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Night in Shining Armour by Manali Desai- Book Review

Name Of The Book: Night in Shining Armour 

Author Of The Book: Manali Desai

Genre: Poetry


Manali is a full-time freelance writer and editor cum blogger. Currently, apart from her ad hoc writing and editing assignments, Manali runs a blog and is also a partner with Pachyderm Tales. In her authoring journey, Manali has written and published seven solo books, been a part of a few co-authored books, and has helped new and aspiring writers
publish their books as well. She has been a multiple-times bestselling author on Amazon with all her books ranking in the top ten in many categories. Her short story, The Walls Have Ears, helped her bag the Best Short Story Award in 2019 at Stories From India organized by Ukiyoto Publishing. She has also won the Best Author: Fiction Award at Cherry Book Awards, and the Book of The Year title in 2021 by BeTales Magazine, for her debut novel, Love (Try) Angle. Her short story titled, The (Un)Blind Date, which is a part of her Christmas special anthology, Under the Mistletoe & Other Stories, won the best story prize in an online contest.


This little book brings forth a collection of poems, each centered on and around the theme of nightly experiences and encounters. Right from dinner dates to bonfires and stargazing, almost every activity that happens after sundown is covered herein, in poetic verse. Divided into two sections- Facets and Pursuits; the poems in Facets are a night lover's ode to the elements of the dark, and those in Pursuits, talk about nighttime occurrences and indulgences. Striking a chord with nocturnal (human) beings and selenophiles, the lines herein are assured to evoke emotions of longing. No human, irrespective of their age is deprived of the pleasures (or pains) that the dark hour brings in. The poems, describing moments of what happens after sundown will make the readers romanticize the darkness or have bittersweet moments flash through their minds, helping them relive and reminisce long forgotten or buried memories.


This is the first time that I am reviewing a poetry book and must say I have been enlightened to know the different forms of poetry that exists. As you all know poetry has been around longer than the written words, using rhyme schemes and rhythms makes it easier for a reader to remember. Different types of poetry will have different auditory moods and rhythms, which contributes to the overall emotional effect. And in this book by using different forms be it Haik, Abstract, Tanka, Nonet, Gogyohka, has not just added variety but has also established mood. image and meaning to the text. Manali has done a brilliant job by evoking varied emotions. While reading you will realize that the poet is challenging herself to use words in new and exciting ways. The book is divided into two parts Facets and Pursuits. As mentioned by the poet in Facets, the poems are more lyrical in nature that describes facet of darkness while in Pursuits, the poems are all about night time affairs. The poets is trying to make readers feel nostalgic and adore the beauty that night holds.


A good poem is something you might remember, but a great poem can make you feel the emotions it wants to share and that exactly what Manali's writing has done. It has not only evoked the emotions but also made it relatable by using metaphors and similes. I am personally found of poem that has rhythm to it and some of her poem felt as if I am singing a song and that made it captivating.


Format: Kindle edition INR 0 Kindle unlimited or INR 99 to buy

Pages: 84


Reading Age: 12-18 years

Availability: Amazon

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  1. Thank you so much for this kind review. So happy to learn that you enjoyed my book and that it was your first foray into reading poetry :)
    Do share your thoughts on Amazon and Goodreads as well.

  2. Going by your wonderful and detailed review SWati, I think I would really enjoy reading Manali Desai's "The Night in Shining Armour " because I too am a selenophile, and the full moon, and the fragrance of jasmine in the air, all bring out the sensuality of the night for me.

  3. A good poetry book for teens is rare. Your review is good, will get this gorgeous my elderone. He loves literature.

  4. Night in Shining Armour seems like a pretty interesting and enagaging book for youngsters. I like that it stirs emotions and transports the readers to realms of deep feeling. Will check it out.

  5. Personally, I feel reviewing a poetry book is quite challenging and I have not done this so far. it seems Manali has done good job with her writing craft with this book. and I loved your review too Swati.

  6. I read previous books of Manali and pretty familiar with her style of writing and really like the way she inks her feelings. Unfortunately not yet pick copy of this book yet but I will read it soon and am sure it will be another masterpiece by her.

  7. Your review of "Night in Shining Armour" was an engaging journey into the book's essence. The way you described its themes and characters makes me want to pick it up right away. Well done! 📚👏

  8. I have read some of Manali's work and I really love her writing. I am sure this book is going to be a read read too. Thanks for sharing this detailed review, its like a sign and I am going to download it on my kindle right away.