Friday, February 27, 2015

A Mom's Heart : Poetry

I remember those wonderful days 
When you wrapped me tightly in you arms, close to your heart

I remember when you helped me
in every  decision of life because that's the toughest time,

I remember your tight hugs when i am feeling low
because you have all the love to show

I remember you supporting me 
When whole world seems to be accusing me

I remember you wiping my tears
when i face my deepest fear

I remember when you shout at me
because you wanted best for me

Mom,i wish i have you by my side
I love you and thank you for all you did for me
and hope someday i make you proud for whatever comes to be

I wish you were here, mom i miss you so much
no one knows what i would give for just one touch.

@ Swati

This Post got published in Writers Enzine  online magazine


  1. Thanks kim
    because this mom's note is for our special mothers who are far away from us but still tense about our children also
    NO body on earth can replace her in our hearts

  2. It's so touching...heart-felt words...

  3. Very warm, heart-felt and touching words... beautiful Swati :)

  4. Moms are just like that...A touching piece, so beautifully weaved!