Thursday, June 2, 2016

Datsun Redi go - Are You Ready?

“The car has become an article of dress without which we feel uncertain, unclad, and incomplete in the urban compound "― Marshall McLuhan

And a Car like Datsun Redi Go is definitely a car which I love to own. The best part about this car is, it is known as Made in India, as it is fully designed and developed in India with 98% of localization.

According to me this car signifies Bold and Beautiful.  This car is a combination of sophistication and at the same time gives the tough look of SUV's.  This is definitely a unique mixture of style and comfort. I really like the motive behind launching redi go. I also second their thought that today's generation wants more and more and love to do something different and love experimenting. And here is a car with a difference and I would like to congratulate Nissan for taking a courage of doing something different and I am sure this is going to rock the market.

Three features that appeals to me the most are:

Ground clearance : The ground clearance of the car is set at 185mm which is definitely awesome and is very good for bumpy roads with oversize speed breakers in my city. Whenever I have more than four people in my car, undoubtedly lower part of the car touches the bump.  I am relaxed as now we have a car where we don't have to face this issue.

Interiors: The interiors of the Redi go is very stylish and modern. The beige interior makes it look very royal. This helps the car look very spacious from inside. Generally you don't get beige interior in hatch back but this car is offering what you always wanted to have.

Urban cross look: Now the best part about Redi go is, it is a blend of car and SUV, so it gives a very bold yet sophisticated look. I always wanted a car which is small yet robust. Redi go is compact and sleek  and at the same time sporty and stylish.

I would like to take this car to the most crowded place in Bangalore , the only reason is ,if it can survive here, it can survive anywhere in the world. We need a car which is small and compact and at the same time car which is robust and tough. I love exploring new places and when you go to unknown places it becomes even more important to have a car which is robust yet easy to drive.

It can beat my urban driving blues as it has  qualities of SUV's and being a hatch back it can be the most suited car for crowded cities where in driving and parking is an area of concern.

I seriously feel that introducing a car which has dual qualities can really make a mark in Indian market. Redi go is offering best of both the worlds, firstly compact  crossover and secondly urban hatch back . The name itself signifies that it is Redi to go and conquer the world and explore new ventures.

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