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Princess & Prejudice (Devgarh Royals Book 2) by Alisha Kay - BookReview

Name of the book: Princess & Prejudice (Devgarh Royals Book 2)

Author of the book: Alisha Kay

Genre: Romantic Comedy / Fiction

Romance novel should have three basic ingredients to be successful, strong characters, compelling love story and steamy love scenes. And I must say despite being a new author, Alisha Kay has successfully managed to add all these three ingredients in right amount in her book "Princess and Prejudice."


"Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood." - Oscar Wilde

This quote sums up the whole story!

It's this simple law, which every writer knows, of taking two opposites and putting them in a room together. It's a yin yang situation that we don't often notice in our decisions but the author has tapped the right note. 

Princess and Prejudice is a royal romantic comedy Book 2 of the Devgrah Royals series. The protagonist Yuvrajkumari Jayshree Singh , princess of Devgrah and Dr. Aryan Sharma are known to each other from their childhood, as Dr. Aryan's sister Nivy  and Jessie (Jayshree) were besties.

Jessie and Aryan are always at loggerhead but deeply in love. They do not want to accept their feelings for each other. Is it due to his prejudice or her pride?, is readers to see. Through out the book you will witness misunderstandings and insecurities but when Aryan's sister engaged to Jessie's brother, they are forced to put all of them behind and that's when the love bloomed to its peak. The romance is passionate and flammable and same goes with their cat and dog fight. There is much good natured banter which I think readers will thoroughly enjoy as I did. 

Like any other love story there are antagonist who tries their best to create rift between the leads but towards the end everything get sorted. 

Though this book is second in the series but can be read as stand alone. 

Sharing few lines from the book which will give you a sense that despite their love hate relationship, love definitely super successed the hate:

"Where you see a short and dumpy woman, I see someone whose head can lay on my shoulder, perfectly placed for a kiss."

"A woman whose curves make me forget my own name. One who fits into my arms like she’s made for me".

"Where you see a woman that nobody wants, I see the most beautiful woman on earth".

"A woman who has been haunting my dreams for years".

"A woman who makes me miserable because no other woman can match up to her".


The storyline and character development were exceptional. Alisha knew how to place people in the right spot like puzzles. This story had humor, drama, romance, and a deep-rooted love for family. I also enjoyed the easy and captivating writing style. The relationship between the protagonist Aryan and Jayshree were enviable. They deserve a story. I felt that they would give me the worst headache, but I’m ready. Thank you for a beautiful book, Alisha. This book is a one go read as it is short and not draggy. It is not difficult to relate with the characters and their emotions as they all look very familiar.


Alisha Kay writes funny and passionate Indian romances novels.

She doesn’t hold with the concept of damsel-in-distress, which is why her heroines are spunky women with a sharp tongue and the ability to rescue themselves.

Her heroes are hot men who are woke enough to find that independence irresistible.

The Maharaja’s Fake FiancĂ©e is Alisha’s first book.


Book Format: Kindle Edition

Price: 99 INR

Pages: 192

Availability: Amazon

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