Wednesday, May 26, 2021

the story of STORY by Ravish Mani - Book Review

Author : Ravish Mani

Rating : 5/5


Ravish Mani is a life adviser and story consultant. He is known in the blogosphere for his spiritual approach, analytical abilities, multidimensional perspective, and helping nature. People in writing community say that he has acumen for reading in between lines. If you want your work to be critically appreciated, you would want him to read it. If you are looking for story consultancy, manuscript analysis or developmental editing he is, the go to person.


The story of Story throws light on the important aspects of storytelling. Being a story consultant himself, the author has woven his own story to explain why people love reading stories and how can you make these stories impactful which can leave everlasting impression on readers and give them alluring experience of lifetime.

The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before a miracle happens. Ravish has experienced something very similar yet unexpected while writing this book and how his internal desire to achieve something big helped him to come out as a real winner. As I mentioned earlier there is a story within a story that's what makes this read even more interesting and intriguing.

He has given some great tips and tricks to be an exceptional storyteller. He has taken us through different facet of storytelling which includes substance of a story, basic story template, qualities that  protagonist need to possess, how to arose various emotions in readers, importance of metaphors , body language and homo fictus characters and all this he has done it with utmost clarity. All the aspects were explained with an example from well known books that makes it easier to understand. If you are an aspiring author or you are already one , this book will teach you technical terminologies which you should know.


Story telling reminds us of humanity is this beautiful and broken world. I wouldn't be wrong in saying that stories wield a powerful influence in our world. Explaining any concept in the form of story has a huge impact on the readers and that's exactly Ravish has achieved beautifully and effortlessly in his book. I literally felt as a part of this story telling process while reading this book. Towards the end of the book, he has also explained the difference between a writer and an author which has created a great impact on my mind.


There are two things which caught my attention instinctively. 

First,  his modesty, in spite of being a master in his profession he is extremely humble in expressing his emotions of not being able to give his hundred percent due to unforeseen reasons. But if you ask me , I would say he has created an impact on his readers which is eternal.

Second, something which I haven't seen anywhere before, "UnCopyright". According to him , his work can be copied and edited as per people's wish as he believes morality cannot be forced it comes from within. What a wonderful thought and this confidence can only comes with a an in-depth knowledge.

This book is an apt read for those who aspires to be an author. I give a big thumps up to this book.


Hurry up, grab your copy, you will get a free download by clicking on the link below

The story of Story - a book by Ravish Mani


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