Friday, March 29, 2024

"Shadows of the Soul" - Poetry

In the echoes of mundane days, hollow whispers sway,
Chores start and end, in an endless ballet,
Yet within, a void lingers, a silent plea,
Acceptance masks torment, a facade for all to see.

How do I bear this weight, this silent storm?
Expertise in agony, a skill to conform,
Yet within, my soul shivers, untouched by ease,
A masquerade of strength, a dance with unease.

Am I the puppeteer, or the puppet in this game?
Do I cling to stagnation, or fear the change?
In the depths of doubt, where confidence once shone,
A stranger in the mirror, a ghost of the one.

Where did I lose my voice, my unyielding stand?
Opinions now silenced, by fear's trembling hand,
Once unafraid of judgment, now caged in doubt,
A shadow of the past, a whisper's soft shout.

I do not know this altered face, this fractured soul,
Unwanted, unwelcome, a part that's lost control,
But I refuse to drown, in this sea of pain,
To let the ache consume, and my spirit wane.

Love must find its voice, in the depths of night,
Embrace the broken pieces, and reclaim the light,
For pain should not define, nor hold eternal reign,
In the heart's tender dance, let healing remain.

This blog post is part of the blog challenge Blogaberry Dazzle hosted by Cindy DSilva and Noor Anand Chawla in collaboration with Mads' Cookhouse.


  1. What a poignant portrayal of inner turmoil and the struggle for self-acceptance! This poem beautifully captures the conflicting emotions we often experience in the face of life's challenges.
    The journey of rediscovering one's voice and reclaiming light amidst darkness is incredibly inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing this heartfelt reflection on resilience and healing.

  2. Swati, you've captured the whole "life's a rollercoaster" vibe perfectly. It's real, it's raw, and it's something we can all relate to, struggle between putting on a brave face for the world and dealing with the doubts and fears bubbling underneath...

  3. As I read the poem, I somehow felt it was my life written there. I could relate to every bit of it. Thanks for giving words to my thoughts.

  4. Swati, you have skilfully captured the constant battle with oneself in your poem. I would also like to compliment you on maintaining a rhythm throughout the poem and the clever use of different fonts also adds more impetus to the questions.

  5. We all have moments where we question who we are and feel like we've lost our voice or our confidence. But then, in the same moment, we see there's a glimmer of hope for healing and rediscovering who we are.

  6. While reading the poem, I was trying to relate and connect what was going in your mind and how you penned this powerful poem with right reflection of emotion and choice of words. The most powerful line that I found in this poem is " I do not know this altered face, this fractured soul," ..... dear Swati every day people are changing their faces and sometimes its so hurtful that it turns unbearable to accept the truth..... In recent time I am finding some so polite and beautiful/handsome faces showing their reality when they are done what they want from me and when they consider me worthless to consider my POV or opinion. Swati it pains but I accepted that and took it as a lesson. What that important is the acceptance, the day we develop the skill of acceptance I believe things will be little simple for our soul to accept and let go without stopping its journey for a better and brighter tomorrow. A brilliantly penned poem Swati.

  7. Wow swati, how beautifully you have potrayed our lifes journey. The imagery of being torn between controlling life or being controlled by it is so relatable. These words remind us of the constant struggle between staying the same or embracing change, even when it's scary. And the journey of finding love and healing in the face of pain is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts with us. I think this will resonate with many.

  8. What a brave piece of poetry to not give up on welcoming love in our lives. You have portrayed the emotions really well Swati. If I am not mistaken, this poem is following a heartbreak right? It's so relatable.

  9. Loved the poem and let the healing remain. Struggles may lead us to peace and healing as your poem says. Poetic thoughts did echo in my heart too.

  10. Yes dear, we can totally relate to this. The way you put it on word is touching. Keep it up the poem writing 👍 Where do I loose my voice .... It is so deep.

  11. A lovely piece, Swati. Particualrly "For pain should not define, nor hold eternal reign,
    In the heart's tender dance, let healing remain." Sometimes the mundaneness of life overwhelms us. Being uncomfortably comfortable yet hoping to break free. To reclaim life.

  12. Am I the puppeteer, or the puppet in this game?
    Do I cling to stagnation, or fear the change?

    Just wow! The lines made me go "uff" and reminded me of one of my favorite Coke Studio songs 'Madari' and also the famous dialogue from Anand, "Hum sab to rangmanch ki kathputliyan hai jinki dor upar waale ki ungliyon mein bandhi hai"

    Superb poem, Swati; making one ponder about life and choices.

  13. This is so very relatable Swati. Loved the emotion here. My favourite lines In the heart's tender dance, let healing remain.

  14. fantastic! I love the struggle and the strength you have portrayed in this poem.

  15. What a beautiful depiction of emotions! In this busy scenario when people are just chasing the goal don't know what role they play in the true sense. Loved the poem.