Monday, November 22, 2021

Be Your Own Strength - Poetry #CauseAChatter

When you are being knocked down and thrown down,

But look at you , you still stand tall.

When you are being picked and plucked and poked from your home,

But look at you, you still go long.

When you are being defeated and disassembled by your own loved ones,

But look at you , you still dance and sing as there is no tomorrow.

When the world comes crashing at your feet,

But look at you, you still pick up those pieces.

When your circumstances are not that great,

But look at you, you still do not loose hope.

Look at you, love, still here and hopeful

As nothing has happened after all!

~Swati Mathur

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  1. amazing swati. like always, you have again impressed me with your poetry writing style and skill. I loved the line "When your circumstances are not that great,

    But look at you, you still do not loose hope". I strongly believe in same and follow this always to achieve the goals that I set for myself and my family.

  2. Wonderful words! Problems come and go but (especially) women collect what they have in store to weave a beautiful future.

  3. I can so much in love with your writing style. It's important to stay hopeful for good times. Keep writing!!

  4. I absolutely loved the poem. It has so much meaning and yes one has to be their own strength. And that is the only way people can overcome what they go through.

  5. Accepting oneself when whole world is not with you is important. Love the choice of words and the tonality here.

  6. Life is a rollercoaster ride but one must never feel defeated no matter what! Picking yourself up and taking the world with confidence is the mark of a strong person.

  7. Such simple words but deep meaning. "But look at you"- these words can be used in different ways and can convey different meaning. But look at you, what a beautiful meaning you have chosen. :)

  8. What a poem, Swati. I am wishing all these things. I dont know when I will be able to say all these words. It is as if my world has crashed all around me.

  9. Wow Swati,look at you such lovely words to inspire and make us want to try one more time.Keep up the great work.It takes courage to write poetry.