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2020 - A year of Learn --> Unlearn --> Relearn

First of all I would like to thank Ruchi and Dipika for choosing such an apt topic for this challenge. This post has given me an opportunity and a chance to introspect the good and not so good things happened in the year 2020. This is the year where I have unlearned things that has become obsolete and relearned by updating myself to keep abreast with new normal .

Being a Life and Emotional Intelligence coach I have learnt that whatever happens in life ,good or bad, take it as a pinch of salt. I remember one of my poem which I have written it long back:

When pain becomes too much to handle 

just remember one thing, there is nothing which is constant or which is there forever

There will be time when things will be fine, There will be time when you will be happy

And that's when you will realize those things were not worth your time

So be happy and don't let anyone overpowers you, Because it's you and only you who can justify your presence and worth.

So be positive and stay positive!

So lets begin this journey of introspecting ,but just remember of thing, never focus on Why, instead ask What would I have done or can do to make things better. So here are some of my learning which I would love to share while saying good bye to 2020:

Being Grateful

There is so much that I am grateful for, particularly things and people I have always taken for granted. Be it simple lunch with my family or the ability to roam about in the market. I have realized the value of gratitude now more than ever. Not being able to go about life as usual has helped me recognize all the little good things in life that I didn't pay attention to before. Many of us are lucky enough to be safe , have our jobs, and be around loved ones at this time. For the first time in a long time , I have actually acknowledged and appreciated those members of our society who I otherwise didn't think a lot about, doctors, nurses, medical practitioners, health workers scientists, teachers and many more who are selflessly working to make a difference in our lives.

Being Patient

Patience is a virtue and can be cultivated. Before the pandemic , many of us often run on autopilot mode, as we were so accustomed to the hustle and bustle of daily life. But now I have learnt to re-think the way I go about each day. In spite of the negative impact of the crisis, this lock down has certainly implemented a sense of patience in me and , I am sure in most of us. Now I am more patient with my kids and with my life partner don't you think that's amazing.We both are working from home , adjusting to each other's work schedule not only requires patience but also compromise. Being patient has made me more empathetic and focused.

Being Creative

Since commuting is no longer part of my daily life, I have more time to be engaged in hobbies that I have neglected for a while. A number of studies shows that limited access to resources aids creativity. As we all are facing scarcity of resources of all kind, be it groceries, home supplies and even medicines, this has pushed me to become more creative ,doing more with less.Tapping into your creativity comes with a host of mental and physical health benefits. I am able to express how I feel in much more creative way, like through art and writing. This has helped me in a great way to deal with my stress and anxiety. Creative expression can actually boost your immunity and energy level. This is the year when I have revamped my blog which I started way back in 2015.

Being Adaptable

The lock down as forced us to adapt to a completely new way of living. Most of us are working from home, many of us are around our families 24/7 , some of us are living alone away from our loved ones and trying to cope up with the situation. Many of us are worried about how we will adjust once life goes back to the old normal after the pandemic. In times like this , one thing I have realized that one needs to pause and remind our self that we have already adapted to a huge change once and we can do it again.I have realized what I truly value in my life.

Being hopeful and Optimistic

While I was trying to adapt to this new normal , hope is the one thing that is keeping me going. When I see people donating food, clothes and other necessities to the under privileged people , even though times are gloomy , there is something good happening in the world. The fact of the matter is hope gives  you something to look forward to. On one hand we all are surrounded with  news of the crisis, rising numbers and hopeless statistics but on the other hand we hear stories about rising recovery rates, government's great initiatives to ensure better health and safety. This keeps me hopeful and optimistic and letting me see light at the end of the tunnel.  

Being ME

I deserve to be loved not only by those around me but the most important person in my life and that - "ME".So here when I am talking about being ME, is self love. In my case it was quite challenging as by nature I am a selfless person , not praising myself , in fact this has done more bad than good to me. I am not saying to be self absorbed or narcissists , it is about getting in touch with our self, our well being and our happiness. I want to practice self love so that I can push through my limiting believes and live a life that truly shines.

While lock down has certainly been a period of learning and lessons, it has also been a scary and overwhelming experience for many of us. As we look for different ways to cope , let us hope we are able to become more resilient in the face of future stressors. 

Just remember one thing if we are able to respond to the health crisis with resilient , we can deal with whatever else life throws our way! 

This blog post is written for SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge hosted by Ruchi and Dipika #SpeakEasyWithRuchiNDips

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  1. True said.I absolutely agree with your points.

  2. Life has thrown so much our way this year and we have all experienced so much! Even our kids and elderly had to learn lessons. Hopefully things will get better.

  3. Life has surely been unpredictable in this pandemic.Realky appreciate your approach towards the life. We all need to be grateful and resilient to welcome the new changes in life and ofcourse not to forget to have self love on priority.

  4. Yes dear this pandemic has taught us so many valuable life lessons. Personally I had learnt the way to adopt things with a faster rate. Loved your poem so much. Beautiful expression with powerful words.

  5. Finding yourself own self is such a huge task. Its a journey that we should all embark upon. Loved the post.

  6. We have learnt a lot this year, and it has made us strong in many ways.

  7. Year-end is a time for retrsopection and introspection. You have given some nice guidelines.

  8. Being grateful is something all of us should learn in general. I think we have taken a lot of things for granted.

  9. Life is unpredictable however we should always be grateful for what we have. Such a beautiful post.

  10. I would say you have made 2020 work for you, Swati. It was very inspiring to read your post.

  11. Hey Swati, I liked the point of being just ME. Frankly speaking, I just left everything for a while when I felt overwhelmed at times and closed my eyes. I started accepting that I can't do everything. The work has to shared and then everyone can be peaceful.Thakfully my family is always supportive.

  12. Being optimistic is a great virtue and it's difficult to always be positive. Thankfully, in this last year we have all learnt the lesson to let go and be grateful.

  13. Swati honestly this was the best post I have read on bidding goodbye to this year. You have so carefully and aptly worded the emotions that many of us have been through this year and how we need to grow resilient in the year to come.

  14. what a lovely poem, and important reminder!
    indeed, patience and just coping skills for everyone has evolved drastically.