Tuesday, October 26, 2021

7 Valuable Tips To Read More Books #TBRChallenge

Once the festive season begins, time flies really fast. Two more months are left for new year but it feels as if New Year's eve is right around the corner. And when New year's eve approaches, the first thing which comes to my mind and I am sure for the most of you as well is setting goals and resolutions. The most common resolutions are losing weight and book reading. Let's focus on book reading today. People keep this resolution as maybe they didn't read as many books as they wanted to, or maybe they read quite a lot but still want to do better, or probably because they have a lot of good recommendations from family or friends this year. The reason could be many, but how do you make sure that you reach your target without being distracted. 

People who read greater number of books read not because they have ample amount of time but because they are committed and of course their love for books. Today I am going to share few tips which I have gathered through my experience and which can help you find ways to fit more reading to your schedule, prevent burnout and achieve targets.

Being part of Blogchatter's community, I have been exposed to numerous authors and some amazing books. Here are some of my recommendations. 

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Set goals

Once you have set reading goals it is much easier to read more books. Blogchatter's TBR challenge is an excellent way to track your goals, as it can guide you about your performance as a reader and help you stay on schedule. I personally feel setting goals keeps you motivated and pushes you hard to achieve them. The best way to set goals are by writing it down as this makes you not just committed but accountable too. 

Join a club or community

As I mentioned earlier being part of Blogchatter's community, I have read almost 50+ books within the span of 6 months. Sometime people ask me "Do you have more than 24 hours in a day?" "How do you do this"? Well for me what really worked is that, these communities push your limits and help you to set goals which are attainable yet little higher than your reach. When you meet like-minded people having similar goals, the path of success becomes achievable and enjoyable. These communities and clubs are great ways to hold you accountable as you need to finish the book by certain date secondly you can have some wonderful recommendation across the genre.

Try different genre

I am someone who doesn't like being in my comfort zone as it becomes too boring and monotonous .Trying new things, learning new stuff fascinates me and keeps me motivated. Similarly, for me books are all about new experiences and new worlds. During the process you may discover your new favorite thing, and it will definitely wobble up your reading life.

Have an accountability partner

Having an accountable partner really work wonders. If you have someone on your side with whom you can share your thoughts and discuss about your read, it encourages you to read the book till the end and not give up in between. There will be better recommendations as they know your likes and dislikes. It can be a win-win situation for both.

Have a reading nook

Having a reading space which is comfortable and classy, where you would love to spend time can help you read more books. If you don't have one, create a space in your home which has comfortable sitting and good lighting. This will keep your mind more relaxed and you can be highly productive while reading.

Take Breaks

Take breaks to avoid burnout. It is important that you know your limits and do not exhaust yourself. Try to apply POMODORA technique. You can always play with time limits that is comfortable for you. Set your timer and read as long as you are comfortable by taking regular intervals like taking a walk or a nap or snaking. Do not push yourself so much so that you end up with physical and physiological pain. If you want to take a day or two break, you can, do not feel guilty as this is to create positive habit and not to force yourself to the extent of burnout.

Do not regret, if you do not finish

It's Ok if you do not finish any book, especially if you are not liking it. Forcing yourself to read something you are not enjoying is no way to reach your reading goal. Holding on to something which is not of your interest or something of not your liking will take away all the enjoyment and can slow down your reading process.

Happy Reading! 

I'm participating in Blogchatter's #TBRChallenge 


  1. I am lagging behind as of now, but aim to complete the challenge on time. I have made plans to catch up on reading this holiday season.

  2. Agree with all the points, also goodreads is a good motivation

  3. I have never participated in Blog chatter TBR but I do read at regular basis. I try to experiment with different genres time to time.

  4. Wow you have finished 50 plus books in 6 month duration. this is super inspiring Swati. loved all the tips. I agree if set goals and have a support of community, then we can achieve any desirable goals.

  5. Excellent tips, Swati. Especially about the community. It is a great way to prop up your reading. My reading is now limited only to blogs. Don't know when I will start reading again.

  6. Setting goal is very important and we need to be liberal in that and allow us to push our limits. And yes trying different genre is good to gain reading experiences.

  7. The tips that you have shared are all very helpful indeed. 50 books in 6 months is no less a feat. Hats ofg

  8. Setting realistic goal is very important. These are some of the tips.that could change our reading routine for good.

  9. Being a book review blogger, it gives me immense pleasure to see that the reading interests have been promoted.

  10. I loved this challenge as I made sure to fill up that page and read more books. I'm still reading and I love that. Keeps me busy in another World for hours together.

  11. I love reading books - mostly while i eat! But if I try to discipline myself to read then I worry it might become a task! I need no additional motivation to read fiction!

  12. Agree with all the pointers you have shared. Participating in reading challenges like Goodreads or PopSugar Reading Challenge has added diversity in my reading and has helped me to read more books too. And yes, I have no qualms in DNFing a book...

  13. I totally agree with your point ill definitely enroll my little one as kids now days have no interest in reading.

  14. Wow. 50 books in 6 months is incredible, dear. I agree with all of your points, and people like me need to join a book club or community. I require more motivation. I think you do share your daily routine also with us. ♥

  15. Reading is a great habit and these are some valuable pointers to read more. I think reading across genres is really important. Reading more than one book at a time is also a nice way to get more reading done.

  16. My reading stamina is not much, I take months to finish even one book. I will try to follow your tips thus year and see how many books I can finish.