Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The World Remade

When I was a kid I used to watch a show called “I Dream Of Gini” and used to wish lots of silly things, but today I really wish to have a Gini who can make this world a beautiful place to live. But this is a world of dreams and no one can live here for long. Reality is too harsh.

When I sit back and think what I would like to change in this world than the list is endless.

I want a world with full of positivity
I want a world where there is equality
I want a world where women are respected
I want a world where there is no hatred
Corruption, Scandals, Rape and what not
Let’s end this and put a full stop
Let’s live in a world where there is peace and Harmony

But do you think this is possible? It is difficult but surely not impossible. Our society is divided into many classes say it poor, rich, middle class and upper middle class. Each of them has different social, psychological, esteem, security and self actualization needs. We have to cater to each one of them and address their need differently.

Swachh Bharat was initiated by our own Prime Minister and lot of people contributed towards it. Even in my locality some of the social workers have come and cleaned the place where people generally dump their waste. It also got published in the newspaper with photographs. But within few days people again started throwing waste and made it dirty once again.

What does it show? It’s the attitude and behaviour of the people which has to be changed. It is not just the responsibility of government but each one of us should contribute towards making this world a better place to live.
Let’s take a oath, that we all will work towards building a happier and healthier nation.

@ Swati


  1. I agree. It's our responsibility to make this country healthier and happier...nice post... :-)

  2. Yes, if we all take our responsibility, then definitely world will be remade.