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Kakori- The Train Robbery that Shook the British Raj By Prachi Garg - Book Review

Name of the book: Kakori- The Train Robbery that Shook the British Raj

Author of the book:  Prachi Garg

Genre: Historical Non-Fiction

The Kakori train robbery was a conspiracy weaved against the British Empire to help Indian freedom fighters achieve freedom as soon as possible. Ram Prasad Bismil ideated that the political dacoities must take place. He believed that the money belonging to the British government will help them purchase weaponry which will help them further on their way to freedom.

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The narrator of this book Ram Prasad Bismil was a freedom fighter, poet and an avid reader and a writer. This book is inspired by his autobiography which he wrote in the jail after his arrest. You must have heard different versions of struggle for independence; however history is told from different perspective and it requires deep uncovering to understand the strength and struggle of the heroes of the Kakori action, the first step towards the war of independence.

This book clearly defines the purpose and reality of this unforgettable incident. Every chapter starts with a beautiful quote in Hindi with English translation. I have shared one below. 

" है लिए हथियार दुश्मन ताक में बैठा उधर 

और हम तैयार है; सीना लिए अपना इधर

खून से खेलेंगे होली, गर वतन मुश्किल में है 

सरफरोशी की तमन्ना , अब हमारे दिल में है|"

(The enemy waits there with weapons, and here we are ready to take their bullets on our chest. We will shed blood if the nation is in trouble, the feeling of sacrifice is now in our heart s ♥)

The Kakori robbery was not looked upon as a petty theft or a crime of violence. Instead, it was being perceived as an event that had set the motion of revolution into a gigantic wave.

HRA (Hindustan Republican association) was founded by young revolutionaries like Rajendra Lahiri, Chandrasekar Azad, Sachindra Bakashi, Kesab Chakravarthi, MurariLal Gupta, Banwari Lal and Manmath Nath Gupta who were part of this mammoth yet significant incident. The members of HRA were extremely educated and well versed with world politics. They were excellent orators and writers and most of them came from a modest beginning. This association was designed in a manner to promote participation and volunteerism without the fear of hierarchy unlike Congress. They believed in encouraging ownership and responsibility and that helped in inculcating sense of brotherhood among all the comrades. By conducting this robbery they didn't want to to send any wrong message on behalf of their association to the country. They were sure that this robbery would bring them in direct and open animosity against the government. But in the end, it was executed for the greater cause of independence.  

The motivation behind this plan was to get money to accelerate the movement and to challenge the government. In fact, taking this money that actually belonged to the Indians seems like a symbolic way to tell the world that the revolutionaries would reclaim the country from the hands of the British.


I would like to congratulate the author for sharing a different yet honest perspective about Kakori train robbery incident which was a landmark in Indian history. There is lot of fallacy around this incident and sharing the event from the horse's mouth will makes things clear in people's mind. The book is a reminder that tells us about how selflessly and tirelessly these revolutionaries fought for our freedom and stood against many atrocities. Very well researched and detailed descriptions of events and emotions.


Prachi Garg is the founder of and the best selling author of Superwomen and five other books on entrepreneurship, which have been translated into other language as well.

She was awarded the Economic Times Inspiring Leader award (2021) and Adgully Women Disruptor in Technology (2021) for her exemplary contribution in the field of entrepreneurship and technology. She has been featured in CNN. The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Today and other major media.

She has been contributing to various entrepreneurship platforms and takes up entrepreneurship workshops for B-school students.


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Pages: 208

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