Monday, April 29, 2024

"From Selfishness to Selflessness: A Journey Within"


In a facade devoid of care, Where falsehoods weave a tangled snare,

Cloaked in virtue, a saintly guise, Concealing motives under heavenly skies,

Crushing dreams with ruthless might, Stripping innocence out of sight,

Emotionless, devoid of grace, Pursuing self-gain in every space.

From exploitation's seed we start, Yet empowerment can mend the heart,

Where green revolutions bloom and thrive, Healing wounds to keep hope alive,

From jealousy's grasp, inspiration's born, Lighting paths where envy's torn,

Fear fades as adventure calls, Breaking chains in daring falls,

From hatred's grip, forgiveness gleams, Illuminating the path to peaceful streams,

Anger dissipates, tolerance prevails, Bridging gaps where understanding sails.

Compassion, not merely a feeling's flight, But a divine spark igniting in the night,

A silent hand that offers aid, Putting aside one's own desires laid,

More than sympathy's shallow tear, It's being present, ever near,

Generosity in silent grace, Shunning spotlight's selfish chase,

Today, let's embrace this noble art, Extending hope, and healing every heart,

For in compassion's gentle embrace, We find redemption, a sacred space.


  1. Selflessness has become a rare element in today's hectic life. loved your thoughts and poem on this subject. I wish more people in world follow this approach , so that this world can become a more beautiful place to live.

  2. I am so impressed the way you played with words and added right emotions, yes from jealousy to inspiration and from selfishness to generosity we all passed from this phase.

  3. Wow Swati, your poem beautifully captures the tug-of-war between selfishness and compassion in our world. They remind us of the importance of embracing kindness and empathy in our lives. Thanks for sharing this powerful message.
    -Anjali Tripathi Upadhyay

  4. I really loved the sentiments expressed in this beautiful poem. Selflessness is indeed the goal that we all need to seek, and compassion is something that is more powerful than any other force in the world.

  5. How beautiful poetry dear. Love your write ups. Absolutely touching

  6. the post had my attention from the title itself :). "We find redemption, a sacred space" what a beautiful line.

  7. "Compassion, not merely a feeling's flight, But a divine spark", I aboslutely believe in following your heart and humanly emotions - the vary reason almighty has made us differet from the animal world.

  8. Swati, your latest blog post, 'From Selfishness to Selflessness: A Journey Within,' is truly inspiring. Thank you for talking about compassion with such honesty and depth. Your insights have resonated deeply with me, and I'm sure many others will find comfort and guidance in your words. Keep shining your light!

  9. Very beautifully penned Swati, each one of us must strive to achieve this in our lives with compassion as the bottomline.