leave me alone if they have no compassion? Instead they say such hurtful things that drown me in depression.

  3. I really liked this o especially line of your post the most " Compassion is not just an emotion, but a god's creation". So true and relatable. Well written indeed.

  4. Very well said. I agree that Compassion is not just an emotion, but a god's creation, but sadly it is not present in practical world as needed. if every one start believing in this, the world would be a better place to live.

  5. Compassion is what we all need to practice and one has to be reminded with it. Your poetry does express the situations in which we all need to practice it.

  6. This is so touching and beautiful 😍. Very well said. ❤ I agree that compassion is not just emotiona. And really could relate.

  7. Your poetry beautifully captures the essence of compassion and its transformative power. The contrast between negative beginnings and positive ends emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding. Keep spreading this message of compassion and love through your heartfelt words! 🌟

  8. These are powerful lines-Compassion is not just an emotion, but a god's creation,
    It is the secret act of giving to save someone. It is setting aside your own desire to pave way for others, Swati. The world is becoming heartless and compassion is becoming an extinct emotion.

  9. This poem of yours fills me with hope . The lines “If destruction … are so relevant today more than ever when we face floods and climate change. Truly we need to practice compassion in all forms.

  10. Beautifully expressed! Let us rise above the limitations of rationed compassion and embrace a world where compassion is the driving force behind all our actions. Compassion is not outside, it's there inside every human being just waiting to be found.

  11. Well said Swati, if all of us embrace compassion in the truest sense, this world undoubtedly would become a better place.

  12. Such a beautiful expression, Swati. By practicing empathy and understanding, we can connect with others on a deeper level, offer support, and make a positive impact in their lives. In the times that we are living in, we need compassion more than ever!

  13. Beautiful lines. In this unfair world, too meet people with compassion is difficult. I am touched with every line of your poem